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  1. Even worse: raping an old movie or show. The Honeymooners. Great show. The movie totally raped it of it's value. Never cared to see it, because of that. ================================== Doom2Day's turn: Just be glad we're not revisiting the rampant inflation rates of the early 80's. Think it's worthless now? True. Someone I know bought a beautiful bedroom set, and the bed broke TWICE, in two different spots, because the particle board split apart. Not it's held together with upgly wood blocks. At least the bedspread hides the awful truth. =================================== Ninjalah has a good one! I liked 80's TV better, not that 90's was bad, it was just corny enough to be amusing. I don't like the intergration either. TV should be just that. This is why God invented computers for: the Internet. (1969, on) =================================== Mr. Chris has a winner: That's because Hollywood was too lazy to try and come up with new ideas for awhile. I even remember on the news that they were pondering if Hollywood finally ran out of new ideas, being remakes in 2009 were a major glut, and eyesore, in theaters. I'm glad it's over, per-se. The worst concept was the Star Wars Episodes "1 through 3". Lucas was despirate to make money, nothing else. =================================== kristus brings back a not-so-fond memory: For those old enough to remember, how about that "New Coke"? No wonder the "Classic Formula" came so quick. They're missing the main ingreedient, though. :)
  2. Georgef551

    The War on...Food?

    Liberal Nazis strike again. How about TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF?! No, can't have that, it's the Pizza Joint's fault. No wonder Republicans are starting to take things back.
  3. If it were just the elevator thingy. It follows the exact same thing as the other posts here. Snarboo: The reason it (original Blogged format) got Helled, was it had "Georgef551" as the creator, Period. StevieCybernetic Sayeth: It's only boring when you have to wait for one. There's a lot of techical aspects, not just getting a simple ride. Deathbringer brings game to the table: Don't remember them, but chances are, you're right. :) I'm no fan of this, either. The last thing I'd like to have happen is the CPU to glitch, and have the electronic steering fail, epsecially on a sharper curve, on a busy road. ((SHUDDERS)) Toyota, Moving Foward....at 100MPH. I have to say, more is better here. Too many idiots driving wrecklessly in their big pickup trucks, and giant SUVs. Over here, it's "For Better, or Worse" (Canadian import). It actually has a progressing timeline, unlike most strips, where everyone stays the same age forever.
  4. I agree with that one. Since DooM, pretty much, it's been downhill ever since. Newer games are more about Eye-Candy, than gameplay. The first 2 DooM did both just fine. Although some might question DooM II, I say,. it's still good, and probably the last good FPS (Quake was good, but not quite up to DooM standards).
  5. Georgef551

    Where's Waldo/Wally?

    Does anyone remember the parody to the Waldo books, "Where's Dan Quayle?" That was funny. They never sold, since nobody cared to find him.
  6. Here's one of my examples, in which something older, is better than anything new, in a growing YouTube hobby I part take in: ===================================================================== I stumbled onto something I haven't seen in Leominster Hopital in about 30 YEARS, being the floor plans were severely altered when the hopital expanded in 2000. It was easy to get to before then, now, it's hidden away, but I found it. It is an an original 1950's Payne Traction Elevator, complete with original hall stations, original controls, and ...:drools:... original relay controller. You don't find treasures like this everyday, because they are either modernized (sometimes raped in the process), or ripped out and replaced altogether. If you like ANYTHING classic, and mechanical, you might actually like this! Check it out: ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82d35Zd313Y It's moments like this, that you're glad to find a classic, in a world full of new and badly modernized vertical transporters. Too rare nowadays. ===================================================================== This gets me thinking: What do YOU like, as in cars, electronics, or the like, do YOU wish wasn't "improved" on, which ultimately just doesn't compare with yesterday's older models?
  7. Georgef551

    Doomworld goons' hobbies/fetishes

    I'd like to get back into Model Railroads (HO scale), as I've got hand-made buildings for them, but can't afford a place big enough to have a separate room for the trains. Of course, we ALL know what other hobby I part take in, which doesn't involve taking up cramped apartment space. :) Someday, maybe soon, I'll share the buildings with you. Some people here might actually seen old snapshots I had of them, but this time, in YouTube 1080p. Like me or not, I think you'll be impressed.
  8. Georgef551

    Shorter Days? (8.8 Chile Earthquake)

    Someone brought that up on the radio, but I wouldn't have put it past him, although that extra three inches of movement is going to cause climate chaos! :) There is very very little friction, because the Earth's rotation is ever so slowly decreasing over time, not enough that we'd see even a picoosecond's difference over a lifetime, but there is friction. There's also momentum, in which the quake . Let's say your refrigerator has a faulty shelf, that likes to let go. When it does, you hear it give, and the refrigerator will shake a little. There is a force applied to at least shake it, and shift the contents on other shelves, yet it's just sitting there with no outside forces applied. If there was one hell of a failure, the refrigerator might move, but that's got to be a big one.
  9. Georgef551

    Vancouver 2010: A Fiasco In The Making

    Aggreed. The design was flawed, as the retaining wall along the top of the track did not go far enough past the curve, to keep the luge participants on track, and putting a steel structure right at the end of a curve is blind stupidity. The curves themselves come too fast and sharp as well. There is a reason why it's considered the world's least safest course. Those are 2 I found.
  10. Georgef551

    Shorter Days? (8.8 Chile Earthquake)

    Somehow, I am SURE Al Gore will make a big stink about it being Global Warming. Yeah, it has nothing to do with that. Exactly.
  11. Georgef551

    California is such a shithole

    As much as I hate it, Sacremento should do like they do around here, and just charge for the ambulance, or a small fee for police and fire (unless it's a true emergency). Just remember: before 911 (I'm old enough to remember those days), there was that 10-digit phone number to dial. Time to revisit that (10, now that you need to include area codes). IN SHORT: Charging for 911 is a bad move. If they do that here in Taxachusetts, I'll just use the local number(s) instead.
  12. Georgef551

    DTV changeover, the wrong way.

    WOOPS!! That's not suposed to happen! :) Everything's suposed to be between channels 2 to 51. Some might still be in 52 to 69, or some were dumb enough to accept 2 to 6.
  13. Georgef551

    DTV changeover, the wrong way.

    They should've settled on a format to use, prior to rollout. Here is the States, the FCC and other companies, settled on 18 resolutions and formats which are to be used, and once done, the equipment rolled out to TV stations, and DTV boxes were sold to the public, to be connected to the DTV monitor. Today, suposedly 3 of the 18 standards are in use: one for 4:3, 720p, and 1080i. That is, unless there was a change. The only problems we have here, are stations dissapearing, due to a change in their frequency, and possibly interfering with nearby stations on the same physical channel. In my case, WZMY, 50 (DTV 35) Derry, New Hampshire, had a fairly good analog signal, but their digital one barely works, and sometimes, not so much. Their 35 interferes with a 35 another 30 miles away. End result: losing a station (for a lot of others). Then again, some are gained. Some religious wacko channel in Worcester Mass (TV 48, forget DTV channel) actually comes in good. Initially, like their analog signal, wasn't clear, and unreliable (as if I have a use for it anyhow). The BIGGEST DRAWBACK of this system, is it does not error-correct too well. If there's interference, you may lose stations. Other countried adopted standards that would overcome this within reason, to the point that you can have a portable DTV running in the car, and it would work. Try that here, and you'll get squat. In a nutshell, Greece needed to work out a system first, finalize it, THEN go to market with cunsumers and stations.
  14. Georgef551

    All da other portable consoles are shit!

    Well, eventually, SOMETHING has to hit! :)
  15. Georgef551

    What is Old Is New Again... How about you?

    Funny. :) After Wave 11, it was repetitive: just a mash-up of the other waves, in parts. I usually could get all the towers, except for wave 6, for some reason (and wherever this appeared in the mash-ups).