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  1. Chris Hansen

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Glad you liked it, @joepallai! Thanks! Much appreciated.
  2. Chris Hansen

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Thank you, @Wilster_Wonkels and @Suitepee!
  3. Chris Hansen

    Boaty McBoatwad - let's all make boat maps (Boom CP)

    I tried. Failed :( Can't see me completing this. This was perhaps a bit too ambitious for the amount of time I have to do a level like this. I tried making a capsized container ship. If anyone wants to complete it or use it for another project, then send me PM. Not necessarily first come, first served.
  4. Chris Hansen

    kmetal 2018

    Welcome back, Kesler! Hope you stay for a while :) There is indeed still a good following for Doom maps. We've had quite the flood of new, aspiring mappers and modders after the release of Doom Eternal, so yes, we're still very much alive! If I were you, I'd give your boy a heavy dose of nostalgia while at the same time bringing him and you up to speed with happenings in here on Doomworld. And how? Glad you asked! @Endless and his cult following are producing magazines for us of pure awesomeness! Check them out here.
  5. Chris Hansen

    Looking for newer Doom 2 wads...

    Check out this list made by @Vorpal
  6. Chris Hansen

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    @Walter confetti if it should happen that no one volunteer for that episode 4 map then let me know and I’ll do it. It would be a shame if it’s just one map holding us back. But let’s see first if someone else wanna do it. Otherwise you know where to find me.
  7. Not sure what you mean by wadazine webpage but at my site I did something like what you mentioned. But my site is just a mirror of sorts so I guess it’s not that relevant. https://windward.dk/TDR/?page_id=991
  8. Chris Hansen

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Sent you a PM @saski.
  9. Chris Hansen

    [release] Bond of hatred

    How strange, @saski. I need a bit more info from you. What kind of error are you getting?
  10. Chris Hansen

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Thanks for the video, @boris and for the comments. Will finish watching the video soon. I don't always have the time to do it in one sitting. I'm taking your suggestions into consideration for the final version of the level as they make perfect sense.
  11. Chris Hansen

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Thank you for the feedback. Glad you liked the level! It seems you're not the only one that gets a little lost in that area. At one point it was even more obscure so I made those bright, red pillars to make it clear that you have to go down there. I don't know what else I can do without changing the progression too much, but I will try and see if I can make a little more obvious that you have to jump down there.
  12. Chris Hansen

    Should there be sub forums in the "WADs and Mods" category?

    I'm thinking the moderators have already discussed this before or there's another reason why the subforum hasn't been split up. And probably a good one too. They don't strike me as being lazy or absent. Until we know for sure might I suggest that people use some sort of marker in the title of the thread like for instance a tag using brackets []. I noticed someone do it and did it recently. Examples could be [WIP], [Release] or [Open test] etc. I thinks this helps overview immensely and if you use [WIP] and later finish it then edit the title to [Release]. The problem is of course that there'd have to be some sort of consensus on what to put in the brackets. If we write all sorts of things then it kinda defies the purpose and it all turns into a mess again :)
  13. Chris Hansen

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Amazing @Dimon12321. Simply amazing! That was spectacular! Thank you!
  14. Chris Hansen

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Yeah. It was mentioned earlier, but thanks for letting me know anyway :) I have already made a simple fix in the version that will be uploaded to /idgames and my website. Anyway, I felt like mentioning that I feel overwhelmed by the reception of this map! It really warms my old ticker that people seem to really enjoy it! I don't have much time to play other people's levels, so everytime I release a new level I'm always afraid that it and I will seem completely out of the loop. I just do what I've always done but adding a few new tricks I've learned here and there. I guess there's still room for quality, standalone SP maps that doesn't necessarily try and re-invent everything, but perhaps offers something recognizable to the old-schoolers while at the same time being different from what the new-schoolers are used to. Or something like that. I don't know, maybe I'm overthinking this. But judging from the reactions I've gotten this far it seems like it's different from what people are used to and that's kinda suprising to me. Or maybe it is different... I don't know. Someone stop my ramblings, please! :D
  15. Chris Hansen

    [release] Bond of hatred

    Thanks! Haven't had time to watch the whole video, but so far it's been really interesting. Funny how differently people play a map yet some things are the done the same way. As always this is very useful for a level designer when making the next map! That damn Imp... hmm, still trying to find a solution, but I can't always replicate the circumstances that'll make it happen. I'm gonna keep trying. Glad you liked the level (and the palette)! @ElPadrecitoCholo: Thank you very much for the thorough review, much appreciated!