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  1. Of course we remember you! I know I do. You were one of my primary sources of inspiration back when I started making maps. I learned a lot of tricks of the trade from playing your maps :) Welcome back, hope you'll stick around for a while!
  2. Okay, here goes! I haven't changed anything as I simply don't have the time to go through it and correct the lackluster gameplay. And besides, I kinda already did that some years ago when I used this map as a base for High/Low 4. This is the original, a relic, a piece of history. Nothing more. Bonus info: Back in 2000 when I made this map, I used DoomCAD 6.1 in Windows 98 and some old nodebuilder in DOS. Both of them treated me really bad and stuff would go wrong ALL the time. DoomCAD would crash randomly or the nodebuilder would screw something up. Slimetrails and visplane overflows was on the menu. Windows would freeze up or bluescreen! And I didn't know that much about Doom and all the possibilites with more advanced ports and editing. All I used to test my maps was Doom95. Basically, all I remember from that time, was that I learned to control my anger and that patience is a virtue! :D All this meant, that the plans I had for the map - and others at the time - would change all the time, as I had to do constant workarounds or redo entire areas. That really hurt all of my levels back then in terms of logical progression and appearence. Anyway, enough excuses, here's the map!
  3. Cool thread! I'll definitely have to play these! @Nebula-Kristian: I can post my Millennium map in this thread too, if you're okay with it. You know, to keep them in one place in case other maps pop up or something. Though, I'm not especially eager to do it, as it's not very good - especially gameplay wise! But for nostalgia reasons only I guess it could be interesting.
  4. Yeah, the Doom movie... wauw. I like Karl Urban and he's doing alright in Thor with the few lines and appearences he has. But the Doom movie was such a huge let down for me that I've never watched it a 2nd time. It's almost as if Taika Waititi felt the same way and wanted to give Urban a proper Doom like scene. And I totally agree with you @pulkmees, that an entire movie with over the top scenes like this is what many of us would like to see! I'd sure as hell watch it and most certainly enjoy it!
  5. I was reading some trivia for "Thor: Ragnarok" and it would appear that the director was inspired by Doom's box art for a scene... I kinda see the resemblance and I think it's pretty cool! Not so visible in this screendump, but moreso in the movie. Just thought I'd share it with you :)
  6. Reading some of the comments in this thread reminds me why I dont work in IT support no more and have stopped being a webmaster for friends, as a hobby etc. The level of ungratefulness is dibsturbing.
  7. Visits Doomworld everyday several times a day. Struggles to make interesting levels. Will I ever release anything again? Probably not. But it's not like it matters when there's no shortage of awesome stuff released everyday. Guess that's why I still hang around. Best community ever!

  8. Loving the new layout! Grats on a succesful migration/implementation!
  9. Congrats on the beta release! Doom isn't a priority of mine at the moment, but I'm still following this project on the sideline, so if there are any changes that need to made to my level then I can find the time for it. Just let me know in a PM.
  10. Just popping in real fast to express my gratitude for playing Threnody and for all the praise and critism! When you're done I will upload a new version with some fixes - more on that later.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up! We had a lot of problems trying to remember where that midi came from :)
  12. It's still a really cool effect! I'll definitely have to check it out :)
  13. Ohh man, joe. Couldn't you have found those bugs almost a month ago when I first sent you guys the alpha? I feel being the grumpy old dad and yell at you, but perhaps you were busy or on vacation or something. But thanks for sharing them even if they are kinda late. Anyway, as I said to dobu, these bugs aren't major and I'll wait and see if other things appear before uploading a hotfixed version.
  14. Exactly, my friend. That's exactly what it means :) That makes me so happy!
  15. Based on something I read here on the forums some time ago, I decided at one point to try and see what kind of level I could make using various hardcoded things like tag 666 etc. I never finished it because I was way out of my league for something like this! But it might still be of some interest and since it sounds like it's something you're looking for, then why the hell not just upload it here for you instead of it rotting away on my HDD! The main point of it is to navigate and move through various small arenas without blowing up the barrels. Blow 'em up, and the Cybers are released. If you can manage to not blow them up, then they'll teleport into cages where they can be safely killed later (something I never got around to implement properly). There's also a timed secret switch near the beginning and some Manc/Arach stuff. Not much though. It runs on map07 for Doom II and should be limit removing only, no fancy Boom stuff or anything. And you can do with it whatever you want :) Congrats on your birthday, Mr-I-dont-make-levels-without-using-every-single-vertex-left-available!!