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  1. Another week, another Heretic mapset? Very nice, although I wish it was longer... I played the 1.1 version on UV in GZdoom 4.8.2 and I noticed one problem in E1M2: 12 monsters in sectors 570 to 573 never became active and thus 100% kills is impossible. They didn't become active even when I noclipped there, so it seems like scripting bug.
  2. I played only new episodes, as I played older maps earlier. It's great work as before, although I was disappointed that you succumbed to the custom monster cancer, too. Oh well, at least you didn't go overboard with them. I noticed one problem in MAP29: if you walk onto red pillar thing, you can jump into sector 552, with no way out.
  3. Caleb13

    DBP53: Plutonian Sunrise

    Nice work as usual, but I noticed one minor problem in MAP10: the final arena has a tree from plus-shaped linedefs. But the linedefs are impassable, which seems wrong. Also, GZdoom reports this: MAP06 - Oak and Apples VerifyBlockMap: first entry is not 0.
  4. What? Another mapset where each map has unique theme? Great work, you make mapping look so easy... Overally, it took me about 8 hours to finish, when I aimed at 100% kills and secrets (I managed to do that only in one map, though). Anyway, I played on UV in Gzdoom 4.8.2 and there was a problem in MAP02: in the final areana, cacodemons can't fly away from the big central cone (sector 2477). And Gzdoom reports some geometry problems, particularly in MAP04:
  5. Very nice, Heretic maps seem to be getting more and more rare lately. I played both WADs continuously and found them surprisingly challenging, despite low monster numbers. So, great work! Do you plan to add more maps and join them to a whole episode in the future?
  6. The maps are really nicely done, each felt unique. The "forest maze" one was rather tedious to navigate through, though. Gameplay was a mixed bag, there were nasty difficulty peaks, but at least you didn't go overboard with the custom monsters. Do you plan to do "proper" release to /idgames when you fix the bugs?
  7. Awesome work as usual, I like how you managed to design these big maps, yet retain the oldschool D1 feel in many of them. I played on UV in GZdoom 4.8.2 and I noticed some problems: E2M6: there are two secrets sectors around the blue armor, I think one would suffice. E3M7: isn't sector 111 supposed to be secret? E4M3: lost souls can't fly in through windows in red key/cyberdemon arena. E4M4: radsuit 177 doesn't lower down to the acid when the trap activates, then it looks like it's hanging in the air. It needs to be farther from sector 88 or sector 541 needs to be larger. E5M2: mastermind can become stuck when you shoot it from below, particulartly with the BFG. There are irregularities when exiting the bonus maps. Exiting E1M10 triggers the E1 ending text, but all other ExM10s transport the player to respective maps that follow after ExM9s.
  8. Caleb13

    [UPDATE] Bloodbath v 1.3 by StanleyParadox

    Wow, very impresive for one of your early maps! Some notes, though (I played on UV in GZdoom 4.8.2): -Is crouching required to get the RL in the crate area? -HOM at linedef 8302. -Fatsos and cyberdemons in the final arena get easily stuck when you shoot them. In fact, I think some fatsos are stuck from the start.
  9. I played only up to MAP10, because there were too many custom monsters and the maps degenerated into a series of closed arenas. And of course, you kill the player whenever they get the BFG. Shame, the map architecture and lighting design are great. Oh well, at least here is a list of problems I noticed along the way, I played in GZdoom 4.8.2 on UV: MAP01: HOMs at both sides of the exit bridge when it rises. It's linedefs 1674 etc. MAP05: HOMs at stairs linedefs 3776 etc. after you obtain the BFG. MAP06: HOMs at linedefs 8390 etc. after the bridge rises. MAP07: HOMs at linedefs 5991 and 5993 and also all around the secret switch 7019. MAP10: grossly misaligned back sidedef texture on linedef 8324.
  10. Caleb13

    DBP49: Mausoleum Nefarium

    @matador Here is screenshot, I played on UV in GZdoom 4.8.2. The monsters move inside, but never teleport out. Also, there is some visual irregularity (wrong texture or unclosed sector) around linedef 4359. Why are sectors 342 and 862 even there?
  11. I gave the RC2 release a spin in GZdoom 4.8.2, but I noticed some problems: MAP12: it's possible to jump into blood sector 700, with no way out. Also, I think the skeleton fence linedefs 2019 etc. should all be impassable. Same problem also affects fence around the arachnotron arena. The arena itself is probably broken, the arachnotrons couldn't see me a I could go to the exit directly. Chaingunners in the trapped corridor can easily fall from the pillars, making 100% kills impossible. MAP17: Shimmering texture on top of linedef 190, see the screenshot. Also, there should be at least one more radsuit in this acid area. The present ammount is fine when the player already knows where to go, but not for first time exploration. Medkit 213 needs to be farther from sector 99, otherwise it will rise into air with it. The sky above all gallows (sectors 281 etc.) is "eating" other textures from certain angles, though I don't think much can be done about it.
  12. Caleb13

    DBP49: Mausoleum Nefarium

    I know it's probably too late for this, but... MAP07: there is no way to grab green armor 191 and kill lost souls 57 and 59. Thus 100% kills is impossible. MAP08: sector 599 shouldn't be secret. MAP10: 7 monster closets are broken and thus 100% kills is impossible.
  13. I tried the RC1 version in Gzdoom 4.8.2 on UV and I noticed some bugs: MAP10: the the water fountain arena, the fatso will become stuck if it teleports onto the yellow teleport pads. MAP32: small HOMs under green firesticks near start. MAP53: missing textures behind the red door. MAP60: the barrel room is so slow in GZdoom it's unplayable. And GZdoom reports A LOT of geometry problems in some maps:
  14. Caleb13

    RAMP 2022 [DONE!]

    I encountered another game-breaking bug: in MAP38, I opened the red skullkey door (leading to mastermind/baron arena), but I backed out before it closed behind me. Then I couldn't reopen it. Edit: and another one in MAP29: I got trapped by bars in blue door room, with no way to open them. Edit 2: I think two teleporters are broken in MAP79. First is small blue one which opens after you grab the red key, it has EXIT sign above it. And the other is large red one in the "core" room.
  15. Caleb13

    RAMP 2022 [DONE!]

    I'm playing this in latest GZdoom 4.8.2 and map Base Dejavu was broken - the final exit door never opened and 3 shotgunners were outside the map. Fortunately, it was possible to noclip through the door and press the exit button.
  16. @LordEntr0py Ah, I see now. Linedef 1481 shouldn't trigger the lift, then.
  17. So I continued my play through E2 to E4, this time in RC1 version. E2 and E3 were still rather easy, I had no problem playing from pistol starts. E4 was much nastier, I started to die with pistol starts, but it still felt easier than Thy Flesh Consumed or Sigil. Anyway, I noticed quite a few bugs along the way, I played on UV in GZdoom 4.7.1. E2M2: aren't the backpack and computer map supposed to be secret? E2M3: pinkies can become very easily stuck in narrow areas of sector 1304. E3M1: small HOM at stairs linedef 1538. I could grab the red key without triggering the lost soul closet. Also, Gzdoom reports these texture problems: Unknown bottom texture 'SW1MET2' on first side of linedef 1912 Unknown bottom texture 'SW1MET2' on first side of linedef 5671 Unknown bottom texture 'SW1MET2' on first side of linedef 7577 Unknown bottom texture 'SW1MET2' on first side of linedef 7605 E3M4: I don't think linedef 4590 should have switch texture. E3M7: teleporter sector 574 needs to be WR, not W1. Monsters in closet sectors 694 to 696 never became active and thus 100% kills is impossible. E3M8: there is missing "r" in word "their" in the intermission text. E3M9: lots of texture problems: E4M1: Both secrets are inacessibe in GZdoom because the lift trigger linedefs are facing the wrong way. Well, linedef 1481 actually works, but is tiny and has no visual cue. E4M2: linedefs 2078 and 2193 have wrong texture near floor and missing texture near ceiling. I think sargeant 164 shouldn't be hidden in that closet - there is no incentive to search for it. Also, this map produces LOTS of other texture warnings: E4M4: when playing from pistol start, there is not enough ammo to kill all the monsters unless you find at least one of the secrets. Health is also pretty tight, compared to other maps. E4M6: the most tedious and confusing map of the pack, due to teleport puzzles and switch hunts. I had to look in an editor to find my way to the exit. Computer map would probably help somewhat, but IMO critical switches/areas need to be highlighed somehow.
  18. I've played only E1, and it's great work so far. The difficulty was quite low by today's standards, I had full shells and bullets by E1M3 end. So I played rest of E1 from pistol starts, but even then, my health only rarely dropped below 50%. I played on UV in Gzdoom 4.7.1 and I noticed some bugs along the way: E1M3: the yellow key imp closet doesn't work reliably, one of the imps never saw me. Also, linedefs 590 and 923 appear as double-sided in automap which gives the traps away. E1M5: imp 227 is stuck. Or maybe it became stuck after barrel explosions. Why is a switch texture on linedef 1678? Teleport linedef 3787 is facing the wrong way. Secret sector 668 is too narrow to be "found" reliably. Isn't sector 219 supposed to be secret? Pinkies in sector 657 never became active + lost soul 463 can't see the player, so 100% kills is impossible. Also, the EXIT sign should be brighter. E1M7: sky around sector 137 cuts away view of some walls, see the screenshot.
  19. Caleb13

    The 10x10 Project -cl9 [/idgames]

    The later maps are way too slaughtery for my tastes, but here are some minor problems I noticed along the way: MAP04: misaligned texture on linedefs 3111 and 3217. MAP05: some imps take very long to teleport into the final arena.
  20. Caleb13


    Very impressive for your first map! I played the v2 version on UV in Gzdoom 4.7.1 and I noticed two minor problems. Linedef 680 should be farther from the switch, I flipped it without triggering the caco closet. And arachnotrons in the final arena get very easily stuck.
  21. Caleb13

    my maps (Unruly Foreskin)

    I gave these try on UV in GZdoom 4.7.1 and I noticed some problems: Starlight Processing: Player can become stuck in sector 874. Eschaton Dispensary: chaingunner 411 never teleported into playable areas. He walks around in the closet, but the teleporters don't work.
  22. Caleb13

    Pagodia | Now on Idgames!

    @Egg Boy Oh. Well, it seems the soulsphere
  23. Caleb13

    Pagodia | Now on Idgames!

    @Egg Boy There's nothing wrong with the mapset. I just found some maps significantly more challenging than others, but that's to be expected when different authors pitched in. And the "improved" cacos moved like floating robots gone haywire, which looked odd to me. BTW, is there a way to get the soulsphere in MAP03?
  24. Caleb13

    Pagodia | Now on Idgames!

    These were fun, even if the diffculty was quite uneven between the maps. Also, the new cacos were odd. Anyway, I played on UV in GZdoom 4.7.1 and I noticed some problems: MAP03: small HOM is visible at linedef 987 after the closet opens, see the screenshot. Is there some legitimate way to obtain soulsphere 185 (I couldn't find one)? And if so, shouldn't it be secret? MAP05: player can become stuck behind small crates on sector 204. MAP09: archvile 291 never became active and thus never teleported into playable areas.
  25. Excellent work as usual, I particularly liked the clever explanation for E3M9-like revisit/trap. I played beta 1 on UV in GZdoom 4.7.1 and I noticed some bugs: MAP04: sectors 1482 to 1484 shouldn't be damaging. The final arena was a big ammo drain, because I opened the BFG doors as one of the last. In the end, I had to skip the final cyberdemon and couldn't attain 100% kills. But even without the ammo shortages, this is definitely the hardest map of the WAD (the lava room is even harder than the final arena, IMO). MAP05: sectors 4454 and 4455 shouldn't be secret. Revenant sector 3760 doesn't work and thus 100% kills is impossible. MAP09: Two monster closets don't work. Sector 438 didn't open when I pressed the switch and there seems to be no way to open revenant sector 2306 near the exit. Maybe these were already fixed in beta 2, but I missed that release.