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  1. PmRd

    Doom 3's release and it's outcome

    There's no such thing as a .WADs now. It's called .DLLs and .MAPs FYI.
  2. PmRd


    no you are
  3. PmRd

    Quake 1 Mod with per pixel light

    yes it can play it
  4. PmRd


    lol he does look a bit like FlatHead :P
  5. PmRd

    Preview of photos of Doom III Theatre

    that's the e3 theater dumbass
  6. PmRd

    one little question about its audio

    and how are we suposed to know?
  7. PmRd

    Doom 3 Question

    FYI, Trent Reznor did the music for Alice..
  8. PmRd

    Doom 3 Preorder?

    You post too much
  9. PmRd

    Aww fuck...Trent's at it again

    i though the music from American McGee's Alice was great!
  10. PmRd

    30 Fps Comming Soon!

    http://www.doom3.dk!!! 30 fps edition of the legacy movie comming soon! and its gonna be in DivX
  11. PmRd

    here's a Doom 3 mirror link in avi format

    how the fuck was it suposed to fix that probleme .. we cant just create those 25 missing frames or something..
  12. PmRd


    Divx 4.0 Default Settings? Betcha.. your method is sooooo complicated.. mine is only one click
  13. PmRd


    except that i dont like humping little boys j/k :P
  14. PmRd

    Here it is: DOOM3 QuickTime movie

    actually its 5 fps