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  1. Chris Hansen

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Someone's offered me this Doom 3 poster. Don't know what she wants for it yet, so I'm looking for some background info on to help me determine the value. But I'm having a hard time figuring out the story behind it. I'm guessing it's either from some advertising or maybe a special edition. Do any of you know more about it?
  2. Chris Hansen

    kmetal 2018

    All those .dll's it says shouldn't be in the plugins directory are present in my install of gzoombuilder... weird. Maybe you're missing some other files or the folder is read-only or something weird. Or maybe you didn't download all the necessary files... or...? I don't know, it shouldn't be that difficult to get running. On a related note, there's a guy on Youtube with a playlist where he covers all the basics and more on gzdoombuilder. In the first video he also shows how to download and install it. Maybe you can find some help there. Here's the link to his playlist.
  3. Chris Hansen

    Anyone played the Bethesda doom pinball?

    I played it when it got out. Thought it was good fun when I was on the train or the can 😁
  4. Chris Hansen

    kmetal 2018

    Good to hear that you got it to work! At least then we'll have someone on the boards with updated knowledge on this ancient relic 😉 I like your nostalgic approach to things as I'm sure we'll get a Kmap that reeks of the past! And that's a good thing btw in case you were wondering. But gzdoombuilder is still a massive upgrade which you really ought to give a serious try.
  5. Chris Hansen

    kmetal 2018

    Agree with Ola. Your time is probably better spent getting to know gzdoombuilder. It's powerful, easy to use and a very stable. It'll also be a lot easier to get help for it as those old programs are hardly used by anyone these days. Personally, I'd never go back to buggy old DoomCAD 6.1! 😄
  6. Chris Hansen

    kmetal 2018

    Well, back when we were a lot younger, filesizes mattered and it wasn't popular to bloat them with extra stuff. Today, that isn't that big an issue. Not as long as you give credit where it's due. I have zero experience with WadAuthor so I did a quick search on Google. Came across this page, maybe it can be of some help. But I'm guessing you've also seen it. I hope someone else can help you!
  7. Chris Hansen

    kmetal 2018

    Looking forward to see what you can come up with in 2018, Kurt! Welcome back :) Besides Afterglow's excellent page, there's also some available here: https://realm667.com/index.php/en/texture-stock-mainmenu-152-97360/doom-style-mainmenu-153-87237
  8. Chris Hansen

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Much appreciated, guys! I need all the support I can get my greedy hands on! Sparetime's not what it used to be. That's why I stick to what I know best and what's fastest: Oldschool, vanilla-like levels. I can't do newschool stuff and I sure as hell don't have the time to learn it! :D
  9. Chris Hansen

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Attempting to make a 4 Ult. Doom levels as a celebration to Doom's 25th birthday. One from each episode. So little time... :(
  10. Chris Hansen

    Jim Flynn

    RIP. You were a source of inspiration and admiration for so many of us.
  11. Chris Hansen

    What are you playing now?

    Hehe.... ehh, I mean, sorry. I think. Nah, fuck it! I was a dick back then and I'm proud of it!
  12. Chris Hansen

    25 years of DooM

    Of course we remember you! I know I do. You were one of my primary sources of inspiration back when I started making maps. I learned a lot of tricks of the trade from playing your maps :) Welcome back, hope you'll stick around for a while!
  13. Okay, here goes! I haven't changed anything as I simply don't have the time to go through it and correct the lackluster gameplay. And besides, I kinda already did that some years ago when I used this map as a base for High/Low 4. This is the original, a relic, a piece of history. Nothing more. Bonus info: Back in 2000 when I made this map, I used DoomCAD 6.1 in Windows 98 and some old nodebuilder in DOS. Both of them treated me really bad and stuff would go wrong ALL the time. DoomCAD would crash randomly or the nodebuilder would screw something up. Slimetrails and visplane overflows was on the menu. Windows would freeze up or bluescreen! And I didn't know that much about Doom and all the possibilites with more advanced ports and editing. All I used to test my maps was Doom95. Basically, all I remember from that time, was that I learned to control my anger and that patience is a virtue! :D All this meant, that the plans I had for the map - and others at the time - would change all the time, as I had to do constant workarounds or redo entire areas. That really hurt all of my levels back then in terms of logical progression and appearence. Anyway, enough excuses, here's the map!
  14. Cool thread! I'll definitely have to play these! @Nebula-Kristian: I can post my Millennium map in this thread too, if you're okay with it. You know, to keep them in one place in case other maps pop up or something. Though, I'm not especially eager to do it, as it's not very good - especially gameplay wise! But for nostalgia reasons only I guess it could be interesting.
  15. Chris Hansen

    Thor: Ragnarok tribute to Doom?

    Yeah, the Doom movie... wauw. I like Karl Urban and he's doing alright in Thor with the few lines and appearences he has. But the Doom movie was such a huge let down for me that I've never watched it a 2nd time. It's almost as if Taika Waititi felt the same way and wanted to give Urban a proper Doom like scene. And I totally agree with you @pulkmees, that an entire movie with over the top scenes like this is what many of us would like to see! I'd sure as hell watch it and most certainly enjoy it!