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  1. Like I really care about Fall Foliage, but after posting an image of a city view on top of a hill, I got many responses about going back up, and to take a fall foliage shot. For those who might like that stuff (and remember warmer days), here's the link to the image:


    It was smoggy at the time, but it was the clearest of days during peak color. You may not see the trees that turned a lighter shade of green, due to said smog. Lots of evergreens take away from the color as well.

    Thought some might like to see this. I know a lot of people don't care, myself included, but a lot of people wanted me to do this, so I did. :)

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    2. myk


      A strip mall? What's that... full of strippers? Can't be that bad.

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      myk said:

      A strip mall? What's that... full of strippers? Can't be that bad.

      A horrific invention of American suburbia where the goal is to take up as much space as possible to plunk down big-name retail chains and the accompanying parking lots.

    4. Gokuma


      The town I recently moved out of has two Rite Aids, two Giants, and three Wawas and there're all on the same road except one of the Rite Aids! There's shopping centers immediately behind shopping centers. It's just retarded.

      And around Lancaster city there's 1,000,000 Turkey Hills. Hopefully the economic crash will slow this idiocy down as well as all those THP developments.