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  1. Dgon92

    Sherlock Holmes via. Robert Downey Jr.

    Sherlock Holmes acting like a womanizing Indy Jones... with explosions. Sounds like a plot from a Action Movie Mad Libs. "The movie features (famous historical character) acting like a (badass quality) (famous movie character), with (awesome thing happening)." At least it doesn't feature George Washington as a treas-- oh wait. Well at least there isn't a commercial making Abe Lincoln a wrest-- oh. Umm... I got nothing.
  2. Dgon92

    ITT: Creepy-ass shit!

    Yes. Not only that, the really big ones can eat you.
  3. Dgon92

    Funny Italian anti-DVD piracy ad

    Replace "music" with "DVDs" and you'll have this.
  4. Dgon92

    Most useless technologies/products?

    Two words: SLIM CLIP.
  5. No, and for good reason. I don't want "important messages" from friends saying that they're going to a fridge to make a sandwich. Even the name sounds like a fad.
  6. Dgon92

    Most useless technologies/products?

    The Pioneer Laseractive. It was supposed to be the ultimate game console, but there were only, like, 7 or so games on the system, mostly being interactive-movie games and crap. It had two video game console modules, one for the TurboGrafx 16 and the other for the Sega Genesis. The system itself failed miserably because of its insane costs. Adjusting for inflation, The system itself cost $1,400. Each of the modules cost $883, easily 4 times as much as you would pay for the systems separately. Hell, even the cables cost $515. It was probably the biggest failure in system history, because almost nobody remembers it.
  7. Dgon92


    Hey, when I clicked the link, all I got was this message.
  8. Dgon92

    I need a debate topic

    Hey, come to think of it, American fascism is beneficial. You can discuss how the constitution gets ripped apart every time America gets scared and paranoid about something they dread, such as communism, weed, or terrorism (especially terrorism), and how the acts of government based on their fears relates to fascism. Weren't they against it from the beginning?
  9. Dgon92


    Which sound is better fitting? Well, depends. If you're talking about a weak chaingun, then I would choose DSPISTOL. The "putputputput" sound it makes, I think, doesn't do a chaingun justice, I think it's better for a minigun. The reason I think DSSHOTGN is better fitting is because it really shows the raw power of the chaingun. The "CHCHCHCHCHANG" sound makes you feel powerful holding it. It makes you feel like you're actually doing damage instead of making you feel as if you're just shooting a pistol rapidly. Also, have you ever heard what a chaingun sounds like? A rapid-firing chaingun makes an extremely loud, rapid "RRRTLRTLRTLRTLRTLRTLRTLRT" sound, like the sound you hear from a huge boat engine from hell before it turns you into red dust.
  10. Dgon92

    What if the demons lived alongside us?

    You know, as I read this, the words "Million Demon March" keeps popping in my head.
  11. Dgon92

    Will another video game crash happen again?

    I happen to own an Xbox 360, and I recently went on Google to search for a complete list of games by genre. First, I happened to search for a list of games for the Sega Genesis, one of my favorite systems. It had a whole lotta platformers, and I am a fan of a platformer genre. However, I happened to take a look on the Xbox 360 library for platformer games, and... well... take a look. Pitiful. Even its predecessor had more platformer games! Even more pitiful is the number of first person shooter games on the market. MY GOD. PLEASE STOP ALREADY. WE HAD ENOUGH. And don't get me started on the Wii. The point is, game developers today care too much about slapping pixel shaders, lighting styles, bloom, and the whole "Real is Brown" crap on the latest shooter and touting it as the second coming of Jesus than trying to get their creative juices flowing and putting their heart and soul into their games like they did in the days of the NES and Sega Genesis. I think there's only one game nowadays, LittleBigPlanet, that came out with the same kind of enthusiasm, charm and charisma the games of yesteryear had. All the others are like "OMG GAME LUK GUD ASUM SHUTR!!1!one!!". Personally, I can care less if a video game crash does occur. What do I have to worry about? "Oh no, there's gonna be no more MMOs or Shooters. Boo hoo."
  12. Dgon92

    ATTN: Alienware owners, are they worth it?

    If you want your computer to be "reasonably hardcore", then you pretty much have to accept the fact that what may be hardcore today may be "obsolete" in about 6 months at the most. Trying to keep up with the "cool" crowd in PC technology is not only costly but wasteful and useless also. It goes like this: You try and buy a hardcore PC for somewhere around $4,999.95. You're proud of yourself, getting the absolute latest ultimate in the PC technology field, without giving a second thought about the colossal amount of money you shed. As you marvel at the awesomeness of your PC, you go on and play Crysis on it for a few days. After you've completed the game, you play World of Warcraft on it for a few months. After you get a grasp of reality, you eventually find out that there's an even more hardcore PC at the market. You gape your mouth at the $6,499.99 price tag, but begin to worry that you computer is becoming "obsolete". You don't want to become obsolete, don't you? So now, you go out and but the overpriced PC. A few weeks later, you go massively in debt and are knee-deep in bills and invoices. Because you couldn't pay the mortgage, your house faced foreclosure. You eventually lose your mind and go out in the streets, living off of garbage and leftovers in some random alley, punching yourself in the face wondering why you were stupid enough to buy such a ridiculously-priced semi-supercomputer THE MOMENT IT COMES OUT, because you fear that "obsoleteness is comin' to gitcha!" But hey, at least you still have your PC! ... but in a few months, it becomes obsolete, too... As for the hardcore laptop, discussion, I've never owned a laptop, but I wouldn't recommend Alienware, because all their PCs and laptops do is play games. Surely you'd want to do more than just play Crysis on it, I mean, is it really worth it? I would recommend the Dell or Acer brands. At least they're not as costly as Alienware, and they're more reliable and stable, also. If you want further information, you can look on such websites as Tom's Hardware or Newegg. The people over there are really computer-savvy. EDIT: You know a certain brand sucks when this appears as the fourth result of an "Alienware" Google search. I'm not kidding. Try it yourself.
  13. Dgon92

    Where Do You Come From?

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I thought you could tell by my rantings about the weather, though.
  14. ...Is garbage. Although there are some things that belong on there, others shouldn't belong on there on the first damn place. Take a look. Death Race: Okay, other than the obvious antagonization of video games by the media, nothing wrong there. Mortal Kombat: Nothing wrong here, either, but this here pisses me off: Doom: I'm guessing Yahoo got to the subject of the Columbine High School Massacre too quickly and took the obvious route: Blame Doom. However, I took a look at this at Wikipedia, and found out why this claim is ridiculous. Here's what really happened: From Wikipedia So, even though these people were (allegedly) obsessed with doom, it never actually drove them to such extremes. It turns out that these people had screwed-up minds, superiority complexes, and were sociopaths. I get sick and tired of the media blaming that tragic shooting on doom. It makes me want to take a BFG to their asses!! ...in doom, of course. ;) Postal: Okay, seriously, I've never heard any controversy about that. I expected them to take a shot to Duke Nukem 3d, because, in a level where he goes into a post office, he said "looks like it's time for me to go... POSTAL!" That would've had as much relevance as this. Or, even better, do it on Postal 2! That game has so much controversy surrounding it that ignoring it and putting up its predecessor would be a complete "lapse in judgement", or, probably, a "lapse in common sense!" Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Yeah, I can't blame them for putting the "Hot Coffee" mod on there. That was significant(ly embarrasing) for video games and probably led anti-videogame advocates such as Jackass Thompson into action. Resistance: Fall of Man: Okay, how did that even make the list? This game is on the top 10 controversial games because the developers apparently forgot to get permission to replicate some church in England? How does any part of that not sound even remotely ignorant!? Manhunt 2: Manhunt 2 did have a heap of controversy, but mostly over the AO rating. According to the ESRB, games with the AO rating has "Content which is suitable only for adults 18 and older." Games with the M rating has "Content which is suitable only for mature audiences 17 and older." I never got that the M rating is completely acceptable and yet the AO rating is some video games "kiss of death," when the age requirement are only 1 year apart. Mass Effect: OMG BLURRED SEX SCENES VIDEO GAMES BAD REPORT REPORT REPORT That's how Fox News thinks, anyway, when they're not going like this: OMG (allegedly "bad" thing) (dumb conclusion) REPORT REPORT REPORT LittleBigPlanet: OMG LITTLEBIGPLANET USING LYRICS QUR'AN VIDEO GAMES BAD REPORT REPORT REPORT ...Wait, what? Okay, you're talking about LittleBigPlanet here. One of the cutest (and least controversial) video games of this generation. It doesn't seem fitting to put it on the top 10 controversial lists just because Muslim groups are pissed off about some song lyrics. There are countless game that have questionable lyrics. As a matter of fact, the ESRB has 2 phrases for it in the ratings system: "Mild Lyrics" and "Strong Lyrics." GET IT RIGHT, DUMBASSES!!! And finally, the icing on the cake... Resident Evil 5: ... (Takes out BFG from the vault from my closet and shoots a gigantic blast of plasma at Yahoo! for their dumbassery) ...Ahhh, that felt good. Now, where are we again? Oh, yes, RE5. Okay, first off, this game is set in Africa, the origin of the virus. And where would you happen to find in Africa? That's right, AFRICANS! What else would be infected? Lions? Elephants? German settlers? Second of all, Leon Kennedy has been shooting zombies. When he was created, skin color wasn't even a thought. Also, nobody complained when he was shooting Spanish zombies in RE4! And finally, the whole report is trying to say that, even to this day, racism still exists in the media, no matter how ridiculous it is. In my opinion, if you're reporting on racism, you're only feeding the beast and making it bigger. Overall, about half of the list is completely stupid. Your thoughts?
  15. Dgon92

    Yahoo's Top 10 Controversial Games...

    Muslims think music is blasphemy? I didn't know that. If they do think music is blasphemy and they're not supposed to listen to it, then they must be the most boring-assed people in the world. Religions always put restrictions in the weirdest places, such as the Jews not being able to eat pork, Christians hating gays because homosexuality is a sin, or in this case, Muslims not being able to listen to music, because it "misleads from the path of Allah" or something. I could be wrong about the music hating Muslims, though.
  16. Dgon92

    Yahoo's Top 10 Controversial Games...

    Alright, my mistake, I misread the article. Fixed. And to the Doom controversy, I'm not saying that Doom wasn't controversial, I'm saying how dumb the media gets when there's a game involved in a shooting, like Counterstrike in the Virginia Tech shooting.
  17. In your honest opinion, what two games do you think are the most underrated and the overrated? I've played a whole lot of games that should've been in the limelight (mostly old NES games), but IMO, I think it's Psychonauts. Awesome gameplay, tight controls, great replayability, imaginative story, and some of the funniest jokes I've ever heard in a game. It was so original, like, dare I say it, the games of yesteryear, when game companies were small businesses with a lot of talented and creative designers who were willing to push the limited hardware at the time to its limit, just to make an overall good game. Ristar on the Sega Genesis is underrated, too. I just think it had a great presentation. My overrated game is Halo 3. I mean, come on! It's almost exactly the same as the other two Halos, just prettier. Sure, the orchestral music, amazing graphics and realistic physics were great, but take all that away and what have you got? A substandard shooter that's not any different from the others. All flash and no dash. All show and no flow. And so forth with lame 80s lines. It just proves further that game designers today are just using their millions to polish an old design that's been here since Half-life came around, just for hype, money and publicity, and without any creativity. Also, I can't stand the fanbase. Not only are they Bungie sheep, but also pretty hostile. They're extremely offensive on multiplayer (case in point, "teabagging"), and have terrible sportsmanship. Whatever happened to "good game," fellas? So, what do you think?
  18. Dgon92

    How do I get custom wads to work on PrBoom?

    I'm more used to using the "Run" command from the Start menu. That's how I get all the wads to work anyway. It seems to be a bit hard to work out of the box, but you should copy and paste this to the "Run" box: Just replace the text "game" with the wad file of your choice and "wadfile" with the game of your choice, like DOOM.WAD, DOOM2.WAD, PLUTONIA.WAD, TNT.WAD, and so forth. It should work, I tried it.
  19. I think I remember Duke 3d doing it too, with the water, like in E1L5, when you get out of the submarine and onto the surface, you'll see the water bob up and down. And to Isle... Please send me the map! It looks so cool! My eyes are being relaxed looking at the GIF image alone!
  20. Dgon92

    Doom Fails to Make List Big Time

    At least there's someone on that site that agrees with us. EDIT: Also... Yeah, I'm very glad that the PC is neglected on this list. I mean, all that stupid hunk of junk did is become home to games such as Command & Conquer, Doom, Quake, Sim City, Populous, and pretty much most of the Commodore 64 library, and the fact that you get to mod them? What kind of idea is that? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Let's give this to the "this is the game and you can't do anything to change it" console games. Those seems to be the only games the industry cares about anyway. [/sarcasm]
  21. Dgon92

    Doom Fails to Make List Big Time

    Bah, this list is very poorly made. There are several games that should've been on here on the first place, including Doom. 1. Super Mario Kart is #1 and Super Mario Bros. is #17. How can that be possible? If anything, these games should be switched. Super Mario Kart is a very fun game that you can play with a friend, and has all kinds of wacky humor and weapons you can use on your opponents, but there should be no other Super Mario game that should succeed Super Mario Bros. That game kickstarted Mario's career and even saved the entire video game industry, because of how good it is. I'd like to see any other game that did that. 2. Final Fantasy XII is higher than Final Fantasy VII. Wait, what? Sure, Final Fantasy XII is pretty good, but other FF games are far better, preferably VII, VI, or even IV. All of those games have great and beautiful stories and moving scenes, not to mention great gameplay and graphics at the time. Trust me, I've beaten around the FF fan bush and none of them think FFXII is the best. 3. Halo is on there, and Doom and Wolfenstein 3d is not. That doesn't make sense. Halo was immensely popular when it came out, but it wasn't historically significant when it came to FPSs, or even console FPSs (Goldeneye was a very good game with great multiplayer, no less). Wolfenstein 3d is undoubtedly the grandaddy of FPSs, and Doom only made the genre better by introducing a brand new engine that amazed everybody at the time, creating atmosphere and immersion. Halo is great with online multiplayer, but even Doom beat it to the punch with online deathmatches. The fact that Halo beats Doom or even Wolfenstein 3d does not have much logic, if at all. Furthermore, video game lists are not very relevant, because it's created by one person, on the basis of that person's opinion. What you think is the "best game ever" could actually be the worst to someone else. The actual "best game ever" is nowhere to be found, because there is no such thing. The game quality is based on the mind of its beholder, and there should be no critics and lists to tell him or her otherwise.
  22. Yes, it's like what I said in the first post of this thread, the majority of the people who play Halo online (and online multiplayer in general) are foul-mouthed ignoramuses that don't know how to treat others with respect. It's sickening. And you know what's sad about it? your IQ test that you suggested is actually a good idea. In terms of underrated games, I'll refer to the two rare gems on the Super Nintendo by Enix (not to be confused with Square Enix), Soul Blazer and Terranigma. Both of them can kick Zelda's ass any day, especially Terranigma. That game had very realistic graphics and music, and was kinda ahead of its time (Jumping?? In a Zelda game?? What blasphemy!), which is probably why that game didn't sell well. If you want to play it, good luck. It's very rare nowadays. Two overrated games I've played were Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Again, like Dune, Super Mario 64 was indeed revolutionary, but it hasn't aged well, is pretty buggy and its camera controls are broken. The first time I've played Zelda, I didn't like it at all, and wanted to play Paper Mario immediately (I only had two games on the N64 at the time). I also got stuck at numerous places, especially at the end, and stopped playing for 3 months before I finished it. Even though I eventually got to playing through it, with this kind of game being this "perfect," it should never have you going around all over the place finding ways to progress the game.
  23. Really? I thought the game was amazing. It didn't bore me one bit. As a matter of fact, I'm playing it right now. Oh well, to each his own, I guess. WOW. Never seen so many of the same game. Although I don't think it's overrated, because the gaming industry's getting tired of the "updated" Dynasty/Samurai Warriors releases, I still can't believe that they released THAT many games. Maybe it's popular in Japan or something, I don't know. As for the underrated/overrated discussion, Journey to Silius and Shatterhand (both for the NES) are two pretty underrated games. Both of these games were awesome, action-packed, and had good graphics. One overrated game is Dune 2 by Westwood. Sure, it revolutionized the RTS genre, but with such punishing limitations such as being only able to control one unit at a time (even infantry), the low resolution, the foolish enemy AI (would you believe that they can only attack one side of your own base? You only need to reinforce that side of the base and you're set), and the lack of multiplayer. I never had the patience to complete the game, and I am usually very patient.
  24. I'm surprised that nobody mentioned this. Enjay, if you're looking for a perfect alternative to Amiga's Deluxe Paint, then look no further. It's exactly like deluxe paint, but updated and more work-friendly. You'll feel right at home here.
  25. Nuxius, are you talking about entire series, or just the games after 7? I don't know, I thought Final Fantasy VI was very good, even the best in the series. I just thought it didn't get the glory it deserved, because it was taken away by an even bigger game like the one above. I just don't see what's the big deal about Final Fantasy VII. The gameplay's almost the same as FFVI, and even FFV and FFIV. The cast had only 8 characters (FFVI had almost double that many characters), and its villain failed to destroy the world (The villain in FFVI actually did destroy the world, or at least reshape it into his twisted vision). Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's terrible, but it's far from "the best game ever". If you are talking about the games after 7, then I agree with you. I couldn't stand the games after 7, especially 8, 10, and X-2. I just don't think Square Enix is as creative as it used to be, especially with the whole "emo, convoluted love story" vibe that Final Fantasy has going on right now.