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  1. John Stalvern

    The Inquisitor 3d

    In my other post I said stand at the Old Church door and go rightward... I meant left! I got the map reversed in my head. Sorry!
  2. John Stalvern

    The Inquisitor 3d

    You need to search carefully for climbable walls. One of them will let you jump into a small gated in area, then climb up some more walls, hop on top of a mausoleum, then onto the small cliffs lining the cemetery, then onto another mausoleum, and from there onto the Old Church's roof... if I'm remembering correctly. The area you are looking for is very close to the church. Stand at the Old Church's door facing out toward the cemetery and go slightly rightward. It can be done! I got stuck there too for a while.
  3. John Stalvern

    The Inquisitor 3d

    I am playing through it right now and enjoying it a great deal. The English dialogue is much better than Inquisitor II, and the gameplay is much better than that in Inquisitor I. The maps I've played so far look great. I think the RPG elements are well implemented. I very much enjoy the characters in the town of Tristan. Their dialogue feels authentic in a way that most RPG villagers' does not. Overall this WAD has a very good dark fantasy mood which is evoked with skill. I am very much hoping, however, that there will be no "Easter Eggs" in the vein of Inquisitor I.