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  1. Florian

    3-way CTF

    So, anyone interested or what? :P
  2. Florian

    The First PWAD You Ever Played

    Dwango5 map01 and map02 of zdctfmp.
  3. Florian

    The Best ingame music in a WAD?

    Ow yeah, totally Hellcore 2 man ! Does anybody knows where the music come from of MAP01 ??
  4. Florian

    3-way CTF

    Hey TUD, good to see you. Or was it an illusion ? And yeah, some new maps in there are really good. But euhm, you want a slot ? Come on I know you want to. :P
  5. Florian

    3-way CTF

    Ok cool. Well there is no rush, depends on how fast the others are. Just do not sit on your map for 3 years like it is your egg. :P
  6. Florian

    3-way CTF

    Is that yes ?! !!!! :P
  7. Florian

    Which of these six old classic megawads is best?

    The one that is not on that list: HellCore. My god that is the best megawad ever!
  8. Florian

    3-way CTF

    Hello. I do not know about if this is very popular on other ports, but what I do know is that here are some great mappers. So that is why this post. Recently on the port ZDaemon 3-way became pretty populair. The only thing is it does not have an 3-way ctf pack yet. Well one pack came out but those were only old maps converted. Really some old maps from mine too. That is why I started this project recently, the 3-way CTF pack. My question for all you mappers out there, would you like to contribute to this pack? If yes, please post or PM me. Here is the post on the ZDaemon forum: Original thread: http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=12205&start=0
  9. Florian

    The Lost CTF Maps

    Thanks. :)
  10. Florian

    The Lost CTF Maps

    Well hello there, Not so long time ago I finished a little project of mine and I like to post it here to see what you guys think of it. After all this is the world of DOOM. Here is the address: http://www.wadhost.fathax.com/files/thelostctfmaps.zip Enjoy fragging as much as I made it.
  11. Florian

    Doom Tattoo

    What about all the monsters on your back. Or every sprite of the Imp.
  12. Florian

    XWE hates Vista

    Thanks a lot ! I tried something in the OPTION and set two things to 1 instead of 0 and it worked. Woohoo. Well then I registered this forum for three posts, haha.
  13. Florian

    PL2: Mordeth Award contender finally hits the streets

    Want to start that project TUD ? :P
  14. Florian

    XWE hates Vista

    Hello, Well, a couple of months now I am having troubles with XWE. I have tried everything, but it just not seem to work. I also tried using SlumpED, but it turns out there you cannot save lumps as bmps for textures. I get these errors: After I pressed ok it starts up XWE and I get this error: Then when I do anything like open a file it doesn't do anything and it just keeps loading. So, what I did were these things: In notepad say where the MainWAD is manually, save it on another root than C, run it as WinXP and even save doom2.wad in the same folder as XWE. Nothing worked ! Can someone help me ? Thanks in advance.