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  1. Things have been hectic the last few months as we all know, politics, life and just general things for everybody- myself included...Even if at the moment it's still the early stages...small steps you know?

    Only recently have been able to be a little open about these kinds of things given the subject but thanks to others with support I've been able to at least be more comfortable...even if it's a bit at a time. This has all been kept away for years and years...so please forgive my nerves and anxious ramblings.

    Basically I'm asking if it would be okay to refer to me as female from now?

    For some it might be a surprise, and others maybe not so- and a few of you already know and have been awesome in helping me with said support I mentioned earlier- of course I've had it from others from a couple other places and other close friends online I've know and trusted for years...but this community is (mostly :P) awesome and I know you are very diverse and welcoming peoples!

    I'm not here to poke with a stick each time or get offended if somebody forgets or gets it wrong at first- but this is more just to get this out there in the open. I'll try and answer anything if you're curious but again it's early days and there are going to be many barriers I still need to beat and overcome.

    It's not fully in plan just yet...again so much I need to think about...so much to say and do...it's very difficult for me and I don't just want to, but I kind of NEED to get these kinds of things off my chest if I'm going to be serious about this.

    Here is a picture of a giraffe because those are cool. Giraffes are cool you dig?

    Thanks everybody and keep being amazing! <3
    ..it's past 6am and I need to sleep...really

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    2. Hellbent


      I also don't pay much attention to people's genders on forums, but glad that you are moving forward, Fuzzball, even as the president moves backwards.

      I like giraffes. Took a video of one last summer.

    3. Ledillman


      omg Congratssz Fuzzball!
      very big hugsss <3

    4. Fuzzball


      Thread seemed to have been bumped somewhere, thank you again everybody for the support! ;w; <3
      Aa..though lately things here at home have not been great and Im starting to become anxious and scared..those in the know should understand but yeah..family stuff amongst others dont help..