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  1. lemming

    Was ??

    No. Before doing the original ZDoomGL, Kokak did a DoomGL. This predated JDoom by some time and actually had (towards the end) a lot of the same rendering features. I think he later reused large portions of his renderer code when he designed ZDoomGL.
  2. lemming


    Glad to hear that you're using GL-nodes. Seems to me that every port without that feature winds up putting holes in the floors and ceilings--where they don't belong! The possibility that you might use another set of vis functions is cool, too. I'm definitely in favor of anything that speeds up drawing! Can't wait to see how this whole thing turns out!
  3. lemming


    Random development related question: Many of the other current Doom 3D source ports, such as JDoom, EDGE, and VaVoom, use "GL-Friendly" nodes to reduce the number of errors the 3D engine makes. Additionally, to compensate for the added bloat caused by its use of many Quake-like features, VaVoom uses something similar to Quake's vis (to reduce overdraw). Are any such features likely to wind up in the next version of ZDoomGL, or is it intended that all these calculations will be performed in-game?
  4. lemming


    Looking really good. It would be cool if that GL_luminance effect was used for invincibility. Anyway, glad to hear that things are going well on both the marriage front and the coding front!
  5. lemming

    ZDoomGL is too slow.

    Yes, that is what I was trying to say. He's probably got less than 8MB of actual memory free, and even ZDoomGL uses more memory than that, so disk paging is going to be inevitable.
  6. lemming

    ZDoomGL is too slow.

    Probably nothing will help. Let me try to explain why. I run Windows 2000. It requires slightly less memory than XP. I have around half of the OS services disabled, I run a small memory-footprint shell, and I have literally NOTHING beyond the basics loading at startup. No instant messengers, no virus scanners, nothing. At startup, Windows 2000 is using around 60MB of memory. This is not typical, for the reasons mentioned above. It is more common for most end users to run Windows 2000 machines with over 80-90MB utilized at boot. Thus, to run games on Windows 2000, you need over 128MB of RAM, or disk paging will be CONSTANT. WinXP needs even more, because of its added graphical flash, and a couple other new features. In other words, you've pretty much got to be out of your mind if you expect to be running anything more graphically elaborate than, say, FreeCell on a machine with LESS than 128MB. Sorry to break it to you, but memory is cheap, and NT-based operating systems (Windows 2000, WinXP, etc.) are dog slow on older systems, especially with such a small amount of RAM.
  7. lemming

    How long 'til public?

    Cool. I saw the screenshots when Timmie posted them earlier. If the actual game looks as good as the screenshots would suggest--in pre-beta, no less--I can't wait to see what the "finished product" is like!
  8. lemming

    How long 'til public?

    Not to put undue pressure on the poor guy who's writing this, but what's the current status of development? How close are we to a public Alpha/Beta? I really appreciate the work Timmie's doing--regardless of pace. I used to play the old ZDoomGL, but gave up when its basic issues went uncorrected because Kokak couldn't keep maintaining it.