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  1. Funnily enough, I was also looking for his two cut songs after downloading the DQD remix album. After doing some digging, I was sad to discover that he had apparently passed away in late October, 2016. An absolute shame, as I very much enjoyed his work. RIP
  2. It might be a little bit late in the year, but I figure I will try to finish up a map in time for the deadline. I will post a few screenshots when I get closer to completing it.
  3. I gotta say, I am really surprised it runs as well as it does on my computer, considering my less-than-spectacular processor. I was real worried I wouldn't be able to run it at all honestly. Hoping the Single Player runs just as well. Also nice to see some of the people in this thread in game.
  4. Heh, I remember Quake 64 being one of the first N64 games that I really got into. Thank you for releasing the soundtrack!
  6. These are some pretty good covers, Tormentor. You should definitely continue doing these.
  7. I would kill to have a cake like that for my birthday.
  8. Ah, my mistake. Thanks guys.
  9. Awesome work! Do you plan on making a version that is compatible with UDoom?
  10. I haven't played Doom without mouse look or on anything but GZdoom and Skulltag in years. I also dislike playing anything that is 'WIP' in fear of compulsion to constantly replay it every update. I play every WAD on UV, no matter how hard I might fail at it. I sometimes save my game once or more a minute. I enjoy playing with weapons mods. I believe the Master Levels are canon in Doom's story. Instead of trying to beat Final Doom, I usually end up replaying UDoom/Doom 2 for the 5th+ time.
  11. This mod is awesome! I love how you managed to add such detail in the carnage, all without slowing the players machine down too terribly bad. The gameplay changes are balanced, and fit the style of action in the game (Fatalities are my personal favorite). I have already replayed a few PWAD's with it, and I plan on playing through Doom 1-2 once the full version is released. I really look forward to further progress on this mod!