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  1. So, I had a one tooth dental implant put in about two years ago. A couple of days ago it fell out. It turns out that the dentist broke a part of the drill bit off in my jaw when he was drilling for the implant. The implant fell out because I have a aggressive infection. The infection actually caused bone loss in the area around the implant. I had a hour and a half surgery to dig out the drill bit today. I'll be on antibiotics for the next three weeks. If the antibiotics work, I should see some bone grow back and be able to have another implant installed. If I do not have enough bone growth, they will have to go in and rebuild that part of my jaw and reinstall the implant.

    1. Cupboard


      Was the infection caused by the surgery which initially installed the dental implant? Or was the infection caused by poor hygiene, maybe something else?

      Jesus tap-dancing christ, it's not good when they lose part of their drill inside your jaw...?

      You better remind them what a bad situation this is, get some proper-tier pain-killers, don't take no for an answer, because they know deep down they probably fucked up. If things get worse from here, you need to consider lawyering up

    2. Fulgrim


      It was caused by the botched surgery. My gums and jaw tried to heal around the chunk drill embedded in my jaw and it created a hole in my gum/jaw just big enough for food particles to get stuck in my jaw/gum. Also, they never actually posted the implant. They simply cemented it in place. So all the cracks and crevices of the cement where magnets for food particles as well. Despite the fact that I'm ocd about my teeth, the infection was bound to happen at some point.

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