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  1. bullsquid

    Whispers of Satan RELEASED!

    How do i do to play this with risen3d? its the only source port i use and it wont show up in archives list
  2. bullsquid

    Best megawads of all time

    Please post your choices for the top 5 or 10, whatever u want of all time best and almost epic megawads for doom2. Please use only megawads wich dont alter doom2 in any ways exept new graphics, no tc's or partial conversions plz My votes goes out to alien vendetta mememto mori 1&2 requiem plutonia 2 ndcp projects community chests scytche 1 i cant really put these in number and order since they are all good in different ways, whats your opinions? These wads are so good that i can play them over and over and never get tired, some levels so epic that u will remember them for years.
  3. I just finished playing trough Plutonia2 and mush say i liked it ALOT. But now when its over i want some other new and good megawad i can stick to for a while. Ofcourse i have already tried ndcp, community chests, alien vendetta, hr, memento mori, requiem etc etc ...all very good megawads but i've already finished them serveral times. Im looking for something new and fresh like plutonia2 but something else... any ideas?
  4. bullsquid

    Looking for a new high class megawad

    I choose not to test H2H-Xmas (x-mas graphics? wtf!), all the rest have i already played including hacx but like i said i want unmodified levels, no tc's and preferebly megawads for doom2. If anyone has more to add to that list i'll be thankful. I dont know for sure if i've played trough all of kama sutra...maybe i'll dl it now and check. Also i dont want any maps that only works with zdoom or such since i use risen3d to play all wads and i intend to stick with that. Vanilla maps are fine.
  5. bullsquid

    Looking for a new high class megawad

    just looked at 32 inch nails, back to basics, dark 7 and zpack. they are too modded for my taste, i like regular basic doom2 levels with maybe some new graphics but since i use 3d models i cant have things like new weapons and monsters etc, dont fit in well. some of these are only 5-7 maps i want 32 version megawads :) if theres any i missed plz let me know
  6. bullsquid

    The Crevasse

    Pretty good map, a bit short maybe and a bit too easy? (always play UV) 3 soulspheres so close to each other? you should change that...way too much. I like the arch-vile suprise at the end... finally the map could use some secrets
  7. bullsquid

    Looking for a new high class megawad

    Already played that and no im not into that at all...just annoying to play even if the levels are high quality
  8. I dont like some of the levels at all like map 02, 13, 15, 24 and 29 especially map 24 sucks really bad. i just hate the narrow ledge/poison thing :( some levels i really do like is 01,08,10,27 and 28 Overall i think the most of the levels are way too small and too easy even on UV but thats maybe i played alot of harder wads (alien vendetta etc comes to mind)
  9. bullsquid

    My First Map

    I dont like house or reality themed maps but i think u made a nice first try. Some rooms were too small and i got stuck in some place and had to use noclip. The boss head at the end didn't seem to fit in well, othervise a nice try for a first map. Try fixing the door sides and make them lower unpegged or what its called.
  10. bullsquid

    Why does Doom have more long-term popularity?

    What i like about doom(2) compared to todays games is many things: * The weapons are perfectly balanced! Even if there is only 8 its enough. Sure it would be cool to have a railgun, grenade launcher, sniper rifle etc in doom but the original weapons is just enough * The monsters are awesome and fits so well into the game. It would be no fun for example to just go around killing soldiers. The different kinds of monsters and their different attacks on the player creates a wide range of variation to the game * The are so many user made maps for doom that u would never get to play them all. Some are bad and some are good but theres always the outstanding megawads like requiem, alien vendetta, hell revealed, memento mori etc that u will remember forever. First really great megawad i played trough way back in the days were Requiem. I can still remember every single map of it and i remember thinking "wow can doom maps be this good?" The great wads just keep on coming so they will never run out thanks to great and easy editors like doom builder. * Not much other games had the same hectic playstyle with hundreds of monsters coming at you at you at the same time. Todays games just cant handle that much enemies at one time. Only game i played that even came close to dooms playstyle were Painkiller and even that wasnt the same cause the monsters would always just rush you in hordes and not lurk behind some dark corner like in doom. * The possibility to enjoy doom with modern 3d graphics, 3d models and configurations that engines like risen3d and doomsday provide. This is one of the main reasons why i still play.
  11. I use risen3d as my main source port but is unable to play plutonia2 in it. when i try to start it up an error message comes up that says: script error in "mapinfo" line 15: invalid float string "cluster" what can i do to make it work?
  12. bullsquid

    Getting plutonia2 to work in risen3d

    In post how do i edit the batch file to change the command line?
  13. I just finished a new map for you to playtest and i need comments and bugchecking before i release it to idgames. Too easy? Too hard? Too much/ too little ammo/health etc. http://www.sendspace.com/file/5ugsbo *updated
  14. Yeah thx for pointing that out. That sector was just something i tried but it didn't fit in well, i forgot to delete it. Uploaded again with removal of that sector and 3d mode start thing. http://www.sendspace.com/file/5ugsbo Check again for errors plz.
  15. Here is the updated version of the map, getting closer to finish. http://www.sendspace.com/file/xle454
  16. Oh god i cant believe i missed the yellow key. How embarrising that would have been if i've released the map. This totally sliped my mind. This is why i want as much playtesting as possible, this is such a major error and i didn't even notice it. * added a yellow door * fixed hanging items not be able to block * fixed switches to lower the floor in the lava area next to the final lift if u find more issues plz tell me. this map is so close to release and i dont wanna screw up making stupid mistakes. map will be updated soon
  17. bullsquid

    VaryDM - a DeathMatch map

    How do i play this with bots? It dosent show up in the map list for offline skirmish
  18. bullsquid

    Weird 'artistic' map (unfinished)

    Wow the start area looks amazing. must have taken a huge amount of time to make. Never seen anything like it. Too bad the map crashes in risen3d, probably for being too complex, but anyway nice work. How will you continue this? Single player or DM ?
  19. The map has now gone trough some major changes so i would need some more playtesting before its released to the archive. please just take a few minutes and play trough it and comment on health/ammo setup http://www.sendspace.com/file/kwu79t new changes: * reworked yellow key area. the outer part is now closed before hitting the switch * moved cell charges to revenant pillars and make them lower when hitting switch * the demon faces on each side of the yellow key now contains revenants, doors open when hitting switch * removed, replaced some ammo * some texture changes around the start area * removed one pillar in the red key area, also removed the switch that lowers the lift again
  20. bullsquid

    Please try out my level

    I got stuck after the outside area with cyberdemon and spider mastermind. The cyber killed the spiders and mastermind but i had no ammo to kill the cyber and arch-vile. After i found the blue key there was no way to get out from that area. the way i came in from is blocked and when using computer map its clear that i should go back that way. Is this some kind of bug or am i missing something? I found the red key in the ground but when i took it i couldnt get up, also havent seen any red key door. Even with noclip i found no resonable way of progressing, i dont see any blue key door and no red door either. Also the level is way too dark. Darkness can make some areas more creepy but its not a good idea to make the whole map too dark for u to see almost nothing. And i use risen3d with is basicly the same as jdoom, keys and torches light up but still its way too dark. Maybe u should fix this and upload the map again and i will playtest it one more time.
  21. yep and i figured since its already 2 very useful secrets nearby u shouldn't have too much problem. Do some more playtesting plz so i know its ready to upload.
  22. bullsquid

    Skulltag - open gl mode wont work

    geforce 8500 gtx. anyway i solved the problem now it was a texture filter issue but i looked in the ini instead of the menu and couldn't find it first
  23. I tried changing the renderer from software to opengl in skulltag and it says to restart for the mode change but when i restart it is still in software mode but says opengl when i look in the menu. What should i do?
  24. bullsquid

    Skulltag - open gl mode wont work

    ok but i still cant get it working tried changing stuff in the ini but it wont help plz tell me what i should do