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  1. Crusader

    Doom 4 in Motion, id Is Hiring

    They are, idtech 5.
  2. Crusader

    Skulltag Version 97D Released

    My only problem with Skulltag as-is is the fmod dependency, which makes it a pain in the ass to play on Linux x64 :/
  3. Crusader

    10 Years of Doom(world)

    arent you that guy that made doom rickroll Just kidding. Congratulations Andrew :)
  4. Crusader

    Odamex Owns October

    No kidding; I wasn't aware of it until now (thanks again Alex Max), but I'm more impressed with it than I've been with any DOOM source port in years.
  5. Crusader

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    I could host a server on an irregular basis, but I'm not sure I could leave it running all the time.
  6. Crusader

    WIP - 5 DM levels. MancerXX.wad

    I'll give 'em a whirl Manzer! (also, manzer did some doom3 maps!)
  7. Crusader

    Doom on Mobile

    The gameplay is turn-based; the levels are single-story maps with mostly 90-degree walls (as you can only turn in the NSEW cardinal directions). It's pretty fun, and there's more dialogue from NPCs than I had anticipated. Kronos fills the role of Bertruger from Doom 3; you don't encounter him until the end of the game. There are e-mails and what not from him earlier though that just serve to identify him as the primary villain (i.e., the demon mastermind).
  8. Crusader

    DOOM 3 Coop Progress

    There's a few different mods mentioned in the thread (Last Man Standing, D3: Reborn), but as I understand it LMS is aiming for new map content while D3: Reborn is gearing their efforts towards making the original campaign coop-compatible.
  9. Crusader

    DOOM 3 Coop Progress

    Just a heads up for those who don't hang out at D3W: there's been progress made on the cooperative multiplayer front; several teams are coordinating their efforts and providing feedback in this thread: http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=7892 Here are some screenshots: http://www.linuxgames.com/?dataloc=articles/doom3cooptest
  10. Crusader

    Deathmatch Map - Mancer01

    Bumpity-bump: new mirrors: http://www.ingame.de/mapbase/index.php?action=file&fid=701&cid=107 http://www.fileshack.com/file.x?fid=5317 http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetdoom/files/maps/mancer01.zip
  11. Crusader

    Deathmatch Map - Mancer01

    Sent this in to the news queue but I'll post this here also for the forum regulars: Cole "Manzer" Savage, who did some maps for the Quake 1 project "Zerstorer" and several stand-alone maps for various FPS games over the years, has released a deathmatch map for DOOM 3: http://www.doomworld.com/manzer/levels/doom3/mancer01/ There's a neat effect when you fall into the bottomless pit :)
  12. Crusader

    So I saw Doom 3

    Excellent work Comrade Linguica. I eagerly await future reports.
  13. Crusader

    Doom 3 In 2003

    Gamespy has an E3 article on DOOM III up now, with an interview with Marty Stratton and shots of the booth being setup. Also, they got a high-res version of the logo: http://www.gamespy.com/e32002/image.asp?/e32002/pc/doom3/1.jpg
  14. Crusader

    Doom 3 In 2003

    Notice the subtle element of the logo? That's not just a metallic gradient: it's the planet Mars looming in the bottom half of the each line. :)
  15. Crusader

    New Doom QuakeCon Footage

    Yes, this is in-engine... but I think what bigd was asking about was whether the "Pinky" AI was in-place and if it was rampaging around via a search/hunting algorithm. I'm pretty sure every scene in the QCon footage was scripted, as by all accounts they're still in the early stages of development and there's not much concrete gameplay ready yet, especially monster AI and the like (that and all the monsters did really was walk around aside from Pinky's dinner in the bathroom).