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  1. Oh wow, I forgot that I made a map for this. I'll come up with a name for it, I just need to play it a few times to remind myself what it's like.
  2. Solarn

    Are the Catacomb games worth getting?

    I imagine it looked better when it was the best thing available. We tend to forget how "realistic" things like this can seem in a world that didn't have them before. Like, when I played the original Alone in the Dark back when it came out, I was blown away by how real everything felt. When I replayed it recently, I could barely identify what all the blobs of untextured low-res polygons were supposed to be.
  3. Solarn

    SlaughterMAX. RC2 available!

    Yeah, there's no one in control and most of the mappers have disappeared with bugs still left in their contributions. Unless someone wants to pull a Kyka and finish up those maps, there's not much anyone can do. I've been putting off uploading my map as a standalone in the hopes that someone would come back and do the necessary clean-up work to at least get the WAD out the door, with ten maps if need be, but even that doesn't seem like it will happen.
  4. I might join, depending on the themes. I don't really like the complicated setup of these things though. I miss the Doomworld Speedmapping Sessions, when it was just a weekend of speedmapping with the themes known beforehand, it was up to everyone's own discretion to complete their maps within the time limit and anyone could make as many maps as they wanted.
  5. I failed. My map is half completed after 2 hours of work, with basic layout, textures and switches all done, but I've yet to place things, align the textures and do a thousand small adjustments it probably needs, and I need to go to sleep right now. Oh well, that's what I get for trying to speedmap at night.
  6. I' ll try to do something for the second session. I need to get back in the speedmapping groove, I still like the maps I made for the Doomworld Speedmapping Sessions, I want to make maps like those again.
  7. I played through this in ZDoom on HMP, and I still feel like ammo balance is off. I tried to be really conservative with my ammo, but thanks to monsters refusing to infight except in the two big horde battles (the grimoire fight and the final setpiece) and shoggoths eating up a ton of bullets/shells, I ran out several times. Like, completely ran out of every ammo. The first was with the satyr/revenant/heresy lord fight before the yellow crystal and the second was with the two revs where the yellow skull used to be. As for the map itself, holy Christ this was amazing. At first I was just "Oh, well, a demonic library, this looks pretty cool, I love this aesthetic", and then there was a room with oozing flesh on the floor and I had to fight a shoggoth, and I was blown away. The atmosphere never stopped being properly oppressive, the areas were all gorgerously designed and the secrets were very clever. Even when pressing a switch or accessing a new area didn't immediately lead to goodies, there was always a sense that this is leading up to something. The three circular rooms with occult symbols on the floor were a good example. Even when I found the skull in the first one and pressed it to see nothing happen, I was convinced that this was a setup for something. When I found the second one, I suspected that there would be more. And when I found the third one, pressed the skull and a portal opened up, I felt a real sense of accomplishment. So yeah, good job on all this. I love it. Except for the ammo shortages, I don't love those.
  8. Solarn

    Harvest - on /idgames

    I've only played map 1 so far (PrBoom+ complevel 9, UV, a few saves after difficult battles), here are my thoughts on it: The ideas are solid throughout, but the execution is lacking in some places. The first area's layout is great and it forces the player to keep moving while fighting, as there aren't really any natural chokepoints or safe corners, but the progression in it after pressing the button is way too confusing. I'm still not sure if it's badly timed or if there are easily missable trigger lines, but my experience was: open up a set of monster closets, run around killing everything, wander for a minute or two in the empty room, get ambushed by enemies from newly opened closets I didn't even hear, repeat a few times, wander around for five minutes, then suddenly the megasphere secret opens up and when I clean it out, the way forward is open. The next room is the best in my opinion. I couldn't see any real flaws in it. The Cyberdemon is a real threat, with the uneven but generally open floor making it hard to kite him, and the gallery full of enemies forcing you to split your attention, making you vulnerable. Even when I decided to just rush into the orange corridor and let the herd thin itself out behind me, when I returned it was still a difficult room to clear. The corridor itself is kind of bland. The gimmick of teleporting the enemies as well as the player between its two halves doesn't quite work and makes the Pain Elementals that eventually show up much less of a threat than they could otherwise be. The yellow key room is the biggest letdown. There are a lot of small architectural details to get stuck on, but if you can avoid those, cleaning out the initial population of enemies is trivially easy. Pressing the switch to lower the YK does teleport in a much more threatening array of monsters, but if you're quick enough, you can run back and reach a cubbyhole in one of the walls before they all arrive, allowing you to alert them at your own leisure and plasma them to death in bite-sized pieces. In general, despite my complaints, I really enjoyed the map. I hope the rest are at least as good. One thing that didn't affect my enjoyment at all but might be considered a bit of a problem is that I saw a lot of small nodebuilder errors, like thin slimetrails or weird seams between linedefs that were only visible for a split second when I was walking in a certain direction.
  9. Solarn

    Post your Doom textures!

    The middle one is the Doomiest, the bottom one looks like it'd be more at home in Quake, where techbase textures have that kind of extreme rusty look to them, while the top one would fit well with Darkening or other "dark techbase" custom textures.
  10. The map names on the minimap are wrong now that they've been reordered.
  11. Not really. I'm not very good at names. How about "Spiked Punch"?
  12. Alright, here it is. https://www.mediafire.com/file/mx4kca62xlvx84p/speed.wad It should work now, if it still doesn't, then I screwed something up.
  13. I can upload a maxable version. It should be pretty easy, just fixing the teleporting monsters at the start.
  14. Oh my god. I can't believe I actually forgot to put an exit line there. Fixing it right now. Fixed it. The map now also has difficulties and custom music (a midi of I Am The Sword by Motorhead). https://www.mediafire.com/file/mx4kca62xlvx84p/speed.wad
  15. Wow, I really forgot how to speedmap. Well, here's my offering. https://www.mediafire.com/file/mx4kca62xlvx84p/speed.wad Time taken: 2 hours and something. I used the no armor and switch themes. I also wanted to have a boss at the end, but I'm kinda exhausted. Note: difficulties aren't implemented. That, along with custom music, will come tomorrow if that's allowed.
  16. Alright, I'm going to try again. Hopefully I won't get sidetracked this time.
  17. Well, I failed. I'll try again later.
  18. This sounds like a good way to get back into mapping. I'm in.
  19. Solarn

    New Forum

    Really? The idea that corporations answerable only to their shareholders are going to act unethically and cut corners wherever they can find them is now paranoia? Even though, I remind you again, we have seen it happen over and over in previous years where various services had incredibly basic security loopholes exploited by hackers and recovered with basically no negative effect on their market value? Because it turns out that rich assholes who are basically using their investments for keeping score have no interest in how those investments are run as long as they make more money than in the previous quarter?
  20. Solarn

    New Forum

    See, the difference between you and me is that I don't think these companies have a strong interest in keeping our passwords or personal information safe at all, as they have demonstrated time and time again in past years. They can easily afford to be sloppy in their security measures because they are both untouchable by law as long as they pay the most minimal lip service to it and used by a large majority of the online population, most of whom don't care or even understand why security is important, and therefore they are immune to consequences. And since they are also publicly traded and proper security costs money, I highly doubt that your passwords are as safe with them as you think they are. I'm not arguing with that at all. The old site used like vBulletin 2.0 or something equally ridiculous, didn't it?
  21. Solarn

    New Forum

    As far as I can tell, that's all there is to it. And all it resulted in in terms of new discussions (that I could see) was some conversations about Doomworld stuff showing up on some Facebook accounts. Certainly no huge uptick in Doomworld users or discussions. Plus, I didn't mention it, but I'm heavily opposed to the whole idea of using a social media account to log in to other sites. It's an awful idea and a huge security risk that should never have been allowed to exist.
  22. Solarn

    New Forum

    I might have expressed myself wrong. I didn't mean that some discussions moved away from Doomworld, but that all the new discussions that the new social media connectivity has resulted in as far as I can see (and again, I don't have social media accounts, so I might not be aware of everything) is spinoffs of already existing discussions.
  23. Solarn

    New Forum

    Everything is oddly big with massive margins and padding everywhere and lots of empty space on either side of the actual content, of which there is a minuscule amount actually on my screen at any given time because of the previous points. Yes, because it's alright to cobble together any old pile of garbage as long as people can use outside help to make it work for them. That's a totally rational way of doing things. I don't have and will never have social media accounts. From everything I've seen, they are pure poison on every level. So all the new discussion (really, mostly just old discussions moved off-site) is inaccessible to me. Speaking as someone who lives on a budget and generally multitasks on his computer, it's not nothing. RAM gets tied up incredibly quickly just from two or three programs running simultaneously. The old site was perfectly viewable on mobile devices though without containing all this bullshit that makes no sense on a desktop computer. But it's what mobile apps look like, so I guess that's what everything should look like from now on, no matter that mobile apps look like that because of the limitations of mobile devices compared to desktop computers, approximately none of which apply to online forums. You do know monitors have LEDs these days, right? There's no link to it from Doomworld though, which was my point. Which is understandable, but he could have done something better than this. As I was writing this very reply, my text started going backwards for some incomprehensible reason without me having pushed anything and I had to rewrite it.
  24. Solarn

    New Forum

    Honestly, this seems like a downgrade. A lot of fancy graphics, a lot of moving parts that ultimately do nothing except make the site eat up more RAM, very mobile-focused with no thought spared for people who still remember how a proper computer works, and an incredibly generic design that could have literally been any other forum site if not for the banner at the top. Doomworld has basically lost all of its character. Also, where is the wiki? Also, what the hell is this Steam/Twitter/Facebook/Google+ bullshit? Do we really have to force this social media nonsense into everything? Can't we just have a fucking forum, you know, for discussing stuff?
  25. Solarn

    Real Talk: Do people use difficulty settings?

    It's not that rare. It's just perseverance and patience. I still die a lot while playing slaughtermaps or other hard maps, but I do complete them eventually. And again, I've been playing Doom since it came out 23 years ago, and I've been playing games on a computer since like 1990, when there was nothing to play them with but a keyboard in most cases. It's something you can very easily get used to, most people nowadays just don't bother with it. As for other people, well, I could point you to everyone who records demos and Youtube playthroughs of those maps, most of whom are much better than me. I still can't beat anything beyond map 6 of Sunder without saves.