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  1. Back in 2013 or 2014 I wanted to make a proper gzdoom map with all the bells and whistles! I should have known better, because it never materialized; it's just not my thing. It gets too fiddly and takes too long for me. So, if anyone likes what they see and believe they can either finish it or use it their own project, then contact me. After all, it's too good to just wither away on my HDD. If more people are interested I will choose one.








    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      A little sad that. I'd really have liked to see "Chris Hansen's GZdoom" to quite honest.

      Maybe there' something here for you, @YukiRaven?

    2. dew

      Gratuitous fog detected, seems legit indeed.

    3. antares031


      I wish I'm good at GZDoom level designing. I'm happy with Limit-Removing and Boom levels, though. Best of luck with finding the new author for your level.

  2. Reading some of the comments in this thread reminds me why I dont work in IT support no more and have stopped being a webmaster for friends, as a hobby etc. The level of ungratefulness is dibsturbing.
  3. Visits Doomworld everyday several times a day. Struggles to make interesting levels. Will I ever release anything again? Probably not. But it's not like it matters when there's no shortage of awesome stuff released everyday. Guess that's why I still hang around. Best community ever!

  4. Loving the new layout! Grats on a succesful migration/implementation!
  5. Congrats on the beta release! Doom isn't a priority of mine at the moment, but I'm still following this project on the sideline, so if there are any changes that need to made to my level then I can find the time for it. Just let me know in a PM.
  6. Just popping in real fast to express my gratitude for playing Threnody and for all the praise and critism! When you're done I will upload a new version with some fixes - more on that later.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up! We had a lot of problems trying to remember where that midi came from :)
  8. It's still a really cool effect! I'll definitely have to check it out :)
  9. Ohh man, joe. Couldn't you have found those bugs almost a month ago when I first sent you guys the alpha? I feel being the grumpy old dad and yell at you, but perhaps you were busy or on vacation or something. But thanks for sharing them even if they are kinda late. Anyway, as I said to dobu, these bugs aren't major and I'll wait and see if other things appear before uploading a hotfixed version.
  10. Exactly, my friend. That's exactly what it means :) That makes me so happy!
  11. Based on something I read here on the forums some time ago, I decided at one point to try and see what kind of level I could make using various hardcoded things like tag 666 etc. I never finished it because I was way out of my league for something like this! But it might still be of some interest and since it sounds like it's something you're looking for, then why the hell not just upload it here for you instead of it rotting away on my HDD! The main point of it is to navigate and move through various small arenas without blowing up the barrels. Blow 'em up, and the Cybers are released. If you can manage to not blow them up, then they'll teleport into cages where they can be safely killed later (something I never got around to implement properly). There's also a timed secret switch near the beginning and some Manc/Arach stuff. Not much though. It runs on map07 for Doom II and should be limit removing only, no fancy Boom stuff or anything. And you can do with it whatever you want :) Congrats on your birthday, Mr-I-dont-make-levels-without-using-every-single-vertex-left-available!!
  12. Ugh, yeah, that's kinda ugly in an otherwise flawless pwad! However, I'm not too keen on uploading a new version just yet if this is the only thing that needs attention as it's still a very minor thing and it's not exactly gamebreaking. If other things pop up and a new upload is required I will of course fix this issue. That sounds great! But I'd hold off until the new version is in the archives if I were you. It looks like it hasn't been updated yet. Keep an eye on it, the old version is date stamped 31/7 and the new one is 1/8.
  13. I have downloaded your new version, Fonze... and of course I will update and re-upload the project! Who am I to argue against you two fine people! :D In fact, I already have uploaded it and we'll just have to wait until it gets accepted into the archives.
  14. Thanks for all the nice comments, guys! @Paul: I mentioned it to Fonze and he reassured me that it was on purpose. He can probably explain it better than me. In short: It shouldn't be nessecary to fix it or reupload the wad.
  15. Like the 4 lonely shells in a secret area! :D And thanks for finally showing up btw! Sheesh.