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  1. Cameron Law

    Community Chest Series Demos [Boom, -complevel 9]

    Hi. Currently working on a speed run of Map03 UV, best completed recorded time is 6:18, but I can do a lot better apart from one thing. I can't find a way to consistently complete the area with the two reverent and a archivile. I'm generally at 100% hp, more then enough ammo but this area seems to defy every type. The only way I've found is too hope I can separate the archivile from the reverent in an area where I can use the combat shotgun to interrupt most of his attacks. This happens once in a blue moon. I've tried running but generally I can't make it fast enough to escape and get out of Line of Sight. Any help here?
  2. Cameron Law

    I need a new Video card

    Well I use a GeForce 8600GT (Zotac). nice and cheap, plays modern games at high quality. Not the best, but if you are on a budget it works better then you should need as long as you don't demand the highest quality on everything.