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  1. Some more "Random" DOORTRAK to avoid repetition! Edit: Have some more :P
  2. I remember playing it in art class at school years ago, back when I was only there just to participate because I had failed by then. As for weirdest..? Hmm...PSP on the toilet? Nah... Not too weird if you think about it these days :P
  3. I spent a good 20 mins making it, the midi, the intermission music, picking the extra sounds... ;P Had to submit something right? Even if it was ...something.
  4. Name: Forcefully Removed by Force Time 30 mins probably themes: red and punching shit format: boom music: is mine- midi was called AAAAAAAAAAAA.mid tested in gzdoom but w/e uses latest zoontext ye https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/390669303403380738/414578337323941912/gofuckyourself2018.wad wad also has some wavs in and the intermission music
  5. Who would win- an Imp or twenty rabid hamsters?
  6. So I made a midi for Jimmy earlier today for some intermission music- and that was neat. Anyway...thought I would put it in the WIP myself to give some maps a go and for some reason it wasn't playing...so I checked the file and its fine- checked the names etc, all good. Checked my sound settings- also fine...then after about half a minute it started to play. It's worth noting said midi has GS instruments in- not XG just standard GS stuff- alternative square waves etc. Playback is fine outside of Gzdoom but for whatever reason inside of Gzdoom there is delay. I tried another midi with GS instruments I made a couple days ago ...and low and behold another delay, but LONGER. Just under 2 minutes...the length of the midi itself. Anybody know anything about this or have experienced it? Is it to do with the newest audio stuff etc? It's worth noting for those who know about midi there is a reset event at the very start of the midi so it SHOULD play just fine! Edit: Included a small wad with said midis in- one being set as D_DM2INT and the other D_RUNNIN GS_MIDI.zip
  7. Pretty sure this isn't possible- what they mean is real time midi control itself, not just which is playing.
  8. Mine are the white pride ones right now- got them dirt cheap brand new off the website- I've gone through...several pairs over the years~ ;P
  9. Here is your INTERPIC for this month- blame TMD and his hidden Caco army tucked away from the stream last night! :D ..and as always gotta have some intermission music too! Doot musics Its "Office Work" from Classic Road 2 composed by Hayato Matsuo! Nifty fun music~
  10. Map turned out wonderful Dragonfly! Hope to see you next month~ :) Speaking of ASS- here's the promised INTERPIC! Crossover post of course so others can see~
  11. Awesome stuff this month!
  12. DOWNLOAD Posting here too! :D Name: Keen on the Cosby Themes: Crushers KINDA and Hitscanners! Build Time: 2 Hours 10 mins ish Music: Riot in Lagos - Ryuichi Sakamoto Holy shit I made a map! Interpic will be coming soon-ish whenever! Woops forgot the midi :P good job me
  13. Fixed a texture bug! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/390668890411237377/404403618385494016/ASS_33res_USEME.wad :D
  14. 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours
  15. Okay more stuff because I can't control myself :D
  16. Updated with more because I got into a texture mood ;P
  17. PIPES! ...can you say lifts and crushers? Oh and a couple of flats to go with them! :D
  18. Snooping about with the beta files released :D
  19. Pretty much!
  20. You have two hours to make a map- no custom textures, using DoomII and Boom format for simplicity- this is completely out of nowhere! Custom music is allow, if you've done a speed map before you should know the posting rules! :D Your three themes are: 1) Contrasting light levels 2) Hidden Passages 3) A strong aversion to former humans. BONUS THEME!) Sneaky gameplay tactics! Starts FROM THIS POST. You know what to do guys or gals. Let's make...this uh..happen...or something lol.
  21. I haven't decided- it was made just completely out of nowhere really ;P
  22. Oh le gasp that's 4 maps! Got a map name and stuff?
  23. woop woop woop woop ass