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  1. Stale Meat

    Doom & Doom 2 on the Switch - 1st Impressions

    Honestly I am glad there has been no attempts to try and integrate custom content into these ports, if only because I want Bethesda to not even have the slightest chance to use Doom as a platform to try another iteration of Paid Mods.
  2. Stale Meat

    New Screenshot (Carcass)

    Now that we have a good look at him, it is now just clicking with me what he really looks like... Those cheeky bastards.
  3. Stale Meat

    Night Sentinels and dragons and cyber tanks, oh my

    I am officially head cannoning that every Doom WAD made has been a part of a Grand Crusade to kill demons endlessly for the glory of the Nigh Sentinel King, the Doom Slayer! A damn shame that it seems like the Night Sentinels are either all dead, or have fallen under the influence of Hell à la the Marauders. I would totally kill for at least a flashback Helms-Deep kind of battle.
  4. Stale Meat


    Incredibly simple, really short, rough around the edges, and very unorthodox. Despite it not being much of anything, the level still managed to stick out enough for me to remember it among the countless other levels included on those D!Zone CD's. For such an early map the idea it is trying to convey is played out surprisingly well. Just like the story text says, you fall down into Hell to grab some magical armor to escape with. The escape of course being a convenient blue skull inside the armor you need in order to open a lift out of the dark canyon you end up in. The fact that there are far too many spectres to actually kill does help lend to the need of urgency in getting out, combined with their new sounds and dark lighting. It really is a pretty interesting idea overall. And unfortunately there isn't much to the map beyond this idea. You can finish it in a matter of minutes, with half of it falling down ledges and into teleports to simulate you going deeper into Hell. All of this of course combined with the typical issues of such early Doom maps (texture misalignment, simple and jagged sectors) leaves the actual game play much to be desired. Overall it is an interesting way to execute a cool idea within vanilla Doom, although alone it is not nearly enough to justify a level. Would personally give it a 2.5 (rounded up to 3 for personal fondness) out of 5 considering you go into it with 1994-levels of expectations.
  5. Stale Meat

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    If we wanna be meta, the angels are totally the WAD authors! Doomguy is now taking out his vengeance for all the shovelware disks pumped out in the 90s.
  6. Stale Meat

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Given how little actual information we still have, there are a number of ways this can go down. Some of this can be extrapolated from what we already know, and some of it is simply guess work. A few of them I will list below: The Angels lean more towards 'Order' than 'Good' As mentioned earlier in the thread, the Hell of Doom is more grounded in the pop culture notion rather than a traditional Judeo-Christian notion. This Hell and its Demons, while still certainly evil, are also portrayed as agents of Chaos and Discord. If Doom's Heaven is in polar opposition to this, they would be a universal force for Order working to keep the Demons at bay. In this Heaven would look benevolent and caring, if only in the interest of keeping the big bad monster Demons at bay. This alone wouldn't entirely explain why Heaven and Doomguy would come to blows, but it does lead to my next point. The Angels think Humanity dying is for the best There are two assumptions to make here, and both of them have the same outcome. Whether the Slayer's Testaments are correct in implying Doomguy runs around space and time to fight demons and save people because the basic plot of Doom keeps happening over and over, or the artwork of the Angels gifting Argent to the Sentinels means Heaven has seen Hell do this song and dance with other people and races across the universe before; Heaven wants to punish/not lift a finger to help us because we as a species brought the Demons upon ourselves, tipping the balance towards evil. Defeating the Demons back into Hell will still happen thanks to them having at least a single Doomslayer, but surely that can wait until the actual cause of the Demons being here in the first place is taken care of first. Unfortunately for them their Slayers entire motivation is more than just pure hatred towards Demons, it is also a drive for vengeance on behalf of the people the demons brutalize. This is turn may lead to... Doomguy is the 'douche bag' in the equation Even assuming whatever characterization before Doom 2016 isn't canon, Doomslayer is a driven and stubborn guy. He was on the same side as Hayden as far as stopping the Demons, but otherwise didn't give two shits about his motivation or insights. All he wanted was to kill Demons and stop them from fucking up Mars/Earth. This same roll could very well be the case with him and whatever Angel or Angels are opposing him. Unlike Hayden, who had enough sense to cast Doomguy away rather than fight him, the Heavens may very well thought themselves strong enough to smite Doomguy for going against their will. And Hell hath no fury like a Doomslayer scorned. Keep in mind this is completely ignoring the very real possibilities of it being a single Angel doing all of this rather than Heaven as a whole, or demonic/corrupt/fallen Angels filling this same roll.
  7. Stale Meat

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    The way I see it, is that assuming there is a Heaven in the Doom Universe, and Doom guy knows about it, I would imagine he'd be pretty pissed about them not only doing nothing about Hell on Earth, but also (from what it sounds like in the trailer) trying to STOP him from absolutely stomping on Hell.
  8. IMO, if you want an example on how to do a good 'maze', Plutonia 2's Map 11 is the first one off the top of my head. Even then, as with any other aspect of Doom Mapping, how much a player is going to enjoy it will ultimately end up with how much tolerance they have and how well they can navigate the level, all being on a case by case basis. Kinda like how switch hunting or slaughter maps can be a love it or hate it deal regardless of how well or how much is put into them. Personally as someone who doesn't mind, and can probably enjoy to boot, the tight and claustrophobic kinds of mazes a map author should try to not make any kind of maze bigger than Plutonia's 'Hunted' if they don't want to completely turn off a large portion of players.
  9. If done correctly, I think mazes can be really fun. The key being to avoiding the pitfalls of dragging them out too much, having some traps/puzzles that can help pad out the length and give it more substance than hunting a bunch of switches in dead ends, and giving the actual maze a good aesthetic and level of detail. And of course avoid making the maze not only invisible on auto maps, but also pitch black and filled with damaging floors/inescapable kill pits (Im looking at you, secret maze in Hell Revealed Map 29...)
  10. Stale Meat

    What TV series did you watch recently

    Finished Chernobyl the other night, and I gotta say they absolutely knocked that one right out of the park. They managed to perfectly capture just how grim and harrowing the situation was, along with the selflessness and suffering a lot of the people involved had to go through. The entire incident is still a cautionary tale about the follies of people in power making and doing dumb decisions over things they can't (or refuse to) understand, and the writers and actors capture that and really nail it in good. In all honesty when I had heard about it coming out I was expecting to at least like it, having had a moderate interest in the incident beforehand. The show being as good as it is and resonating amazingly with a lot of people is a really pleasant surprise.
  11. Stale Meat

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    My mistake, searching back the Chimera is actually mentioned in the datamined beta codex entry for the Hell Knight. "Hell Knight The Hell Knight is a towering brute bred for combat deep in the bowels of Hell. These diabolical beasts are the prized gladiators of the demon-horde. They relentlessly stomp towards their target, smashing their massive fists into the ground to create shockwaves that stagger their opponent, leaving them vulnerable to the Hell Knight's bone-crushing melee attacks. Their powerful legs allow them to leap across large distances effortlessly, quickly closing the gap to their enemy. Tablets retrieved from the Great Steppes (in the UAC Automated survey of 2143) suggest that the Hell Knights were originally the Royal Guard of the Great Serpent (in the first age). After the defeat of their master by the Guardian, they were banished to the arenas of Hell to fight as gladiators at the mercy of the higher level demons. This ignominy lasted until the third age, when the Chimera pardoned them and allowed them back into the demon-horde. They now fight to try and reclaim their position as Royal Guards." Considering this was removed from the final version, it is up in the air whether it is even canon. As for whether the winged figure could be the Dark Lord of the 4th Age, I was under the assumption that the various codex entries were building up the Aranea Imperatrix as being the Dark Lord made manifest. Unless the figure is Demon-Olivia in a spiffy new suit I (at least personally) don't think our mystery figure is going to be a big bad demon guy, let alone a demon at all.
  12. Stale Meat

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    Chimera I am pretty sure is referenced in the official art book for Doom 2016
  13. Stale Meat

    Doom Eternal mural spotted in LA

    I got money on it still being the Doom-verse version of an Angel.
  14. Stale Meat

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    So mouse looking and jumping are out, but we can still crouch and quick save at least!
  15. Stale Meat

    AI generated death metal via neural networks

    This sounds like Death Metal as perceived by someone who hates listening to Death Metal. It is unmistakably Death Metal while also completely incomprehensible. Very very interesting.