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  1. I haven't slept fully in almost a week, didn't fall asleep at all last night as well. Ugh.

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    2. 40oz


      I don't know anything about insomnia from an experienced standpoint, but working at a place that's open 24 hours day and having an irregular work schledule throws my sleeping patterns out the window.

    3. ArmouredBlood


      bytor said:

      Something bothering you? Going to bed feeling like something isn't done? Might be something else you need to resolve.

      Seriously, besides my habit of staying up late surfing the internet or mapping until 4 am, this is why I sometimes get to bed and stay up thinking until 4/5 am. Get shit done fast. Reading a book also seems to help me, probably because of the escapism from focusing on another world/persons' cares, that are probably down to 2-3 big things compared to the sometimes 10+ I worry at. Another thing to do is you could set an alarm at midnight (mine is on my cellphone), to tell yourself you should probably go to sleep soon, maybe give yourself just an hour to finish what you're doing.

      Despite all that, you could have something like dsps, in variable severity.

    4. AveryMaurice


      ArmouredBlood said:

      Despite all that, you could have something like dsps, in variable severity.

      Hmm, I'll look into this, considering for the past while I've mostly been falling asleep around 6 - 7 AM, and thanks for all the input, everyone.