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  1. fin3_

    glass textures

    hey can somebody tell me about where to get glass textures? i cant find any in doom and i dont know where to look, lol! thanks!
  2. fin3_


    thank you kappes!! im really excited to try this stuff out, lol! i never knew it existed before now too, lol
  3. fin3_


    hey guys! i didnt know it was possible, but i recently played a wad for doom 2that has an elevator! it moves both the floors and the ceiling at the same time like duke nukem and the wad said it needed zdoom to run. i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make an elevator with zdooms stuff? thanks!!
  4. fin3_

    floor stuff

    oh wow zdoom is sweet! lol! how do i put in panning? what do i do to get a script anyhow? i think ill try that line thing and see if it will do what i want lol
  5. fin3_

    floor stuff

    oh, well that sucks :( what is zdoom? i still use the doom95 with the collectors lol!
  6. fin3_

    floor stuff

    ok guys so im trying to make my floor align right but it wont do what i want. im using doombuilder and for some reason i cant move the floor textures! how do i do that?