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  1. Does anyone know how to get Daggerfall (TES 1) working on an x64 bit machine? We tried DOSBox only for the game to have an incredibly low frame-rate. Googled everything, still no luck. Has anyone done this before?

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    2. geo


      TES.com gives it away for free I do believe.

    3. Pavera


      Dosbox won't give you an incredibly low frame rate if it's set up properly.. and if your machine is fast enough.

      Have you tried increasing the memsize value in your Dosbox config to something higher than 16? This is a pretty easily overlooked thing that could solve a lot of framerate issues. You can also try adjusting how many cycles are used by dosbox at any given time, but leaving that set on auto for more intensive dos games usually does the trick.

      Dosbox has really come a long way from its roots and 0.74 is powerful enough to run almost any Dos game without any real trouble.. as long as your machine has enough horsepower.

    4. AveryMaurice


      Yeah the machine definitley is powerful enough (way overpowered if you ask me) and I'll try the config solution, thanks.