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  1. Caleb13

    Fields of Glory: 8-map pack

    Hmm, anime chick armed with 8-barreled rocket launcher? It is supposed to be a reference to some Japanese animated superheroine TV series or something? In any case, I fail to see the point of 8-barreled RL, because there are only a few situations in Doom gameplay where it would be actually useful. Rockets are usually too rare to waste them in spray-and-pray manner... Oh and... why the hell it consumes 10 rockets per volley when it has "only" 8 barrels?
  2. Caleb13

    Gothic - Beta release

    Okay, here are some problems I noticed during my playthrough (GZdoom 1.8.2, UV difficulty): -I run into repeated ammo shortages, insofar I had to rely on monster infigting in some areas. And even though I managed to accumulate 80+ shells, 70+ rockets and 500+ cells before the final fight, I run dry during it. I had to use "give cellpack" to be actually able to kill the 3 last cacos and the final brain (or whatever that thing is). I should note I didn't find the BFG before the final fight (mainly because I didn't know it was going to be the final fight), but BFG is not very effective against flying monsters anyway, so I doubt it would help. I think you should add 5 to 10% more ammo across the entire map, at least for UV difficulty. -It is possible to jump into sector 994, without a way out. I suspect this problem will be common to many similar boundary sectors. -For some reason, sector 1207 is damaging when the bridge is down. -There is some problem with floor textures in sectors 2496 to 2498, they seem garbled. See the screenshot below. -After I killed the "brain" thing, I went back near start, because I forgot some secrets there. To my amazement, I spotted a cyberdemon hanging in the air, stuck inside sector 3607. See the screenshots below. Also, there was a cacodemon in the same area. Moreover, 8 monsters (some revenants, cacos and hellknights) spawned around fire pit (sector 576). I'm not sure about the exact positions (the monsters move the moment they see me coming), but I'm fairly confident 2 revenants spawned in sector 642 and 2 cacos near/on things 4497 or 4498. I'm 100% sure they spawned, because I cleared every area I went through before. Interestingly, ceiling in that cave area also became corrupted (one big HOM). Scripting fluke? GZdoom 1.8.2 glitch? I have no idea. -It would be nice if you included ACS source into the WAD, as this makes such bug-searching somewhat easier... --------------------------------------------------
  3. So, this mod took 666 days to complete. And its /idgames ZIP archive has 6666460 bytes. How about you put some dummy file inside it, so it has 6666666 bytes? ;-) Or maybe you could make the TXT info file a bit longer?
  4. Caleb13

    You Dig (v1.7)

    Ah yes, digging your way through map, very nicely done indeed. Reminds me of some very old mod in which you had to use chainsaw for the very same purpose (it was scripted AFAIR). But you could dig only a few tunnels that way though, and the direction of digging was pre-defined. But to say the truth, the digging got a bit repetitive after a while. There are rather large amount of rockets lying around... maybe it would help if the players could "dig" several of these "rock columns" at once by rocket splash damage. Hmmm, I wonder if that could be done in ACS...
  5. Ah yes, Sargeant Mark and his BD mod. I've never played it much, but the controversy surrounding it was frequently amusing. I found it almost dissapointing that Mark became banned on all major Doom sites, but I guess it was for the best in the long run. I particularly liked Mark's "jelly train" outbursts, the guy sometimes really didn't seem to have a clue that the criticism wasn't jealousy-driven. But to say the truth, I don't blame him. BD has been one of the most known Doom mods out there and it apparently brought in many new players. Such a feat would look pretty nice in any author's resume. Moreover, it could lead to a really nice job in gaming industry, even in (so-called) developed countries. And I can imagine when the author actually lives in godforsaken shithole like Brazil, such an achievement can easily get into one's head...
  6. Guys, I encountered scripting bugs in MAP14 from DMP2013-ZvF1.wad, named "End Of Days". When I press switch (linedef 12217) to open door (sector 1181), nothing happens. Likewise, monster floor traps (sector 219 etc.) in front of the door never come up - I repeatedly fell in and was eaten by pinkies. This happens with both Zdoom 2.7.1 and Gzdoom. It doesn't matter if I go from pistol start, load a game, or come from previous map, the scripts are always broken.
  7. Okay, here is some more info about issues Eris listed on the first thead page: MAP07: As Alteus mentioned earlier in this thread, the barrel issue is a Zdaemon bug (or maybe comaptibilty problem), not a map bug. Memfis described the problem here: http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=15870 As he suggests, this may be fixable by moving the barrels around a bit. Unfortunately, that bug hasn't been reviewed by Zdaemon programmers yet. Moreover, the map works fine Zdoom, Prboom etc., so I think you can ignore it. MAP09: I looked at it again in beta7b, and I'm positive sector 280 needs to be re-openable from the outside. And not only that. You see, when one player finds the entrance and it closes, it is then indistinguishable from the rest of the wall. IMO the blocking wall should be only a thin panel or bars, so this would be immediately apparent to other players. I suggest you split sector 412 into bars for the same reason. MAP19: After scifista42's explanation, I made another MP emulation run in Zdoom, this time making sure I crossed the MP W1 trigger lines at the MP start. The boss worked as it should. Also, I remember we failed to kill the cyberdemon in Zdaemon TNS game, which explains why the paths to the switches hadn't opened. So this is not a map bug, we just didn't play it as was intended. Therefore, ignore my previous report.
  8. As you may know, first 15 maps of Slaughterfest 2013 have been played in Zdaemon's TNS #137 organized multiplayer game. I noticed some issues along the way: MAP03: make bars (sector 185) to red key arena lowerable from the outside (or add MP teleporter leading inside). If one player enters the arena but dies, the other players are stuck outside. MAP05: same problem as above, make sector 129 re-openable from the outside. MAP07: same problem with bars to red arena (sectors 2645 etc). MAP09: not sure if bug or feature, but I've seen some players squeeze through gaps between bars (sector 380) to blue key area in Zdaemon. It was impossible in Zdoom 2.7.1, though. MAP10: in Zdoom, it is possible to fall into big square hole with red key before it is raised. The player is then stuck (in single player). MAP14: texture bleed/HOM near backpack (thing 1284). MAP15: in multiplayer, if someone enters yellow key room but is killed before he/she grabs the key, the other players can't open the bars (sector 911 etc.) and are stuck outside. The trigger which opens access (sectors 1062 and 1063) to the auxiliary switches IMO needs to be placed right behind the bars, not on the other side of the cyberdemon-filled room. Lastly, there was one texturing issue, which was apparent in almost all maps. With "sf2013pr-tex_v2.wad" textures pack, some switches had incorrect texture. It can be easily seen in MAP01, linedef 1468. Not sure if some other texture WAD is needed.
  9. There is a nasty bug in MAP10: if you use secret teleporter to grab blue armor after you kill both archviles (but before you enter the exit room), you're unable to get inside yellow door again.
  10. Caleb13

    NUTS.WAD - the second room

    I was never able to run through the archvilles to the exit switch in time (you need really hefty portion of luck for that, IMO). They just kept throwing me high into the air until invulnerabily worn off and then they fried my ass in a second. So first I cleared the first room (monster infighting + about a hour of circle-strafing to kill remaining barons with shotgun). Then I alerted all monsters in the second room, without dropping down. After they came closer, i run a few times along the edge. After several such runs, the cybs killed enough archvilles so I could make successfull run for the exit swich. You can finish with about 80% kills like this.
  11. Apart from the things already mentioned, I noticed a few more issues during the TNS session: MAP19: I looked at that MP-only spawner and I don't see how it could be beaten. Because in order to shoot it, the player has to flip 2 switches (linedefs 10659 and 10661). But the paths/sectors leading to these switches are closed (they have zero height) and they can't be opened because they have no linedef tags. Or is there some new trick around? At any rate, the paths never opened, neither in Zdaemon TNS game nor in my Zdoom MP emulation tests. MAP19: This is possibly an engine issue, but in case it isn't: If you stand on sector 137 or 156 and try to shoot at barons on the ramparts (sectors 92, 93 etc.), the projectiles disappear. That happens with both hitscan and projectile weapons. It happens in both Zdaemon and Zdoom. I think linedefs 564 and 784 cause this. MAP19: As Eris mentioned, more MP-only radiation suits around sector 157 would be nice. MAP21: I've seen some players squeeze through gap around sector 69, allowing them to skip a large part of the map. Make sectors 64 and 69 a bit wider. MAP23: Make door leading from the blue trap room (sector 419) re-openable. MAP27: Someone mentioned missing texture on bars - the bars were invisible from the other side. Unfortunately, I don't know which ones. MAP34: Make door (sector 269) re-openable (by linedef 2613).
  12. Here are some minor bugs I spotted during my second run (Zdoom 2.7.1): MAP30: Remove secret tag on sector 347, it is redundant. MAP30: Sector 366 should be secret, IMO. MAP34: Misaligned floor textures on 2 teleporters (sectors 632 and 435). MAP34: Texture on linedef 4903 moves with the lift (sector 697). I think it shouldn't be lower unpegged. MAP34: There is big floor texture bleed/HOM around sector 769/770 when you look at it from sector 314. MAP34: Is sector 566 really supposed to be secret? MAP34: 4 barons (things 326, 528, 529 and 1167) don't teleport into the playable areas very reliably. --------------------------- @Alteus: Yes, but during multiplayer, Zdaemon updates actors' positions etc. only 35x per second, so the uncapped framerate makes little difference.
  13. Like I said, this is purely multiplayer measure, the suits won't appear in single player. You see, Zdaemon is pretty choppy by itself (35 fps) and network/internet lag makes it even worse. Therefore, it is very easy to fall off these stone-platform-type obstacle courses. Moreover, invulnerability spheres don't respawn in multiplayer, but suits do. Speaking of MAP27, are one of the big doors (sector 147) really supposed to open from below the ground level (its floor is at -248)? Also, I once jumped into sector 210, but couldn't get out (make linedef 1698 impassable).
  14. Caleb13

    Whitemare 2

    I know it is too late, but... Wintermare 2 has been played in Zdaemon as part of "Thursday Night Survival #135" multiplayer game. We couldn't beat MAP20, so I tested it in Zdaemon solo game afterwards. Turns out we couldn't finish the map because one of the four "demon heads" didn't work/die as it should. The marine dummy (thing 370) is placed slighty behind linedef 1017, so it didn't teleport when it was pushed by barrel explosion. This is probably just slight engine difference between Zdaemon and Prboom, but made the map unwinable. Well, just my 2 cents. We encountered more problems during multiplayer, but I'm not sure it will be meaningful to describe them now, when the WAD is already released...
  15. Okay, I played the rest of the maps in SP and here is list of potential problems I noticed: MAP22: Make the teleporter (linedef 4231) to the final arena reusable (needed for multiplayer). MAP22: Make the entrance trap door (sector 40) openable from the outside. This is bug anyway, because if the player teleports out via linedefs 7549 or 7550 to grab the secret soulsphere (thing 46), he/she is stuck outside. MAP23: I know the player is supposed to kill him via barrel explosions, but chaingunner (thing 70) is really nasty (especially after pistol start), because it is not apparent where he is. This IMO needs some visual cue (window or whatever) on the wall, because nobody will pay much attention to the torch (thing 25) while under fire. MAP23: Secret sector 93 is too narrow, it can't be "found" in Zdoom 2.7.1. MAP23: In multiplayer, add more radiation suits before players enter sector 293. MAP23: Make the door to the final mastermind arena (sector 100) re-openable from the outside. MAP26: In multiplayer, add radiation suits around damaging areas near start (sectors 12, 58 etc.). MAP27: For some reason, at least 2 lost souls always get stuck among impaled humans (things 717 to 726). MAP27: Four spectres (things 139 to 142) are too close to wall - if you shoot at linedef 512, you can kill them before opening the trap door (sector 97). MAP27: Are sectors 766, 774, 780 etc. really supposed to be damaging? If yes, add radiation suits for multiplayer around this area. MAP27: Are sectors 288, 289 and 466 supposed to be damaging? MAP27: Sectors 614 and 615 are marked as secret, even though they are purely decorative. MAP28: Flying monsters get stuck in sector 200. Make its linedefs impassable to monsters. This may be applicable to other similar sectors in this area. MAP28: Secret sector 797 is too small and therefore the secret cannot be "found" very reliably.
  16. Oh OK, I see it now. Hopefully, the players will find/remember the alternate way if the red key area becomes inaccessible in multiplayer. However, there are some other issues in MAP19 that are worth mentioning, IMO: -Stairs (sectors 1760 to 1763) leading to the fiery super secret area (sector 1379) are too high to climb (in Zdoom 2.7.1). Or am I supposed to use archvile jump or cyber-rocket-under-my-feet jump? -For some reason, 3 barons (thing 1612 etc.) didn't teleport in after I grabbed the plasma gun (thing 280). Again, in Zdoom 2.7.1. -In multiplayer, maybe you could add a few more radiation suits around lava areas (sectors 157 and 625).
  17. As others have mentioned before, some maps have areas that become locked and inaccessible players during multiplayer, typically in trap-like or arena-like rooms. That becomes a problem if a players which triggers the trap dies inside. To make things easier, here is a list of problematic areas I remember from MP TNS game and also from my SP playthrough: MAP01: Make the bars near exit (sector 4) openable from the outside. MAP04: In multiplayer, add more radiation suits near exit (inside sector 158). MAP05: Maybe add some more ammo at the start in multiplayer, so the players can better deal with the archvile etc. MAP06: Make door (sector 246) to the yellow key room/crusher openable from the outside. MAP07: Zdaemon issues aside, I personally run into problems on Zdoom when I played beta v6 in SP (it worked fine in beta v5). For some reason, sectors 36 and 39 rose two times, making them too high to climb. At first they rose to correct height, but then they rose again when I was running around, waiting for the bars to lower. MAP08: Not really a bug, but lift (sector 84) can be activated by pressing its wall (linedef 671), making the switch (linedef 733) redundant. MAP09: Make entrance to the eastern cavern (sector 412) openable from the outside. I think sector 280 will need such fix, too. MAP10: Make the flesh mass (sector 650) behind the red door lowerable from the outside. MAP11: Add more radation suits near start and especially into the lava pit below. It would be also nice if you could make the gap between sectors 332 and 340 narrower - it is rather easy to fall into the lava in multiplayer. Zdaemon is pretty choppy (35 fps) and ping delay makes it even worse. MAP13: Make the bars (sector 379) to the final valley openable from the outside. MAP17: The switch (linedef 629) for lift (sector 49) is redundant, because the lift can be activated directly. MAP19: Make demon panels (sector 629) which block exit from red key area openable from the outside. MAP34: Linedef 62 which starts the lift should IMO be longer - if the player goes for soulsphere (instead of directly ahead), he might miss it and be quickly killed by the cybs.
  18. ...and speaking of map17, there is still one nasty HOM on linedef 4208. Also, on HNTR difficulty, 4 monsters (including the cyberdemon) don't teleport into the play area and thus 100% kills are unobtainable. Strangely, they teleport in just fine on UV. Tested on Zdoom.
  19. You have to open red and blue bars, then sprint and jump onto that wooden teleporter platform. That will teleport you to the top of the pole in front of Romero's head. It will start going down slowly and you have to time your rocket(s) to shoot into the exposed "brain". When you drop from the pole and use teleporter pad in the toxic hole around it, the bar will raise back up. But it is not very foolproof, because you have to wait until it comes down completely. To the authors: shouldn't this be better addressed, BTW? Maybe some more pole-raising linedefs tactically placed on the the map, so the player is absolutely sure to raise it before trying to shoot the "brain" again? Well, all that is theoretical right now, because the "brain" hole is blocked. It seems Snakes accidentaly clicked and moved some linedef. It happens to me too in various CAD programs...
  20. So I played UR in Zdoom and Zdaemon, but in both ports, my rockets don't reach Romero's head in map30. They are always blocked by linedef 3812. Is there some other switch/trick/whatever which I need to do before I pump the rockets into that brain? Or is is some trick/hack that those two ports don't support?
  21. Hi all, about 10 years ago, I played two (mega)WADs I wish to play again... Here is their description: megaWAD #1: I vividly remeber only one level, and I believe it was Map 30. At the centre of the map, there was rectangular column with some 256x256 units dimensions. This column was surrounded by a courtyard, roughly 4096x4096 in size. And finally, the courtyard was surrounded by "playable areas", where most of the combat took place. At the end of the level, however, the central column opened up and revealed Romero's head, which began to spawn monsters. Well, actually, the head wasn't visible, it was hidden behind permeable wall. I also remeber that any attempt to save in this level resulted in crash, because the level was so complex that it overloaded doom2.exe's save buffer. megaWAD #2: Again, I remember only one distinct feature: In one level, there was a small courtyard with a large (circular?) column surrounded by several (rectangular?) pedestals. An archvile was hidden inside the large column, but could not When the player entered the courtyard, zombiemen and other monsters teleported onto the pedestals, but were immediately crushed. When the archvile resurrected them, they were vulnerable only to splash damage from the rocket launcher. The trap was specifically designed to employ this bug in doom2.exe. I think that it was possible to deactivate the trap by flipping some well-hidden switch, which caused the archvile to be crushed. I will be grateful for any tips!
  22. Hi all, some 8 years ago I played a Doom 2 WAD or megaWAD and for some reason, I remembered it recently and I want to play it again. Now the trouble is I don't remember its name. I went through all classic megawads (Memento Mori, Hell Revealed, Evilution, Plutonia Experiment etc) but none of them is the one I'm looking for. Here is rough description of what I seek: As far as I can tell, the (mega)WAD had some story containing time travel. Indeed, one of the levels contain a "time portal", which was in reality a cube with dimension of roughly 256x256x256 units. The time portal had to be activated by four buttons near its sides and I think one needed to find all three keys in order to activate it. After the "time portal" level, the levels got really huge. Usually some kind of a cathedral or a castle in the middle of "ocean", with lots of sniper monsters. One characteristics I distincly remeber that the levels could be extremely annoying at times - one could spend hours looking for a missed button. Considering that the levels were practically a maze of chambers, courtyards and buildings interconnected by complicated set of corridors, it was fairly easy to overlook something. Even so, the levels were still compatible with original Doom 2 executable with all its limitations. Now I understand that this description is pretty vague but I'm unable to describe it any better, even though still I remeber a few levels vividly - Doom simply does not allow for too much unique environments and I could easily mislead you. In any case, thanks in advance for any tips!
  23. Caleb13

    Please help identify (mega)WAD

    Yes, this looks like it! However, I tried Eternal Doom III on Zdoom and I must say, it now looks a LOT different than I remeber... Weren't the levels re-used and/or modified in some other megawad, by any chance? In any case, thank you very much!