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  1. Brookhaven M.D.


    I know Doom 3 will be out, but anybody think this would see the light of day? If Id makes it, i proberly would be a remake of Doom 2: Hell on Earth. I think it would look interesting, and maybe Trent would actually do the score. Just a thought.
  2. Brookhaven M.D.

    Are you watching the new trailer?

    The Bald guy in the trailer looks like actor Micheal Ironside oddly enough. I wonder if he's doing the voice for that guy.
  3. Brookhaven M.D.

    doom3.com live

    "The song sounds wicked to me. Better than Quake 1 intro." Man are you serious?!?!The NIN Quake intro sounds way better than this crap. The NIN intro had a more bleaker and darker edge than the sample doom3 intro. The D3 intro sounds like some MTV Bulls+++. Plus NIN fit the environment.
  4. Brookhaven M.D.

    doom3.com live

    Yeah i KNOW trent didnt produce this garbage thats why i said he sucks because he didnt make the soundtrack like he said he'd maybe do.
  5. Brookhaven M.D.

    doom3.com live

    Man i really hate to say it, but that theme music sucks. I almost sounds like Incubus or P.O.D. I hope this nu-metal sounding garbage doesnt flood the creepy doom settings. Trent you SUCK man!
  6. Brookhaven M.D.

    could be better music

    Silent Hill reference? Well. you can get the soundtrack just about anywhere. Amazon.com has it. Personally i got SH 1,2,and 3 from Silent Hill fansites. Try here to sample some tracks <URL REMOVED> This is from SH one. Halfday,Until Death,For All,and Ill kill you are real good tracks. Very unnerving music. There are more tracks that are in the game which arent included in the official soundtrack that i have too, and there also really good and creepy.
  7. Brookhaven M.D.

    could be better music

    I do agree Aphex Twins would definaly be a good choice. But if you heard Silent Hill soundtracks 1 and 2, i think youd change you mind. SH one soundtrack has the best ambience. The composer of the Silent Hill Series offers some of the creepiest ambience ive ever heard in a game. That guy would be perfect for Doom 3.
  8. Brookhaven M.D.

    could be better music

    Really? That sucks...They still should get Akira though.
  9. Brookhaven M.D.

    could be better music

    I think it hasnt really been corfirmed yet from ID or NIN that trent Will not do the music. It still may be a chance that NIN will still be in. ID should have really tried to pick up Silent Hill musician Akira Yamaoka though. That guy can do some scary hella ambience,especially stuff from the first Silent Hill. He would be perfect for Doom3.
  10. Brookhaven M.D.

    Are corpses going to decay?

    Dude.They're already dead.
  11. Brookhaven M.D.

    New CGW Doom 3 article

    Yeah. I totally agree. The first Silent Hill in my opinion is the best game to have a psychological story element that worked really well. Silent Hill's plot really made things twist and turn and left things unexplained. Doom 3 should have this sort of quality. The doom novels had a little unexplained elements that gradually built up to the very last novel, but we will see, maybe the plot in Doom 3 has those psycho elements. This is off topic but I still say Akira Yamaoka should be the musician for Doom3, his music would fit perfectly. Hands down.
  12. Brookhaven M.D.

    Sound/Music in trailer is NOT Trent's work?!

    I was really looking forward to hear Reznor's music in Doom 3, plus it fits the Doom enviroment, hell The Downward Spiral kinda reminds me of the somberness in Doom. But i still have high hopes after all this is a speculation and is not confirmed. Well if it is true ID still has a Ace in the Hole they could still give Mr. Yamaoka a call.
  13. Brookhaven M.D.

    Fear Factor

    Yeah! I almost forgot about Fatal Frame that game's ambience is also cool.
  14. Brookhaven M.D.

    Fear Factor

    Coming from a Silent Hill fan I just hope Doom 3 has the same scare factor as the first Silent Hill. Also if it is true that Reznor is off the Doom project ID should seriously grab Akira Yamaoka to do the Soundtrack. Trent is good with producing freaky scary music, but Akira just blows Trent away when it comes to dishing out scary tracks. Akira Yamaoka produces some of the best ambient tracks ive ever heard.