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  1. Magneticdead

    How do you fix unclosed sectors?

    Thanks for clarifying Creaphis, perfect visual aid.
  2. Magneticdead

    Grid display in DB 2

    I know, I read a post not even 5 minutes after posting this one. God, I feel like a tard.
  3. Magneticdead

    Grid display in DB 2

    I have my grid size in db1 set to 2 because I like to make fluid curves with lots of small, barely angled sides and cram stuff in super close with snap to grid on. What I noticed is that, zoomed out, the smaller lines disappear and only the regular gridlines with a size of 64x64 display. What I'd like to see is a smart grid display that would instead of not showing any of the smaller grid squares zoomed out show, say 16x16 grid squares when zoomed out, then as you zoom in, increase to showing 8x8 grid squares and so on down to the smallest grid size. Being able to color the different grid sizes in say, groups of 8x8 increments would help out too. You, of course, would have to determine the zoom thresholds at which a particular grid size displays and it's not super important but it would be helpful at least. Being able to see Things in 3d edit mode would also be a BIG bonus. I'm not sure if you have plans for that or not. I'm loving DoomBuilder though, so much more intuitive and easy to use than DeepSEA.
  4. Magneticdead

    How do you fix unclosed sectors?

    Check ALL linedefs and make sure that every sidedef front and back is pointing to the correct sector. You can have a square sector with 4 lindefs and if one sidedef points anywhere else than that sector, the sector will be unclosed even though the linedefs and vertices are connected.
  5. Magneticdead

    Nodebuilder Crash?

    Yes, there is a solution. You're not going to like it, and it's not ideal, but save all your stuff to a prefab, it will not need to use the nodebuilder to do this. Then, reload DB and paste from your prefab. I used this solution when I had an unused sector error that wouldn't let me build the nodes. I saved what I had worked on, reloaded the map and it automatically fixed the unused sector, then I just pasted from the prefab and continued working.