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  1. Hmm, you're right, the player indeed sinks. It's not a nodebuilder issue though, it happens even when I force internal GZdoom nodebuilder (gennodes 1 option).
  2. Yet it happens in Gzdoom. I just tested in RC2 with Doom compatibility enabled and I got stuck again. No jumping, no crouching.
  3. These were fun to play, it's refreshing to see something not chock full of archvilles for change. Anyway, I played on UV in GZdoom 4.7.1 and I noticed some problems, although I think others already mentioned some of them: MAP02: sector 97 shouldn't be secret. MAP11: if you run from sector 195, you can jump to yellow key. Thus you can get it without obtaining the blue key first. MAP14: player can become stuck in secret sector 65. MAP20: I couldn't figure out how to get the red key, I had to look in an editor. It would help if sector 24 had the standard teleporter floor texture. MAP30: I got telefragged by monsters, the final teleporter should be protected by "block monster" linedefs.
  4. Eh, it would be much easier to make door sector 30 re-openable, I doubt it would affect the gameplay much. But @brick solution would be best.
  5. Nice work indeed, some of these maps were surprisingly challenging despite relaively low monster numbers. I played the RC2 release on UV in GZdoom 4.7.1 and I noticed some more problems: MAP03: several sectors shouldn't be secret. Misaligned textures in closet sectors 79 and 81. The unmarked BFG secret is supposed to be reachable or not? And how? Archvile jump? MAP18: there is no visual cue to find secret switch linedef 6503. It's a rather hard to run onto sector 719 from sector 246. MAP25: 4 revenants on pillar sectors 210 etc. are stuck. About 20 monsters in sector 73 never became active and thus 100% kills is impossible. MAP26: it's impossible to activate the RL secret because you can't shoot through linedef 427 in Gzdoom. Curiously, it seems the bullets pass when you shoot to the ground, but not when you aim at the switch. MAP29: not a bug, but it took me about 5 minutes to find the exit. Maybe you could add the obligatory EXIT sign near it? MAP31: there are too few radsuits. They're fine when the player already knows where to go, but not for first time exploration. The map is big and some important switches are rather hard to find. MAP32: not enough radsuits in the final arena if the player aims for 100% kills. And when GZdoom starts, it reports a lot of dehacked syntax errors (unknown chunks).
  6. @Muleke_Trairao That's not a bug, you need to find another way to get behind the door. If you can't figure it out, I mentioned the solution earlier in this thread.
  7. What the title says, I tried googling for one, but found nothing. I was quite disappointed by the endless jumping in the base game, and I finished it (twice) only because I found infinite jump cheat (Fling trainer). I haven't even bothered with TAGs - I watched some videos and they played more like goddamn Microsoft Flight Simulator, not a FPS. But now their price fell below 10 USD range (which is about the most money I'm willing to dump down Microsoft's throat), so I figured I may play TAGs just for the story. Plus, I have some new gaming hardware and Mario Eternal is still the most advanced game I got. I'm not sure if the Fling trainer would work anymore (with all the new anti-cheat measures), so I'm looking for alternatives. I'm not sure what modding ME allows, but I imagine the platforming passages could be skipped with teleporters, bounce pads or scripted flight. Thanks.
  8. Caleb13

    Is there a mod to skip platforming in TAGs?

    Heh, guys, there's no need get all philosophical about this. It's actually pretty simple - I hated the platforming back in Doom 2 MAP24 (The Chasm) and I still hate it today. And yes, I use GZdoom flying cheat whenever I encounter any serious platforming in Doom 2 mods, too. I'm just looking to accomplish the same in Mario Eternal. Is there really no way? No flying cheat via console? No super-jump or super-dash mod? Or something like Barnacle Grapple from Half-Life Opposing Force?
  9. Caleb13

    BlueAge - NOW ON IDGAMES! Full Megawad

    Wow, pretty solid work, although I found some problems while I played in GZdoom 4.7.1, see below. I played regularly up to MAP26, then it became way too slaughtery for my tastes, so I finished the rest with god mode. MAP04: I've run into repeated severe ammo shortages in the main fights. That's in sharp contrast with previous maps, where ammo was almost non-issue. I tried to employ infighting, but it was too late and I had to use cheats. Berserk or chainsaw near start would help here. MAP05: secret sector 305 is too narrow and cannot be "found" reliably. Also, the obligatory EXIT sign is missing. MAP06: player can become stuck behind tree thing 38. Missing EXIT sign. MAP08: it's quite hard to pick up health bonuses in the archvile room (sector 204). MAP09: Missing EXIT sign. MAP10: cyber + 5 archviles ambush with no cover and no BFG? Really? MAP13: Missing EXIT sign. MAP14: Missing EXIT sign. MAP16: Hellknight 535 is stuck. Other monsters can easily become stuck around that area, too. MAP17: Not sure if it's intended, but it's possible to jump from sector 271 onto sector 407 that leads to exit. Well, I found no other way to reach the exit, anyway. Also, there is no way to get the blue armor in nearby alcove? MAP19: Monster closets for the plus-shaped room (with blue key teleporter) are poorly designed and some monsters take very long to teleport out. Missing EXIT sign. MAP25: the cyberdemon that teleported into the blue key room immediately became stuck. MAP29: switch at linedef 11374 can be pressed without opening the covering door in front of it. MAP32: I think there is a problem in red key arena. There is only one linedef (tag 46) that lowers the exit teleporter, but IMO it should be all 4. In any case, I had to use an editor to find how to get out of that arena. It seems linedefs 1753 etc. shouldn't be tagged 47. Monster closets sectors 661 etc. are poorly designed and some monsters take too long to teleport out.
  10. Caleb13

    Old Still Life .wad

    Hot damn, this is truly impressive for your first WAD! But, it also suffers from some pitfalls that appear in novice WADs. The biggest problem in your WAD is that frequently it's very hard to figure out how to progress further. I found some switches, puzzles and keys only thanks to luck, editor and cheats. And sometimes even that wasn't enough. Here are some notes, I played on UV in Gzdoom 4.7.1: MAP01: I run out of ammo during the first archvile encounter. MAP02: I couldn't figure out how to get out of the starting room. In the end, I skipped this map. MAP04: I think the raising bridge to the exit switches is broken. The eye went all the way up, but not the brigde. Maybe it happened because I pressed the red switch only after I killed all the cacos? MAP08: again, I couldn't find any way to progress through the map, even after I accidentally found the automap secret. I gave up after 10 minutes of running though the empty map and used cheats to exit. BTW, player can become stuck in the graveyard if they don't thave the yellow key. MAP10: broken bridge again, this time the one behind the blue skull key door.
  11. Caleb13


    I finally had the time to finish this, some more notes: MAP26: another big ammo drain, particularly the rooms leading to exit. The only ammo I had at the exit were 20 shells, although I started with some ammo from MAP25 and killed most pinkies and lost souls with melee weapons. It was just dumb luck I had enough ammo to deal with the final cyber and archvile. MAP27: HOM at linedef 13764. And again, way too little ammo, particularly around start. I had to use cheats several times, but ammo became more plentiful later.
  12. Caleb13


    MAJOR BUG!! If you exit MAP32, you will be transported to MAP28 instead of MAP16! Also, some other notes: MAP28: Definitely the most tedious and annoying map of the WAD so far. Health and radsuits are concentrated in those small rooms, but you need to walk over lava to get into them. The 20% damaging floors make it even worse, player can easily die due to leaky radsuits if they get unlucky. Player can become stuck in lift sector 421. There are HOMs at lindefs 7909 etc. if you partially solve the yellow key puzzle and then jump to the gap around it, screenshot below. Mastermind near the exit can very easily become stuck. I couldn't jump to the exit although I solved both doll puzzles. In fact, I solved many puzzles only with the help of an editor and cheats. MAP32: teleports to telefrag the cyberdemons don't work reliably, I ended up right in front their rocket lancher about 5% of time. Also, I managed to break lift sector 227. It happened when I went into sector 263, but backed out when the trap activated. The lift then rose about 100 units and became stuck, screenshot below.
  13. Caleb13


    I see that @galileo31dos01 did a really, really good job at bug-finding, but here are a few supplements/clarifications from me: MAP06: it seems linedef 2974 is missing switch to lower the western lift/trap. I had to use an editor to figure this one out. BTW, there is alternate way to get the yellow key: you can jump from sector 40 to sector 53, then follow the ledge to the maze, then to the key. MAP10: about 50 monsters in all the eastern closets never became active. But they teleported out when I noclipped there. Also, there are too few radsuits. They may be fine if the player already knows where to go, but not for first time exploration. MAP14: sectors 341 and 342 shouldn't be secret. For some arcane reason, imp 306 and revenant 315 never teleported into playable areas. MAP15: archvile 804 can't teleport into playable areas.
  14. Caleb13

    V 1.0 (UVOLNIT)

    Congratulations for your Promising Newcomer Cacoward, you sure deserved it for the truly mind-bending amount of detail you put into these maps! https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/2021/special/
  15. @MFG38 Oh, you're right, I played the 20211030 version. I downloaded it back then, but I got only now to play it. Nevermind, then.
  16. I know it's too late, but there is a large HOM in MAP23. It becomes visible when you use lift sector 161.
  17. No, the TXT file explicitly says the mod happens long after the original Doom 2 plot. This is
  18. Great mapset, but I'm a little lost about the ending. Who
  19. @Rayziik So... do you still plan to release a version without custom monsters?
  20. Caleb13

    OMEGA release!

    Oh man, the contrasts in this mapset. On one hand, I really liked the architecture and attention to detail. But on the other hand, I found the gameplay annoying and tedious, particularly the jumping puzzles. The progession is confusing and way too many times, I got stuck in areas with no clear way out. I presume the player is supposed to use crouching? Then there are endless archvile-infested traps, even at lower difficulties. In the end, I haven't finished any of these maps and just did some sight-seeing with no monsters.
  21. Solid work, but I noticed a few bugs. Lost soul 225 is outside the map and 3 cacodemons inside sector 258 can't be killed. Then there are some HOMs, I'm posting screenshots.
  22. Hmm, the link doesn't work in Firefox, but does in MS Edge. Odd, but at least I could get the file.
  23. What's with Dropbox these days? The download link is dead.
  24. Caleb13

    Rusty Enterprise - Doom 2 Large Map

    I'm just popping in to report that GZdoom produces these errors during startup: Texman.Init: Init texture manager. Script warning, "RE.wad:TEXTURES" line 59: Unknown patch 'W113_1' in texture 'BRNBIGC' Script warning, "RE.wad:TEXTURES" line 64: Unknown patch 'WALL79_1' in texture 'SKULWALL' Script warning, "RE.wad:TEXTURES" line 65: Unknown patch 'WALL79_1' in texture 'SKULWALL' Script warning, "RE.wad:TEXTURES" line 70: Texture 'N_SWBNGR' references itself as patch Script warning, "RE.wad:TEXTURES" line 80: Unknown patch 'FLRMET' in texture 'BRICK8_2' Script warning, "RE.wad:TEXTURES" line 81: Unknown patch 'FLRMET' in texture 'BRICK8_2'