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  1. Chris Hansen

    The Doom Midi Repository - Please join and share your music!

    I had to shut it down. It’s been handed over to someone else who can hopefully take better care of it.
  2. Chris Hansen

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #038

    You didn't. You found a Richard Wilies map. The man is a legend! :)
  3. Chris Hansen

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    Thank you for those links! Not too long ago I actually uploaded parts of my old website to my "new" one and I had problems locating some of the old files, so I had a lot of dead links. Looks like you helped me alleviate that problem quite a bit! Thank you and also to @Wadmodder Shalton for the interest.
  4. Chris Hansen

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    Thank you for letting us know. You must be devastated! My heartfelt condolences on your loss. Rest in peace, Megalyth 😔
  5. Chris Hansen

    Knee Deep Again - Episode 1 reimagined [WIP]

    Feel free to send me your files and I’ll have a look. It should be possible to copy it so we can save you some trouble of having to do stuff all over again.
  6. I tested some of these levels some time ago and they are indeed epic! The screenshots don't do it justice. Congrats on the beta release!
  7. Chris Hansen

    BLDFLOW - 6 maps for Plutonia

    Great video, @sandwedge! I like your commentary, very entertaining and fun. The Imp getting blown through the window and the Revenant blowing a Sarge to pieces was awesome! I'm glad you had fun playing these levels! And I don't mind all the Chris Hansen jokes. I've been on DW for a long time and I used to have another username. I had it renamed to Chris Hansen and it was only much later when one of the mods gave me the "not the one who..." title that I found out about that reporter dude. I'm not American so I had no idea. But hey, I get why people find it a bit funny, no problem :)
  8. Chris Hansen

    BLDFLOW - 6 maps for Plutonia

    Thanks for the video play through, @Pistoolkip! The reason I keep armour a bit tight is because I want the lower tier enemies to pose a bigger threat. I can go on and on for pages on my design philosophy, but that'd just derail the thread. These 6 levels, "The Mean Green" 1 and 2 and "Bond of Hatred" represent this philosophy very well and it's got something to do with what @NightFright and @Graf Zahl are talking about: Namely the unloading of tons of ammo into lower tier enemies without bigger weapons while taking place in a small, cramped setting where you never quite know which wall or door will open. That was really the core of The Mean Green's gameplay. Sadly, it's not a megawad, but only 3 levels. The Mean Green 2 introduces bigger enemies and bigger guns in a more traditional Doom 2 way in terms of gameplay. Thanks for commenting and playing the levels! It's nice to see that you enjoy them.
  9. Chris Hansen

    BLDFLOW - 6 maps for Plutonia

    Thank you for playging and for taking the time to upload those videos, @ryiron! It's good to hear that you enjoyed playing the maps. I'll take a look at that softlock issue in map05 before I upload the maps to /idgames.
  10. Chris Hansen

    BLDFLOW - 6 maps for Plutonia

    Thank you @galileo31dos01! I'll check out the demos later.
  11. Chris Hansen

    BLDFLOW - 6 maps for Plutonia

    Nothing fancy or particular ambitious. See my answer to @Clippy and @Biodegradable's video a while back.
  12. Chris Hansen

    BLDFLOW - 6 maps for Plutonia

    Thank you @Dusty_Rhodes and @PasokonDeacon! Glad you liked it. And yes, I have a fondness for Ult. Doom style gameplay where you get to mow down 100s of monsters in tight spaces in seconds!
  13. Chris Hansen

    BLDFLOW - 6 maps for Plutonia

    Great video, @Clippy! It was a real pleasure listening to you and your guest have a good time with my levels. You gave me a few giggles and made a shitty day better. So thanks for that! To answer one of your questions from the video: Shortly after having completed The Mean Green, I started making a sequel. I started to struggle with it and wanted to try a small speedmapping exercise instead. I was only allowed to spend 1½-2 hours building a map and then another hour to finetune it. BLDFLOW is a product of this. But as with The Mean Green 2, I ran cold and had to stop. So I had two incomplete projects and I thought "Why not merge them?" Which was a bad idea because they were very unlike each other. But I did it anyway and sent it to some playtesters - among others @Biodegradable. They all said the same thing: They liked the individual parts, not the sum. So I took out the last 3 levels and redesigned them yet again and released them as they were originally intended: As The Mean Green 2! :) And here we are, much later with the first 6 levels. Untouched since they were first playtested and released as is. And yes, I have grown softer with age. I might still spring a trap or two in a level, but I never aim at killing the player. I want to hurt him, but not kill him. That was whole different matter 20 years ago! I would do anything to kill the player which meant setting up bullshit combat scenarios like planting a Baron and a ton of Demons right smack in the player's face while he was armed with only a pistol and a shotgun, no armor and in the middle of either a small ledge, narrow hallway or on some lava. I'm happy to say that I'm not like that anymore. @Kor's post above says it well: "Thank you for making a level set that's beatable".
  14. Chris Hansen

    BLDFLOW - 6 maps for Plutonia

    Thank you for playing and providing me with some feedback @TheCyberDruid, @Lerxst_In_Wonderland and @Kor. I’ll take a look at that crate and fix it.
  15. Chris Hansen

    BLDFLOW - 6 maps for Plutonia

    Thanks @Biodegradable for playtesting and showing your support here! Much appreciated! Thanks. I'm often confused over those complevels. I never seem to get it right. I vaguely remember someone once telling me that MBF is -cl11 and that sky transfers are a MBF feature. But nevermind. Thanks for clearing it up.