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  1. Yet another well-maintained death trap, in a relatively new parking deck:


    The fun begins at about 2:30.

    (Since over 100 people here watch these, it actually is worth posting.)

    A couple years ago, another person recorded these, and they were in well working order. Needless to say, things fell apart fast. There's no reason for something 10 years old to act like this, NONE!

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    2. Danarchy


      deathbringer said:

      I clicked on a few of the elevator video links, but never actually watched the whole thing, if that counts for anything.


      The only reason people from here click on your video links is because we want fuel to mock you with.

    3. Maes


      Georgef551 said:

      (Since over 100 people here watch these, it actually is worth posting.)

      When was the last time there were 100 distinct people online here, to begin with? Let alone 100 unique viewers (not just visitors) of your threads?

    4. Georgef551


      Csonicgo said:
      [B}and it's "Storeys". [/B]

      Stories = American spelling.
      (dictionary.com, looking up your spelling)