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  1. inspired by all your great answers I would also go for AV, simply imagine loading map20 in '94. except of some larger areas it might have worked for the hardware too and for sure would have blown people away. what fascinates me (and that was one reason to create this post) is to see when the wads suggested were actually made. astonishingly most of them are quite old ~20 years or older. anyone has an idea what the cause of this is? nostalgia? lack of people creating vanilla compatible wads today?
  2. Like, imagine the pwad in question would have been published by ID instead of doom2.wad, which pwad would have caused the highest WOW effect? No matter if it is because of technical advances (like OS bridges) or because of gameplay or something else. Of course this pwad has to be vanilla compatible and also playable on the hardware back then.
  3. oh wow, congratulations! I cannot imagine how much dedication, passion and crazyness you had to put in to achieve this, hats off! some really close and scary calls in the run. one can see a that you have put safety over speed which is understandable in that run and map30 for sure you were really surprised it worked at the end :D!
  4. termrork

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    damn awesome run looper! map22 was scary ;). any ideas on improving the route? i.e. by taking more risks but being a bit faster such as an AVJ into map25 exit?
  5. termrork

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    @kgsws works nicely for me! I would really like to use this for a wad. But is there currently a way to record demos? I fear like having to load a map which does not load a real map will not allow you to record a demo and play it back. am I missing something?
  6. termrork

    How do you deal with frustration due to bad luck

    the most important technical thing you already achieved, you can make it consistently to map30! definitely this is frustrating as hell, I cannot imagine making an awesome time in doom2 in an D2 run and map30 ruins it... similar stuff (although not so much luck based, more skill based) happened to me with an AVJ.wad map32 run, there the most difficult part as you know very well is directly at the end and getting there usually takes >30 mins (in the past). dying there always made me to stop trying that run for ~2-3 days. nevertheless, after that period I always felt like trying again :). long story short: you are already able to consistently run the thing, if you will try it a few more times I am sure you will be able to do it. but if it angers you too much, make a break and wait till you have fun running it again. I would try to see the path as the goal, like if you enjoy running no matter if you will set up a record, then do it! if it is only fun if it works out, I think it is way too frustrating... for example: I like to run doom2 in D2 UV although I know I am nowhere near the world record (really, by far xD), but it is nevertheless fun for me trying it :)!
  7. termrork

    Parkour/Arch-vile jumps.wad

    I am a simple man, I see an AVJ map, I am looking forward to play it >:)!!!
  8. termrork

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    damn that is crazy! crazy categories for crazy people :D! If the most difficult map on highest difficulty is not difficult enough :)!
  9. termrork

    Is your computer better at wad making than humans?

    lets see when the first program making maps passes the turing test, namely humans cannot distinguish whether the map was created by the program or a human. also when do we see deep oblige using a neural network ;) ?
  10. termrork

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    cute loading screen :)! about specifications and conventions I personally would go for the easier implementation
  11. in terms of speedrunning I would say currently the top 2 players are looper and ZM. Actually I enjoy watching looper's demos way more because of his excellent execution. At the end the time matters though :)! When it comes to the greatest of all times I think it is a really difficult question. How can one compare the achievements of these giants compare to the giants in '98 as pointed out for example Thomas Pilger? Also different hardware and software limitations would have to be taken into account. Also different knowledge etc. etc. Imo it is barely possible to implement a fair measure. Let us praise all the wonderful speedrunners that give is such a joy with their awesome speedruns! The order of their skill is not that important imo.
  12. termrork

    Doom 2 under 18 minutes!

    Looper you crazy beast!!!! Congratulations! Damn barrels o fun was scary with the LS! also I was always wondering whether you feel the tension towards the end when you know it is a good run. now I know yes you do! incredible to play like this with that much pressure!
  13. termrork

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    this is beyond awesome! imagine a future with a list of wads which are actually mods... you will not have to create a new source ports for your crazy ideas! I will mess around with it for sure! also I made a little video about snake.wad and demo.wad (spoilers inside). you will be able to see it when it is fully uploaded (in ~1h, I will sleep now):
  14. termrork

    New category ideas

    so sadly there are only a few wads I enjoy playing for whatever reason. also I like to speedrun. to mix things up I thought about running doom2 again but in a category I have not tried yet. e.g. I liked the UV over 100% category. nevertheless, what new category comes into your head? it should be such that there are different routes needed than for the usual categories. a little brainstorming from my side brought up these categories: - fist/berserk only - keys: all keys are needed to be collected - weapons: all weapons are needed to be collected - playing the maps in a reversed order - "glitchless" except of SR40 - every shot you do have to result in a death of at least 1 monster - you are not allowed to take any health and armor, how far do you come in a D2ALL run? - uv max but you dot have to kill all monsters but only 1 type/group (i.e. only cacos are needed, or only pistol, SG and CG guys) - uv tyson but the pistol exchanged with a different weapon (i.e. doom2 D2ALL only with fist and rocket launcher) - you are not allowed to press a certain key, like forward, backward (might be fun ;)) - automap has to be always on
  15. termrork

    New category ideas

    UV-Philosophy sounds incredibly fun, if you try it out please record a demo and upload the thesis :)!
  16. termrork

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    awesome run! cool that you went with 100% in map27 on purpose! why no 100% in map15 then ;)?
  17. AV Mancu Revenant Cyber Spidermastermind Pinky in NM Painel Arach Ghost Chaingunner Caco Shotgun Baron Knight Imp Pinky in UV Zombie Romero (can kill due to the explosion) Keen
  18. termrork

    Discussion on the current state of classic DM/Duel.

    sadly no, though it is not an exact recreation. e.g. double floors were not used. but take a look yourself, I attached the wad. adthb01.zip
  19. termrork

    Discussion on the current state of classic DM/Duel.

    if anyone is interested in that I actually remade a quakelive map (cure) in doom named adeath.wad and let it play with alt DM. I really like it, I even prefer it to usual duels since it is more tactical (like you have to know when soulsphere and blue armor spawns, go for weapons etc.). if you want to try, there is an [SDA] server for ZDaemon running it.
  20. termrork

    Discussion on the current state of classic DM/Duel.

    my suggestion for alt DM was for duels in which the no weapon problem isnt such a problem. imo for usual DM with a lot of players there is not such a thing as SSG dominance because other weapons are usually way better (also due to spamming). also if you look at quake 3, there it was alt DM from the beginning and imo it works great. I like it for doom too because it makes duels more tactical.
  21. termrork

    Discussion on the current state of classic DM/Duel.

    if you want to break the SSG dominance in a map play it in alt DM. there weapons respawn and are simply not there for some time. thus you have to collect other weapons too. Also I do not like SSG from the start maps. E.g. take entryway and dwango. Changing entryway into a SSG fest very easily. For sure 80% of the frags in dwango are due to SSG. In entryway I would guess not more than 30% which I prefer by far.
  22. termrork

    Find a specific sector on the map

    actually reading the title I thought it is about a new gamemode: you post a map and people have to find a specific sector ;)
  23. Hello friendly Doomworld People. Tired of slaying demons in survival or fragging doomguys in a round of Deathmatch? Then join ZDS this weekend! We will play DooM2 the way id did, a reinterpretation of DooM2 by our DooM community, in UV Pacifist. That means: Without ANY weapons we will try to exit as fast as possible! It will be a peaceful experience with here and there some monster infighting! Settings: Game Mode: Survival IWAD: doom2 (or Freedoom) PWADs: d2twid zds_addon_101 pacifist2 zdsskinsv4_noweap Wad url: Maps: 01-06, 07-15, 31, 32, 16-29 DMFLAGS: 4538404 / 1108475904 / 0 Players: 20 + 20 spectator slots Lives: 1 Skill: 3 //Ultra Violence Date: Saturday 28th March 2020 Euro: 19:30 GMT / 1:30 pm CDT US: 7:00 pm CDT / 01:00 GMT
  24. termrork

    New category ideas

    only turbos I ever saw was 10 (no idea why anyone wants to play like that, you cannot dodge anything ;) ). and turbo 255, crazy stuff... (but usually TAS only) @Shon_RT actually I played a bit like this. not sure if you can make a category, since when you go into automap the demo does not recognize this
  25. termrork

    New category ideas

    good question, for sure no doom2 map. stricter uv pacifist: no moster is allowed to die