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  1. fatal

    Signing off

    It's been a long old haul mate and you've worked hard, and whether its been told to you before or not, we've all appreciated it! Good luck with Uni and life in general, hope you get what you want in the future. Farewell and take it easy mate. - Tommie
  2. fatal

    Doom In Flash?

    No it won't be Trust 2 :) Something a little different from my past couple of releases. Nothing major, but it'll be good to play (hopefully!)
  3. fatal

    Doom In Flash?

    That's me. Tommie "Fatal" Quick. Not sure why im a newbie on the forums, probably since I only make a few posts here and there. I've been around a while though :) Still dooming and designing.
  4. fatal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #101

    This boy is harsh. Hope he doesn't come down on me too hard!
  5. fatal

    Doom In Flash?

    Fantastic. It's great little things like this that keep me going. Love it. p.s. New level coming soon :)
  6. fatal


    They rule! Actually yes I know they can be annoying especially now that Doomworld has pop up ads too. I'll get to work in putting my site into a normal page and remove the popup. I'll do that ASAP :)
  7. fatal

    Fatal Temple

    Hmm interesting. I haven't played AV yet, so I'll make a point of playing that map. Im guessing it's similar etc? Sweeeeet :)
  8. fatal

    New D_E1M1 Remix

    Yeah DJ's suck ass. ... Wait a minute........!
  9. fatal


    Yep, do all those things and end up just like Law. Ahhh, the way the world should be :)
  10. fatal

    ABC - Returned Mail

    Yeah, my fatal mail account just suddenly vanished. Couldn't check or send from it. No explaination, no nothing. I've mailed telefragged but with no response so far... GRRRRRRRRRRR
  11. fatal

    Fatally Resurrected

    Yeah Sewer-Side is probably my favorite level, I really like the theme at the beginning, dark and dismall ;) I was going to continue that throughout but I ended up giving into the urge and doing another outside theme. I also like that level for the E1 style decor in the building (well the first bit anyway.) I didn't actually get to see your weapons, it really is a shame Mikes hard disk was toast :( Maybe we should start work on something different, and keep it all to ourselves hehe!
  12. fatal

    Fatally Resurrected

    I only had one of Mikes levels, but unfortunately it used Mikes version of the Resurrection texture WAD which crashed both the version of ZDoom I was running and DCK. Therefore I decided to revert back to the original texture WAD. Unfortunately most of Mikes work got erased when his hard disk was formatted, I believe he had a few levels in progress. DOH!
  13. fatal

    Fatally Resurrected

    Thanks for working on that fix, perhaps now more of the community can play without having to quicksave every two minutes in case of a crash :) I mite even remove the new status bar and font from the wad itself since it really isn't needed. Keep playing people!
  14. fatal

    Shrine Of Resurrection

    Thanks, glad you liked it. Trust was more of a script orientated experience, with fighting occuring in bursts. Resurrection goes back to original Doom gameplay with more consistant action, use of keys etc. Also Resurrection isn't hub based either. If you liked Trust you'll like this. If you don't you'll just have to wait for Trust II ;o)
  15. fatal


    Just checked, 2 people are selling the Anthology and it's going for an average of $65. Damn, my plan was to put mine up 4 sale with a reserve of $200. I guess some of us con artists don't make it in life ;o)