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  1. madk

    Compression 1024

    Made a fourth map. Download
  2. madk

    Compression 1024

    Let's stop derailing the thread. Why am I still the only one with any finished maps?
  3. madk

    Compression 1024

    Such is my intention.
  4. madk

    Compression 1024

    I was hoping for a community thing. We can assemble them when they're finished, not to mention the three I've done so far are all in different formats at this point. Also, I mentioned earlier that I didn't see a download link for your wad.
  5. madk

    Compression 1024

    I got a third done. Download
  6. madk

    Who's your favorite Doom Monster?

    Imps, because first of all they aren't hitscan and second because they're easy to kill and third because they have a cool death animation. Invisible demons come in second. I absolutely love those guys.
  7. madk

    Compression 1024

    I'm happy with this but I'm no expert on mapping, so if there's something better I'm open to it.
  8. madk

    Compression 1024

    It's in ZDoom UDMF format. Are you using a compatible port?
  9. madk

    Compression 1024

    Perhaps. Other opinions? Anyway, I finished a second map. Download
  10. madk

    Compression 1024

    Katamori: Have you got a download link for that? valkiriforce: I was thinking ZDoom.
  11. madk

    SkullTag resource wad?

    I'm getting errors when I try to use the resource file. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. I've made one map and am working on more within the confines of a 1024x1024 space. I was hoping to throw together something similar to claustrophobia and congestion 1024. Maps: Author: Madk Resource wad Map 1 (Hexen) Map 2 (Boom) Map 3 (Boom) Map 4 (Boom) Upon submission, I'll list any other maps here. Once we have a considerable amount we'll assemble the best of them into a single wad.
  13. I did some DOOM mapping way back and made a pack of DM maps that everyone loved. I went to look at them again and half the textures are missing. I'm pretty sure they would have been from this pwad that came with the skulltag download and had a handful of new enemies and textures in it. The problem is, I downloaded it again and there's no wads there. Am I crazy? One of these exists, right?
  14. madk


    Download here. Designed to be played with SkullTag (ZDoom) A quick experiment regarding a recent realization of mine that the thing that typically scares me most in DOOM is when the map changes, especially when I'm not looking.