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  1. walligig

    Anyone know of any zdoom wads that use dialogue?

    Couldn't you just look at Strife? Anyways out of curiousity what do you need it for?
  2. walligig

    Soulcrusher 1.3 (Now a cacowards runner-up!)

    I got it working, I think it was something with me trying to jump to map01 using ZDL. I told it to go to titlescreen instead and everything worked fine. I didn't much but so far its really fun. I can't wait to play more later.
  3. walligig

    Soulcrusher 1.3 (Now a cacowards runner-up!)

    hmmm, I downloaded both files then tried to run it with gzdoom and got this; ERROR: THINGS not found in MAP01
  4. In the updated version I sent to Alwaysdoomed on that map, any monster that falls into the void should be killed instantly now.
  5. Witch reminds me are you keeping map 31 if it's the one I think it is? If not im talking about the LoH map.
  6. WhoDaMan here, I wish I would have known you were releasing this. I updated map 14, fixing alot of the problems it had several months ago.
  7. walligig

    doombuilder 1 loadup error

    Awsome it worked, Thanks. I had tried reinstalling it before without success, but it didn't occur to me to completely remove it first then reinstall it.
  8. walligig

    doombuilder 1 loadup error

    Everytime I try to load up doombulder I get this. "Error 424 in load configuration: Object required" Anyone know what that means?
  9. walligig

    A second cruelly hard map

    uhhh ya i can't even kill 1 mancubus, i have no clue how u guys finished this did it. my guess is that you have to have a really mature mind and absolute concintration, and alot of luck
  10. walligig

    Doom Fails to Make List Big Time

    uhhhh ok? Why the hell is Halo even on the list much less in the top 10.? And why oh why is it above GTA vice city? and where is Doom, Wolfenstien, Duke Nukem, Command and Conguer, Super Smash brothers, hell i don't even see World of Warcraft on there. (im not saying i like that game but it is the most played MMO game in existance atm). this list has got to be a fake. EDIT: OMFG WTF is pokemon doing on there!!!?
  11. walligig

    The Best ingame music in a WAD?

    The music from map 7, map 17, and map 18 from the wad Biowar also map 19, map26 and map 30 from scythe as well as map 19 and map 25 from the wad dot. those are pretty much my favorites
  12. walligig

    Multi-level wad project in progess

    Im not sure i completely grasp the point of this. you post a thread thats barely a sentence telling us the title of some wad that your making and that your will post screenshots but nothing else? no description on what the wad actully is or how many levels or how difficult or different it is from other wads? just a title?. ok thats cool cept may i seguest that next time you decide to post completely useless information. first find a hammer, and hit yourself in the foot really hard. because your screams of pain and agony will draw alot more interest then a mere title of a wad. Case and point if you gonna post a prject post it with screenshots and a description. not a" screenshots coming soon" messege.
  13. walligig

    Super Mario Total Conversion Finished!

    corrected, anyways i found all the textures to be pretty cool. however something is very weird is going on with the machinegun bowser sprites (spidermastermind replacement) sprites SPIDC4C6 and SPIDG4G6 especially are way off center.
  14. heh don't forget the people who feel they have to stuff 20 Cyberdemons in a level to make it interesting. a monster thats suppose to be really rare. i hated the last 10 levels of scythe because of this. Some of those things i do like though, for example cool story scripting or some generic settings such as castles or in some cases but not often.... what you call "epicness" Having said that i am a big fan of classic Wads too. 2 of my favorites that come to mind are Biowar and dot.
  15. walligig

    Which doom monster makes you laugh when you see it?

    I think the pinky demon on nightmare mode is pretty hilarious too. there so fast and when they start chasing you its like running from your neighbors bulldog after he snaped his chain.