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  1. It was a tedious and slow proces. I used DoomCAD 6.1 on Windows 95 to begin with. My first experience with Doom was in DOS running from Windows 3.11, if I remember correctly. Anyway, in order to build a level I had to: Place a lot of vertices and connect them. That bugged out sometimes and crashed the program. Edit the sectors height, choose textures and flats and set ligthing. All a guessing game as there were no 3D preview. Sometimes DoomCAD bugged and crashed. Progress lost. Manually calculate x and y offsets using math to align the textures! Yikes. Program might crash losing an hours work on 2 sectors. Sigh. Then I had to start a DOS command prompt and build the map's nodes using BSP. For bigger maps it could take several minutes. Load the newly built map in the game. Could take minutes. Ooops. Forgot a player start! Back to DoomCAD. If I wanted to edit something like the sky texture then I used a DOS program called NWT. It was actually pretty cool. Later I tried XWE which was better and today I use SLADE. And Ultimate Doom Builder of course. It doesn't crash.
  2. Thank you very much, Endless! I think, I speak on behalf of the entire THT team when I say that we really took it very seriously and wanted to sincerely pay our tribute to Ty. It might not be perfect, but I'll be damned if everyone involved didn't give it their all.
  3. Chris Hansen

    What are your ten favorite maps of all time?

    Thank you for reading my mind and putting into words exactly how I feel! Well said, sir, well said.
  4. Chris Hansen

    worldDooMworld tutorial

    If that’s the case Doomkid then there’s this thread regarding the existence of a DW faq or the most common rules to go by around here. Could be useful to OP.
  5. Chris Hansen

    Vengeance 2: Invasion (new screenshots)

    Cool, @Gez! Looks really good!
  6. Chris Hansen

    Vengeance 2: Invasion (new screenshots)

    Then take a look at what Ketmar posted a while back using (an unreleased version of) k8vavoom! :)
  7. Chris Hansen

    Vengeance 2: Invasion (new screenshots)

    I understand you completely and I tend to do the exact same thing. Maybe it's becasue we're stuck in the 90's ;) Lighting can at least impact gameplay and have quite an influence on how the player is challenged. Darkness helps the demons and plays tricks on the player's mind. Bright areas make them feel comfortable and safe, but can be deceiving. On the other hand we have the immense level of detail where, as you say, it can really bog down the gameplay because it doesn't necessarily add anything to the gamplay. It adds atmosphere and creates immersion, but a super detailed ceiling have very little impact on how the player shoots or gets shot. And yes, your screenshots tend to be on the muted side. That's why I always prefer playing on software rendered sourceports. I like the lighting better. I tried my hand at creating a level once that featured lots of dynamic lighting. Every sector was either 112 or less in brigthness. All lighting was produced by dynamic lights. It looked good, but was gzDoom exclusive iirc. And too labor intensive for me, so it stranded in my scraps folder ;) But it looked good and maybe you should give it another go if you have more patience than me ;)
  8. Chris Hansen

    Best wads with OG textures

    It truly is quite insane and mindbending isn't it! Wow, just wow.
  9. Chris Hansen

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Cool demo! Nice to see that a 17 year old level still garners a bit of interest :) I've converted it to a video, mind if I upload it to YouTube? I'll make sure to credit you of course.
  10. Chris Hansen

    Vengeance 2: Invasion (new screenshots)

    Looks great! Perfect amount of detail for me and the texture usage and lighting is spot on.
  11. Chris Hansen

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #002

    Kesler is a fucking legend in my eyes! He's one of those authors from the 90's that deserves some sort of in depth and detailed article in Wadazine (or anywhere else for that matter) at some point. Also deserving of such recognition are guys like Richard Wiles, Malcolm Sailor, Jan van der Veken, Anthony Soto, Derek MacDonald, Nick Baker and Paul Corfiatis just to name a few at the top of my head. Kesler and these guys had me drooling over everything they released back then and it's hard to explain just how important they were to us newcomers back then.
  12. Chris Hansen

    Remake your first map(s) thread

    Remaking old levels is fun! I love my old creations, but it's nice to revisit them and use what I learned over the years to improve the concept of the original. I never pretend the original doesn't exist. However, the best thing about the process is that I often go "That is awesome, why don't I do this anymore!" or "Man, did I really do this with DoomCAD in '98 and now I struggle with coming up with stuff in UltDoomBuilder! Shame on me!" :) Anyway, here's an example of a remake. The Unknown Chasm got remade into Chasm Control and then further improved to be featured in Monument. Yeah, that's right! This map has three versions :P Here's something I am working on. Another old map getting a makeover. Don't know if it will ever be released.
  13. Chris Hansen

    DE makes me so unreasonably mad [rant]

    While I might not feel as strongly about it as you do @129thVisplane, I definitely have some of the same feelings. I loved Doom 2016 and have yet to complete Eternal. And I don’t think I can. I’m just to old and slow. I bought Titanfall 2 super cheap and it rekindled my faith in 3D shooters and brought a smile back in my face.
  14. Chris Hansen

    Welcome to Idgames Upload

    Thank you for making this for us! I guess I can finally retire Total Commander then (as I used the FTP function in it for uploading pwads).
  15. I've edited and uploaded some files from my old homepage back from when I used to review levels to my website. There are still some dead links that I need to fix and you're very welcome to report them to me in case I overlook them. As a bonus I actually managed to find a few zips that aren't available anywhere else (to my knowledge)! :)


    Check it out if you're curious to get a glimpse of what I was up to some 20 years ago:



    My current Doom homepage is here: https://www.windward.dk/TDR

  16. Chris Hansen

    Making your own wads

  17. Chris Hansen

    Hello, fellow kids!

    We’re not struggling to keep Doomworld alive that’s for sure! Plenty of new content posted everyday and new faces everywhere. I’ve been coming here for almost 20 years and it’s still worth my time.
  18. Chris Hansen

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks great! Fantastic combo of architecture, textures and last but not least a stunning sky that fits it so very well!
  19. Chris Hansen

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    WILV24 is wrong for my level. It says "The trickster's beneath". But the level's title is "The trickster's behest"
  20. Thanks for the mention, @Endless Feels like ages ago that I reviewed.... oh right, yeah it is ages ago! Anyway, Martin Hunsager and Anders Johnsen's website "The pink bull" is still online. They managed to write a few in-depth reviews while it was active.
  21. Chris Hansen

    Where to find good MIDIs?

    You are also welcome to take a look at https://doommidis.com It's been a while since someone posted new content there, but there are some excellent midis to choose from. And to everyone out there: Please feel free to sign up! It's very much dependant on its users :) And if you have any problems using the site - or comments for it - feel free to contact me.
  22. Chris Hansen

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    Quirky map, @SilverMiner. I like it! It looks really weird but there's plenty of fun action. You might wanna check a couple of thing though:
  23. Chris Hansen


    I just listened to some tunes using this and it sounds really, really good! Love it.
  24. Chris Hansen

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    Agree with @BoxY. That could work. Or you reach out to those of us who already made a map and open up the spots for us. I'm busy with other things, but I will find the time to make another map if it will help us release a complete megawad. And I'm sure there are people who feel the same. But first, as Boxy said, opening up the spots for anyone willing to make a map is a good idea and should be tried first.