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  1. Ezxariarch

    Blasphemer 0.0.3 released!

    As promised, here's the "Blood Scepter". Hopefully it's to your liking. I didn't use any colors outside what I saw in the Blasphemer Palette, so it should convert ok.
  2. Ezxariarch

    Blasphemer 0.0.3 released!

    Its not a problem, i'll just stick with the ones you have. All i'm sayng is that variety will be a bit lower than normal Heretics. Also, the Bloodscepter will be finised by tonight (weapon, not the projectiles).
  3. Ezxariarch

    Blasphemer 0.0.3 released!

    Hm, the lack of color variety in the Blasphemer palette is gonna cause some problems with many sprite aspects, since it will lack color variety. Especially with projectiles, since only certain colors work well for projectiles, the lack of "bright" colors is gonna make many attacks look blan. Espcially the lack of purples and other intermediate colors.
  4. Ezxariarch

    Blasphemer 0.0.3 released!

    Dah crap, its missing all the Neon blue colors. D: It looks a lot like Hexen's pallete. EDIT: Btw, i updated the Frostfang to fist the recoil perspective problems (and some tidying up). It SHOULD look a little better now.
  5. Ezxariarch

    Blasphemer 0.0.3 released!

    You you mind sending me the Blasphemer palette. Or take a screenshot with XWE and post it? I would help with future sprites.
  6. Ezxariarch

    Blasphemer 0.0.3 released!

    Here's the "Frost Fang". Please tell me if you guys already have certain projectiles and other effects made. EDIT: Look below I hold the way I used to make the "recoil" works out in game.
  7. Ezxariarch

    Fredrik's monsters

    20 days as in 480 hours? :D
  8. Ezxariarch

    The First PWAD You Ever Played

    Dragonball Z Doom2. :D
  9. Ezxariarch

    Custom Monster Sprites that are possibly useful?

    Is there a lost soul already in FreeDoom? It would be better if the Pain elemental actually fits the design of the Lost Soul. I have a design idea for the PE, but i'll wait until I see the FreeDoom Lost Soul (if it exists) first. At any rate, the sprite's i'm showing you is only the base that will be used for my own personal uses. I'll make an alternate version for the Cacodemon with some recolors and edits (most likely gonna remove the tendrils and replace them with spikes or something. Wont take very long, since the caco has so few frames to work on.
  10. Ezxariarch

    Custom Monster Sprites that are possibly useful?

    Only the death frames remain, i'll just need 6 (5?) for it to be enough to replace the Cacodemon.
  11. I've some abandonned crap that i never finished from a while ago that i picked up ago recently. Perhaps these will be useful for FreeDoom? (Caco maybe?) Of course these are still not finished. But I'll continue to add stuff here and upate them as I work on the sprite sheets.
  12. Ezxariarch

    No new Newstuff?

    Havent seen any newstuff for like a month now. Is it no longer being made? Or is everyone just too busy due to school and/or work?
  13. Ezxariarch

    I want to improve my mapping speed

    I think the best way would be to plan out waht you map to have before actually starting one. Pick a name for it before you start, gather up some ideas and then sketch the basic rooms out on graph paper. Build the map 1 room at a time and making sure that everything in that room works (as much as possible) before you move onto the next.
  14. Ezxariarch

    Your most HATED monster?

    Pain Elementals (archviles close second), esopecially when there are more than one. Spawning lost souls all over to waste your ammo.
  15. Ezxariarch

    Do you DM?

    1. No. 2. Maybe 3-4 on Skulltag. 3. Once 4. No, because there are no regular DM servers with people on them with ST. 5. I DM until I get bored, have other things to do, or the maps gets really retarded. Like Sonic DM.