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  1. Since the website software has been updated I was wondering if it is possible to shut down/delete Doomworld accounts if requested by the user? I'm thinking about shutting down my account and I was wondering if it's possible and who I should contact with to do so. 


    If not, are there any other means of locking up an account other than intentionally changing the password to something ridiculous/unmemorable?


    Sorry if these questions are answered in the FAQ page, I didn't bother to look there.

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    2. Ichor


      We don't actually delete accounts here. If you want to "shut down your account", you could just log off and not use it anymore. If you're worried about other people getting it, you could change the password to something only you would remember.

    3. SFoZ911


      Is it possible to ask for a ban then? I really don't want to do things against the rules since I'm not a type of a person who can do it. I'm not worried about other people getting it, I just want to be forced out of here.


      Thanks for the info anyways.

    4. Phade102


      Sky, i'm going to be honest and say this seems like a blatant cry for attention. you post a status update, asking if you can have your account deleted. there are plenty of things you can go to just get away from doomworld, change your password and literally just enter a bunch of different letters that you wont remember, there, done. But you aren't doing that, you want to be banned you want your account to be closed, but its clear its just a cry for attention.


      Think about what you're doing. Because I'm not falling for it.

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