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  1. yylow30

    The /newstuff Chronicles #411

    nope. no humour intended. im trying to be neutral. Maybe because the tone and words I used... All my reviews tend to be neutral if you realised... unless it is so good or so bad or so funny that i had to put in a positive, negative or humorous way... @_@
  2. yylow30

    The /newstuff Chronicles #389

    The problem I encountered is after first opening the green door, another side of that tunnel is another locked door which I couldnt find anyway to open. And the locked door beside the graveyard remains locked. Im not sure, but i also could not find what the switch do at the other side of the pillar where the first teleporter bring me to. Its located near the green key area. [edit: i found out what the switch does now... =) and now i can complete the map. that was one sneaky switch action. I should not even be opening the door from that direction i said above. thank you!]
  3. yylow30

    The /newstuff Chronicles #388

    The screenshots too bright eh? Gamma at 3.0... That's because I find the maps too dark. So I ram up the gamma for the screenshots, if not nobody can see anything (you've said it, but that's the reason). Maybe I'll tone it down to 2.5 or 2.0 in the future then. =) And oh, I noticed the screenshots here seemed to be much brighter than what the pictures were in my computer.
  4. yylow30

    1 Monster Megawad

    the game can be broken on map04. by that it means I can get to a point where I got stuck in an area of the map and was unable to get out of it without using ways which the original doom games were not meant to. the only way to get out of that area was to strafe-run... and since strafe-running wasn't an intended design of the game, i had to deduct some points. Some of the musics were horrible, and i got bored sooner than expected. I didn't enjoy this.