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  1. Dgon92

    Sherlock Holmes via. Robert Downey Jr.

    Sherlock Holmes acting like a womanizing Indy Jones... with explosions. Sounds like a plot from a Action Movie Mad Libs. "The movie features (famous historical character) acting like a (badass quality) (famous movie character), with (awesome thing happening)." At least it doesn't feature George Washington as a treas-- oh wait. Well at least there isn't a commercial making Abe Lincoln a wrest-- oh. Umm... I got nothing.
  2. Dgon92

    ITT: Creepy-ass shit!

    Yes. Not only that, the really big ones can eat you.
  3. Dgon92

    Funny Italian anti-DVD piracy ad

    Replace "music" with "DVDs" and you'll have this.
  4. Dgon92

    Most useless technologies/products?

    Two words: SLIM CLIP.
  5. No, and for good reason. I don't want "important messages" from friends saying that they're going to a fridge to make a sandwich. Even the name sounds like a fad.
  6. Dgon92

    Most useless technologies/products?

    The Pioneer Laseractive. It was supposed to be the ultimate game console, but there were only, like, 7 or so games on the system, mostly being interactive-movie games and crap. It had two video game console modules, one for the TurboGrafx 16 and the other for the Sega Genesis. The system itself failed miserably because of its insane costs. Adjusting for inflation, The system itself cost $1,400. Each of the modules cost $883, easily 4 times as much as you would pay for the systems separately. Hell, even the cables cost $515. It was probably the biggest failure in system history, because almost nobody remembers it.
  7. Dgon92


    Hey, when I clicked the link, all I got was this message.
  8. Dgon92

    I need a debate topic

    Hey, come to think of it, American fascism is beneficial. You can discuss how the constitution gets ripped apart every time America gets scared and paranoid about something they dread, such as communism, weed, or terrorism (especially terrorism), and how the acts of government based on their fears relates to fascism. Weren't they against it from the beginning?
  9. Dgon92


    Which sound is better fitting? Well, depends. If you're talking about a weak chaingun, then I would choose DSPISTOL. The "putputputput" sound it makes, I think, doesn't do a chaingun justice, I think it's better for a minigun. The reason I think DSSHOTGN is better fitting is because it really shows the raw power of the chaingun. The "CHCHCHCHCHANG" sound makes you feel powerful holding it. It makes you feel like you're actually doing damage instead of making you feel as if you're just shooting a pistol rapidly. Also, have you ever heard what a chaingun sounds like? A rapid-firing chaingun makes an extremely loud, rapid "RRRTLRTLRTLRTLRTLRTLRTLRT" sound, like the sound you hear from a huge boat engine from hell before it turns you into red dust.
  10. Dgon92

    What if the demons lived alongside us?

    You know, as I read this, the words "Million Demon March" keeps popping in my head.
  11. Dgon92

    Will another video game crash happen again?

    I happen to own an Xbox 360, and I recently went on Google to search for a complete list of games by genre. First, I happened to search for a list of games for the Sega Genesis, one of my favorite systems. It had a whole lotta platformers, and I am a fan of a platformer genre. However, I happened to take a look on the Xbox 360 library for platformer games, and... well... take a look. Pitiful. Even its predecessor had more platformer games! Even more pitiful is the number of first person shooter games on the market. MY GOD. PLEASE STOP ALREADY. WE HAD ENOUGH. And don't get me started on the Wii. The point is, game developers today care too much about slapping pixel shaders, lighting styles, bloom, and the whole "Real is Brown" crap on the latest shooter and touting it as the second coming of Jesus than trying to get their creative juices flowing and putting their heart and soul into their games like they did in the days of the NES and Sega Genesis. I think there's only one game nowadays, LittleBigPlanet, that came out with the same kind of enthusiasm, charm and charisma the games of yesteryear had. All the others are like "OMG GAME LUK GUD ASUM SHUTR!!1!one!!". Personally, I can care less if a video game crash does occur. What do I have to worry about? "Oh no, there's gonna be no more MMOs or Shooters. Boo hoo."
  12. Dgon92

    ATTN: Alienware owners, are they worth it?

    If you want your computer to be "reasonably hardcore", then you pretty much have to accept the fact that what may be hardcore today may be "obsolete" in about 6 months at the most. Trying to keep up with the "cool" crowd in PC technology is not only costly but wasteful and useless also. It goes like this: You try and buy a hardcore PC for somewhere around $4,999.95. You're proud of yourself, getting the absolute latest ultimate in the PC technology field, without giving a second thought about the colossal amount of money you shed. As you marvel at the awesomeness of your PC, you go on and play Crysis on it for a few days. After you've completed the game, you play World of Warcraft on it for a few months. After you get a grasp of reality, you eventually find out that there's an even more hardcore PC at the market. You gape your mouth at the $6,499.99 price tag, but begin to worry that you computer is becoming "obsolete". You don't want to become obsolete, don't you? So now, you go out and but the overpriced PC. A few weeks later, you go massively in debt and are knee-deep in bills and invoices. Because you couldn't pay the mortgage, your house faced foreclosure. You eventually lose your mind and go out in the streets, living off of garbage and leftovers in some random alley, punching yourself in the face wondering why you were stupid enough to buy such a ridiculously-priced semi-supercomputer THE MOMENT IT COMES OUT, because you fear that "obsoleteness is comin' to gitcha!" But hey, at least you still have your PC! ... but in a few months, it becomes obsolete, too... As for the hardcore laptop, discussion, I've never owned a laptop, but I wouldn't recommend Alienware, because all their PCs and laptops do is play games. Surely you'd want to do more than just play Crysis on it, I mean, is it really worth it? I would recommend the Dell or Acer brands. At least they're not as costly as Alienware, and they're more reliable and stable, also. If you want further information, you can look on such websites as Tom's Hardware or Newegg. The people over there are really computer-savvy. EDIT: You know a certain brand sucks when this appears as the fourth result of an "Alienware" Google search. I'm not kidding. Try it yourself.
  13. Dgon92

    Where Do You Come From?

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I thought you could tell by my rantings about the weather, though.
  14. Dgon92

    Yahoo's Top 10 Controversial Games...

    Muslims think music is blasphemy? I didn't know that. If they do think music is blasphemy and they're not supposed to listen to it, then they must be the most boring-assed people in the world. Religions always put restrictions in the weirdest places, such as the Jews not being able to eat pork, Christians hating gays because homosexuality is a sin, or in this case, Muslims not being able to listen to music, because it "misleads from the path of Allah" or something. I could be wrong about the music hating Muslims, though.
  15. Dgon92

    Yahoo's Top 10 Controversial Games...

    Alright, my mistake, I misread the article. Fixed. And to the Doom controversy, I'm not saying that Doom wasn't controversial, I'm saying how dumb the media gets when there's a game involved in a shooting, like Counterstrike in the Virginia Tech shooting.