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  1. Caine

    I like it but it still sucks...

    especially the NON EXISTENT MOD Support i thought would be also something people would spit on but seems the gamers from the past moved on and dont give a crap anymore about games and new generation is brainwashed (the market speaks itself). guess i shall move on too and just accept how old IP's get butchered. i dont see much DOOM in DOOM 2016.... music = great but not DOOM, enemies = look and behave not DOOM, gameplay = nice but not DOOM and so on... people here dunno what DOOM is and was. and instead of proving im wrong just blabbering childish talk and get offtopic. yes, i know MOD Support is nonsense... how to beat that?
  2. Caine

    I like it but it still sucks...

    they didnt have a crouch at all, how old are you at all? do people still think or just follow?
  3. Caine

    I like it but it still sucks...

    jeez.... so quicksave is now a disgrace? the replies show how much is left in today's gamers logic/brain i guess. time to move on, no wonder such games get hyped.
  4. i play on ultra-violence and after coming back i still dont get why essential elements are still protected by the fanbase and dont matter for you/them? even in the 2nd SP Level i already see the fuck ups in the game which shouldnt be there. i know that people will protect it and say i suck and dont understand it... but still here are some aspects which still suck and arent patched? -quicksave.... so when did pc gamers didnt care about quicksave/individual saving? i am at a checkpoint where i found a classic secret room later and went back and re-discovered it then i stepped to the next area and die... so every time i die i have to get to the secret again and again and again, instead of quicksaving it and then enter the next room. - when you play ultra-violence and nightmare, you know you cannot survive WITHOUT glory kills, which means they are not optional! i feel like it's more a brawler than shooter this way. - this is minor and doesnt really make this game bad, but how can a FPS not have a HOLD crouch button/option? i know this is not CLASSIC doom and accept it as a different and new doom, but especially quicksave is something which shouldnt be accepted by pc gamers and especially so called classic gamers.....
  5. Caine

    Quake Champions

    they just have not the balls and skills for a quake1 game anymore. even the new doom didnt feel so dark and masculin anymore. yeah lots of guts doesnt make a gsme dark and masculin. gameplay. designs etc. all need to be right. just too spoiled nowadays with Marketing etc.
  6. Caine

    Doom '16 too fast?

    lol, maybe play COD? it's still too slow...
  7. Caine

    Classic doom 3 soundtrack

    is it still available somewherE?
  8. Caine

    Let's count Quake influences

    for me doom2016 is also feeling not too much like doom sadly... the monsterdesign could have been better and more unique design Overall not generic scifi designs.
  9. thats the problem that people hope too much before release and then swallow it. next installment wont be better.
  10. Caine

    PC will not receive additional modding tools beyond SnapMap

    yeah and still people support those bad companies.... lol game studios etc give a shot. they are not passionate gamers anymore but moneyhungry people who try to get more money. .
  11. your registration dates let me conclude that some really are just young players who really have no experience, i know young players who have interst in older games and also say how fucked up our gaming community got sadly. anime gifs are again so manly and doomlike! you guys (or girls? pardon me nowadays you have to name each gender) rock! just give me some great mod-ability Bethesda/ID and dont fuck around with paywalls etc. THAT'S WHAT MADE DOOM IMMORTAL TOO!!!! MODS! something the new generations dont know, cause MODS = paid DLCs now ;). cause we all got too much money...
  12. the problem is that i prefer just run and gun and not watching animations after animatiions while shooting monsterbastards. maybe im old school but this is what action is about for me, thats why i hate most modern fps games where you have to watch fucking killanimations, cutscenes etc. the beginning of doom is fucking great though i love how pissed you are as a player in the elevator.
  13. Caine

    Your opinion about the soundtrack of new Doom?

    yeah im an idiot and noob, ok? i have to study english too to be perfect.
  14. sure... seems u have a different game. for ne they still wank, get not melee killed but glory killed and consume extra ammo if shot to pieces....
  15. Caine

    Is it too late to save MP?

    for me Doom3 is a game on its own, i never wanted Doom3 to play in deathmatch etc. i think it would have been more interesteing if they had done a more horror MP mode/gamemodes which would be new and fresh for the time, hence even today.