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  1. I've been on a winning streak as of late, with a particular morning drive-in show.
    In the Boston/Worcester area, from 5:30-10am, WAAF (107.3, and 97.7FM) has "The Hill-Man Morning Show", and sometime between 7:30 to 7:45, they play a segment called "Hill-Mail", where they play the best voice mail messages left by the listeners. I've called on several attempts on various subjects, one made it on-air, and the rest, not so.

    There are some people that created characters based on real people, and get on all the time. Some guy calls in as Jesus Christ, another as former Red Sox player Manny Ramerez (best one, BTW), and one calls up as David Amberman(sp?), which is a food critic. One other guy calls in as two female women who does a gossip column, bashing how they hate Patriot's Quarterback Tom Brady.

    My goal was to create a character that would be played on-air frequently. Here's the failures:

    Michael Phelps: First call made it, failed after.
    Former Boston Bruin Lyndon Byers: None made it.
    Doctor Phil: None made it.
    Lung Cancer Kazzoo Guy: Second thoughts. No idea how to lump it into anything.

    Then I struck gold, because of the news of the day always involving this guy, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.
    For the past week, I called in as Deval Patrick, leaving messages based on his tax hikes, racism, and blown caritable contributions (Deval said he was going to donate to the stations food bank charity, but blew it off). Every call I made, ultimately was played on-air. There's still material to keep this going for at least another week non-stop. Of course, when it wears thin, it'll not be executed so frequently, but right now, it's hot, at least according to the show.
    The last episode was Deval calling about discrimination about Black Ice, and why weather people never talk about how dangerous White Ice is, and threatened to sue all weather people, WCVB Channel 5's Dick Albert, specially targeted (will be retiring after 31 years of weather forcasting). Deval wants to make his retirement a living hell.

    That's my stupid 15 minutes of fame (almost literally in a week).

    Ever call a station on any subject, or recurring role (or "role")? Post your memorables here.

    I figure, with the big post base, SOMEONE has to have a tale to tell. :)