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    Doomworld Community Top WADs of All Time

    Valiant - 5 Sunlust - 5 Ancient Aliens - 5 Scythe 2 - 5 Back to Saturn X E2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks - 4 The Ultimate Torment & Torture - 4 Deus Vult II - 4 Sunder - 4 Beyond Reality (first one to vote it?) - 3 Back to Saturn X E1: Get Out of My Stations - 3 Scythe X - 3 Plutonia 2 - 3 Epic 2 - 2 Resurgence - 2 Stardate 20X6 - 1 AV - 1 Going Down - 1 Edit: im bad at math
  2. Yeah, I found the level 30 secret, was a really neat one. Maybe I shoulda said that I usually think of a megawad of 31 combat levels. Calling it a filler might have been just a bit rude. Excellent work
  3. Wait, you thought Valiant was harder than AA? The minigun there made lots of the harder enemies a breeze, and there is a lot of health. Maybe it's difficult to get used to the new enemies?
  4. I recently completed this on UV, pistol start. Aesthetically, it's probably the best megawad I've ever played. At least top 5. And it also has some kind of weird as fuck plot without making it cheesy or bad for the gameplay. There were a couple of maps that were a bit meh in that sense, but overall the difficulty was on point. It got much better on the later levels. Just wished level 30 wasn't a filler. The plasma dude is a cool and dangerous enemy. For sure better balanced than the Scythe 2 one which honestly played like it was some kind of joke. One of the best megawads ever and will be Cacoawarded no matter what.
  5. They have short range, so you have to choice either to get them and wait for enemies to walk accordingly on top of them, or cook them, get near and pray you don't get hit by the explosion range (which is actually bigger than it looks). Maybe I don't really get it how to use them properly. There were a couple situations with a big cluster or enemies in a position I wouldn't miss a grenade but that's all. I wish you could throw them farther away or that they exploded on contact.
  6. Completed the level, gonna play it again on "challenge" mode or w/e it's called since it's such a fantastic map. What I think could be fixed: -Visual glitches, specially on 3D floors where I can see enemies from below. -Too much ammo? I found I had like more than 50% of ammo of every weapon. Maybe I'm too picky with aim. I even spammed some of that demon hand weapon around the end since there were so many souls, and it didn't seem to miss that many enemies. -The rifle is a fantastic weapon, one of the best custom weapons there have been in Doom, but there aren't that many situations to use it and replacements are found too early in the map. Wish shotgun was found later or there were more moments where sniping is required, since it's when it works the best. -The hand grenades suck, and there aren't that many of them. Coulda even completed the map without using any. -The end is kinda anticlimatic. You defeat the big boss, and then there are many dark imps and so but it feels kinda filler. Sometimes I even thought there was some kind of countdown since it feels like there should be. Something like 6-10 minutes to escape? It's like the intensity of the ending phades away because of that. -I couldn't open the log or the objective screen. I played in ZDoom. Is this normal? I'll post again if I think of more stuff.
  7. Talvi

    Combat Shock 2 - Now on /idgames

    Easy mode Sunder. Which still means they are fantastic maps.
  8. Talvi

    Cacowards 2012 nomination thread

    I'm playing Beyond Reality right now and it's one of the best Doom experiences I've played this year, if not ever. Probably the best balance of new monsters, I love them all.
  9. Talvi

    Combat Shock 2 - Now on /idgames

    Looks interesting, will play. I'm with Sunder now so I'm ready for the difficulty.
  10. Talvi

    Best of the Scythe Series

    If Scythe X is finished it might be the best of the three ones. The first Scythe X maps are so much better than the 10 first maps of the two first Scythes. Other than that, Scythe 2 episodes 3 and 5 are better than 99% of megawads I've played. Scythe 1 is fun overall but there are only 2 awesome maps (19 and 29), and is too simple even if the overall experience is so good.
  11. Talvi

    Cacowards 2012 nomination thread

    Just finished playing Skepland. One of the best wads I've ever played, and one of the hardest ones as well. I don't know if it's finished or what's going on but if that doesn't get an award then nothing else deserves it.
  12. Talvi

    Problem running the Lunatic WAD

    Not on topic but related to Lunatic. Where did you get the Lotus 3 music? Would like to use it for something else that isn't Doom related.
  13. Talvi

    Doom in Europe

    I'm Spanish, don't know how many of us might be here.
  14. So many harsh reviews of my maps. Guess I still have so much to learn. Next time I sure will make some teleporters in the lava.
  15. Talvi

    Recommended wads [level sets are too hard]

    Do you know what skill levels are? There's not only UV in this game.