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  1. My problem is that I don't suffer from mapper's block, I suffer from mapper's laze. I have a number of WIPs and I know exactly what I want to do with each map and how it's gonna be played but because I already know all of that I lose the spark of of innovation, you know the part where you kinda stuck in an area and try experimenting with stuff until you find something good and fitting. Of course you can always do that even if you finished the entire map but there's a lost of interest in map once you know exactly how to make it from bottom up. 


    My DMP2017 map is going to be a B.P.R.D/Death-Destiny/Jodwin/Darkwave0000 style map because there aren't enough of these. Those brown-green caverns with a brown techbase and a lot of nukage and waterfalls. I also found an awesome Midi track to go with it, hidden in a random megawad. Which one of these folks kept mapping more regularly.




    1. SFoZ911


      I just realized I mistyped "Wish" with "Which", sorry 'bout that.

    2. Jayextee


      > mapper's laze

      I think I have a similar thing; usually when I approach a map, or new section of a map, I have a very complete idea of the area I'm going to make and how it plays with the other sections. Then I open up DB2 and have to, you know, get that going somehow using lines and I'm all "ugh, it's basically done in my head already, why I gotta do it again?".

      Also, nice green ZIMMER use there; totally underrated texture right there.

    3. SFoZ911


      Yea that's exactly my problem. I know what needs to be done and for some reason it's not as fun as staying in the dark. On the other hand, not knowing too long might get me frustrated as well and can also lead to lack of interest.