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  1. Chris Hansen

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    No End In Sight? One of the images sort of matches your description of a cross shaped platform in nukage.
  2. Chris Hansen

    kmetal 2018

    What prfunky said. Your screenshots look amazing!
  3. Chris Hansen

    [WIP] "Hell's Bane" - an Ult Doom megawad

    Thanks for the support and encouragement guys. Much appreciated! Episode 1 of Hell's Bane is not 100% CH Retro and the remaining maps have had work done to them, so not a complete waste of time :) I'm very happy and proud of those maps and despite their oddities, I still think they are good. But things have changed in 20+ years, so I needed to change a few things in order to meet the demands and expectations of today's players. We could get away with unaligned textures, too much ammo, too little health or lazy item placement and various other shortcuts back in the day. Not today. Players today are used to quality stuff, so level designers need to be very aware of bugs and how the level plays today. At least in my opinion/experience. I've never ever spent so much time meticulously going through a level as I do today and I also need at least 3 play testers to help me. Releasing 20 year old levels today as they were then wouldn't work. At least not when I try to at least bring something new to the table despite Hell's Bane being a 90% greatest hits album ;)
  4. Chris Hansen

    I made towers in doom(boom format), i need your opinion

    They look kinda cool and I think you show good creativity. But something is just a bit off about them. Can’t quite put my finger on it 🤔 Maybe it’s the choice of texture or maybe it’s the background/sky. Or a combination. They seem very high tech but it seems to be a more hellish setting (screenshot 2). And maybe they are a bit too close together. And in the first screenshot they clash with the sky. So yeah, not exactly sure or very useful, but those are my thoughts. If you can use them 😀
  5. Chris Hansen

    Original DOOM game value.

    If that’s what it’s worth then I’ll buy it! I thought it would be worth at least $200.
  6. Chris Hansen

    Original DOOM game value.

    A lot! Don’t sell it cheap. Looks absolutely amazing.
  7. Chris Hansen

    How do I make a door in an open area?

    Please remember, that unless you're making a 3D map in something like UDMF format, what you're trying to do won't be successful in good old 2D Doom format. For starters: Where would you're door go when it opens up? Into thin air? Or when it does open: Do you enter the green marble structure which is solid and therefore can't be entered in the first place? I don't mean to be rude, but I think you're missing a few missing pieces of vital knowledge about Doom mapping. We can help you, but watching a tutorial or two and maybe also researching other maps might help you better understand the basics and especially the differences between an advanced format like UDMF, a Boom map, a limit removing map or a vanilla map.
  8. Chris Hansen

    [WIP] "Hell's Bane" - an Ult Doom megawad

    The plan is still to finish it before or around Christmas. But I don’t have the spare time I used to have, so take it with a grain of salt. And no, nothing has changed. Everything is currently proceeding as planned.
  9. Chris Hansen

    [WIP] "Hell's Bane" - an Ult Doom megawad

    A little status report. Progress has been good on E3M6 over the last month or so. Still very much WIP but I think it's ok to post a couple of screenshots: 12 levels still need a midi track, but the musicians are hard at work and have a couple of new tracks in the pipeline, so that number will probably get smaller soon! You guys rock! Can't thank you enough! NotMuchNormal has sent me some stunning artwork not long ago, so each episode will have a unique piece when you exit the boss levels. He really came through and I can't recommend him enough. I won't show them here, you'll just have to wait and see :)
  10. Chris Hansen

    Question about maps with skyboxes

    No problem, don't worry. You're not obligated to post the wad file just because you have a question for it. It was just an offer, nothing more :)
  11. Chris Hansen

    Question about maps with skyboxes

    This topic should be moved to "Editing". There's nothing with what you are doing per se. Anything goes really when it comes to designing levels. It's more a question of how real or immersive you want the world to feel for the player. There's another - somewhat more elegant - way to achieve this effect. I can show you if you want. Send the level my way if you're interested.
  12. Chris Hansen

    Wads with Wolfenstein 3d themed levels?

    Don’t think I ever played it but this might be interesting to play: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/p-r/pc_wdoom
  13. Chris Hansen

    Good map sets similar to Doom 1 Episode 1

    @Arrowhead and his very comprehensive list to the rescue!
  14. Chris Hansen

    upload problem

    Try clicking “Account” in the menu and then “My attachments”. You can see how space you’ve used and what’s left.