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  1. So good friend of mine found herself in a bind and needed a roommate and I elected to move in to help her out. She has a three year old that she has over a few times a week for visitation. I knew this going in and thanks to more or less raising my younger bother I thought I knew what I was getting into. That was in tell yesterday.

    My roommate and I where in the kitchen and the kiddo was hanging out in the living room. In the span of less than two min, the kiddo took the child safety door knob cover off the linen closet and proceeded to dump an entire bottle of kids shampoo on top of his head. He got so much in his eyes that he completely clogged his tear duct and prevented his eyes from tearing up. Now you would think that tear free means that it would not damage his eye. But, I can now tell you that if you get enough in your eyes it will cause a chemical burn just like regular shampoo.

    My roommate and I spent the better part of six hours flushing the kiddo's eyes out after being reassured by a nursing line that we didn't need to do anything else. We flushed his eyes out two or three times an hour by running water over his head in the shower. This of course was a lot harder than you would think. The kiddo is still too young to understand that flushing his eyes out will get rid of the shampoo in his eyes. So every time we turned the shower on, he flipped out and ran. Once we managed to get him into the shower, it was my job to restrain the kid while my roommate flushed his eyes out. He was screaming the entire time he was in the shower and kicking off the wall desperately trying to get out of the shower.

    To say that whole ordeal was stressful would be an understatement. I actually got seven hours of sleep last night (a lot for me) and still felt completely drained all day today. The roommate had a anxiety attack that I had to help her through on top of helping the kiddo.

    Thankfully we managed to get the shampoo out of his eyes and he is doing better. he is going to feel like crap tell the chemical burn heals, but no permanent damage was done. When his eyes started watering, I felt a thousand pound weight lift off my shoulders.

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    2. Fulgrim


      GhostlyDeath said:

      Luckily it was shampoo and not some other chemical or food substance, could have been much worse. Use padlocks on all your cabinets!

      All the harsh chemicals are locked up and the kitchen has a gate up when he is here. But, we really don't restrict him too much past that. His father is a total helicopter parent and hovers over the kid. He also has gates all over his place. So the kid has zero freedom when he is over there. So we try to give him a lot of freedom here. We do not want him growing sheltered and kids learn my getting into stuff. It's a learning experience.

    3. RestlessRodent


      Fulgrim said:

      His father is a total helicopter parent and hovers over the kid. He also has gates all over his place.

      Does he make droning sounds?

    4. Fulgrim


      GhostlyDeath said:

      Does he make droning sounds?

      In all honesty he probably does. You know how some people say one bad hit can really mess you up if you try hard drugs like Meth? He is proof of that.