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  1. Jasper Carmack

    [DOWNLOAD] Photographs of the DOOM toy/weapon collection

    It's a bit of an ancient post now, but send me a DM and I'll see if I can get a copy to you. I've been meaning for a -very- long time to re-photograph these with a decent DSLR, but I lack the photographic setup required to do so.
  2. Jasper Carmack

    Pipe Dream - 5 Techbase-gone-bad maps for GZDoom

    I am so down for this! Stocking up on everything I need to crunch through it this weekend :D
  3. Jasper Carmack

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    It's so great seeing other people enjoy Call of Cthulhu: DCOTE. There's a documentary on the making of the game in the works atm. It had a huge development history which spanned many years of development hell, and varying iterations of the game. A solid chunk of the overall game was also cut to meet the release schedule (the current ending of the game was more of a halfway point originally, with the player traveling to the arctic afterwards). Have also been going through some old favourites; LA Noire, Alan Wake, Resident Evil Remake, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30.
  4. Jasper Carmack

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Looks like an AI Generated image where I can't quite tell what I'm looking at.
  5. Jasper Carmack

    Is it normal to be afraid/anxious about my future?

    I'd substitute the word "normal" with "common". Normal is a very hard thing to define, but a general form of anxiety is extremely common worldwide. You're absolutely not alone in feeling this way. If the anxiety is 'raw', and it seems to affect how you feel about pretty much anything, it's considered generalised anxiety. In regards to generalised anxiety, it's very normal to feel this way under a variety of circumstances. Generalised Anxiety has a heap of causes ranging from stress, diet, environmental factor, genetics, etc. If you feel that the generalised anxiety may be becoming excessive or way too frequent without a cause, the first thing I'd examine is everything you consume, overall physical fitness, etc. For one example, regular or high caffeine intake is a surefire way for some people with specific genetics and physiology (but certainly not all people) to develop some pretty significant underlying anxiety. Everyone is different, and you can get anxiety from even the smallest things such as certain chemical compounds in food or environment. Usually it's an indicator that the body is trying to tell you it's unhappy in someway, but it's purely a reactive response, and sadly our body is very poor at telling you -what- has made you feel this way. I've found it's helped me immensely to ask these questions when I notice anxiety kicking in: What have I eaten / drunk / consumed in the last 12 hours? What kinds of physical activities have I undertaken, or not undertaken? Have I encountered, or been in contact with negative people who are toxic or miserable (This is a big one! Humans are social creatures, and as such we're very dependent on social interactions as a need, just as we need water and oxygen. Toxic or bitter people can be infectiously negative. You might not realise it until later, but if you find that you walk away from a conversation with someone feeling worse than when you entered, it's a sign that person is bad business.) If you can find a good diet that works for you, and build a friendbase of good, supportive friends, you'll notice your problems with anxiety get -a lot- better, I guarantee it. :) At the same time, keep your chin up! The world has good and bad to offer, and things are always capable of getting better for you if you're willing to give it a serious shot. You got this!
  6. Jasper Carmack

    Doom toy pictures

    I'm 100% onboard to have these properly scanned in 3d, or professional photos with a good camera, green-screen backdrop and lighting. Sadly, I do lack the equipment for these, but if there is a DOOM enthusiast in Australia or in the Brisbane area who would be interested in assisting, I'd love to make this happen and get some history preserved :) Would also love to fire up the Eager Beaver sometime and get some real recordings, although the ones in the game were based on stock sounds if memory serves, but it would be nice to at least get some authentic recordings for fan use. I found what I believed to be the Beretta toy water pistol many years ago, but importation into Australia would have been difficult as it may have constituted a replica gun at the time. If memory serves me, it was some kind of large 1980s toy water gun in bright orange. Rocket Launcher was hand-painted according to John Romero last time I spoke with him although there's also a 1980s Rambo Rocket Launcher toy which has some similar shapes, but I would have to do some comparisons. Maybe it was a combination of painting and photos?
  7. Hello all, Back when I went under the moniker "Blackmantis" here, I took some (rookie) photographs of the original toys / models used for DOOMs weapons and they've ended up in the odd thread here and there. Since then, a few people have suggested I upload them, so here's all the photos I've taken. I do apologise in advance for the quality as they're not brilliant and were mostly just quick photos to show people how they appeared. If there is any DOOM enthusiasts in the Brisbane area who are also photographers and would be interested in doing a proper shoot of these with coloured backdrops and good lighting, please get in touch with me as I'd love to help get these captured in high quality so they can be used for sprites! I put a few preview shots in the attachments for this thread. Download the DOOM toy weapon photos here The collection consists of: Chainsaw (A McCulloch Eager Beaver 2.0 chainsaw) Shotgun (a Tootsietoy Dakota cap gun) Chaingun (A Tootsietoy Ol' Painless gatling gun) Plasma Rifle (The end of a 1980s RAMBO M-60 toy dart gun) BFG 9000 which is a "Roargun" made by Creatoy.
  8. I wonder if you still post some more photos with the toys used for doom.

    1. Jasper Carmack

      Jasper Carmack

      Hey Eggman07,

      Sorry for the late reply!


      Would these be of any use for you? It's a bunch of photos I took



    2. The Almighty Egg

      The Almighty Egg

      Oh my god Mantis I am so sorry I never got the notif to this. Are you planning on releasing this pack or can I have the honors to do so because my god some of the pictures here would make any modder cry.

    3. Jasper Carmack

      Jasper Carmack

      Hey no problems! I barely check in here so I'm a bit slow to reply too :)

      Please do feel free to release this pack! Be sure to credit "Jasper Carmack" as that's the name I go by now :)

      Best regards - JC

  9. Excellent at finding sources of Classic Doom's assets..

    Unfortunately, not as good at finding a place that will permanently host images.


    Almost all of the images in his posts have been lost to time.


    Here's hoping someone managed to save them all

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Untamed64


      Oh man

      You are doing god's work.


      Could you upload a zip of all your findings to /idgames/historical or something?

    3. Jasper Carmack

      Jasper Carmack

      I've just picked up something new today.




      Rest assured, I'm working on something big for everyone to enjoy ;)

    4. Untamed64
  10. Jasper Carmack

    Real Doom Weapons/toys (with photos)

    I think that will be at the forefront of everyones thinking ;) Thanks for mentioning smoother animations - I'll make sure to get HEAPS of captures so we can make uber smooth shotgun pumps and chaingun rotations etc. Just cropping them is gonna take time.
  11. Jasper Carmack

    Real Doom Weapons/toys (with photos)

    You never know - he may have had a low IQ, but there are people with congitive and mental disorders out there that can also remember pi to 484 decimal places. Magic ;) But in actuality, it's all out there online. I guess if you search hard enough, you'll find the info you want online. I've trawled through ancient 90s Chatroom/IM/Newsgroup logs, interviews, all sorts, and you find little bits at a time. Sorry about that, been trying to keep my imgur gallery clean and simple so I can find what I need, and at the moment it's choked up with random doom stuff. However, once I get some really nice high quality pictures, I'll stick them in an album and leave them up for good.
  12. Jasper Carmack

    [FOUND] Doom Sky source files

    Well, if the images are royalty free, then I'll just have to make my own "product" which uses these images and distribute that. I'll call it "Doom sky distributor" or something. ;) Thanks for the advice though, I'll check around. Two of the cds are already on Archive.org, although all ultimately come from Aris Entertainments "Media Clips" collection.
  13. Jasper Carmack

    [FOUND] Doom Sky source files

    Since I've been searching very deeply for these, I figure I might divulge some interesting tidbits; I could be wrong, being a tiny kid back in 1992-1993, but it -seems- that going through ancient FTP directories and places like archive.org cds, cd.textfiles, etc, that there wasn't really a huge amount of images on the net. If I search for say, images of space from that era, there's maybe 4-5 instances of RSKY2s source file (columbia) that will constantly show up on hundreds of random sources, from archives to disks. The exact one used shows up multiple times under multiple names, from multiple areas and disks. The same goes for searching for stuff like mountains, a lot of the doom photos pop up, usually on antiquated christian sites with badly compressed versions of the images and bible quotes on them. So I think back then, it was probably not terribly hard to find things like this sky, at least in the early to mid 90s. These GIFs were often used on sites, distributed around the web, and due to the relatively small amount of common photos floating around like this at the time, it was probably a lot easier to track down. They're also found on almost all "101 Royalty free images" and stock image cds from the time. I've uploaded the source files for SKY2 below in the best quality I can find on the discs. It looks like 640x480 was the largest they were ever kept at, but I might see if I can track down the original photographers if I can. Tom Atwood did the well known Yangshuo sky, and OS/2 had a higher resolution version but it had reduced color volume and was a GIF. Fore/Mountains BG/sky I also hope to find the source of a sky I saw in "MARKINC".wad. I don't remember how, when or where I got it (except vaguely that it was possibly called something like "Mortal Kombat doom" or something random), but it had a gorgeous sky in it;
  14. Jasper Carmack

    [FOUND] Doom Sky source files

    The filename reads TRACKS.TIF but it came from a series of "TRACKS" images which all appear to be darkish beach dunes and sand. I'm game to take a trip to China someday to check out the Yangshuo mountains in Guilin. I have no idea where "Yangshuo Cavern" is, nor can I find where it is on google, but if I can find where SKY1 was taken, I'll make the trek and get some quality photos.
  15. Jasper Carmack

    [FOUND] Doom Sky source files

    Found 'em! :D Also you'll have to look close for the next two; check the bottom left, and the bottom middle areas; I think it would be safe to say that we now pretty much have all of the photo textures that ID used that weren't taken by themselves. Since the images are royalty free, I'm thinking I'll upload the entire CD set.