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  1. Sonikku7

    Slaughterfest 2012

    Really good. The first few maps are relatively tame, however, it doesn't take long until this wad lives up to its name. There are a few bugs here and there, and there are multiple moments where you will question if the situations that you're up against are even possible to get through. Bite the bullet and just have fun. This is best played on UV ;)
  2. Sonikku7

    Unholy Realms

    Well...it is an experience to say the least. Most of the complaints that others have mentioned are very true. I really wouldn't consider this to be cacoward material, however. that doesn't mean it's a bad wad. There is some odd texture bleeding going on with this map set with GZDoom, but it doesn't distract too much. The difficulty is rather cheap in certain places, but once you figure out the right path it's nothing to worry about. Overall, an above average set of maps with really great music.
  3. Sonikku7

    MAYhem 1500 AKA MAYhem2015 (v1.50)

    Map 30 pretty much ruins an otherwise great set of maps. Map 29 should have been the final map, because at least it is possible to UV max that one...All you can do in Map 30 is run for the exit.
  4. Sonikku7

    Doomjr2 (help me)

    I was not aware that there was a sequel to Doom JR. Also, I can't seem to find it on idgames.
  5. Hi, I just released my first map a couple days ago. http://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/helcv.zip It is a large hellish cave that takes about 90 minutes to complete. In all honesty, the map isn't too impressive. Actually, it is kind of bland compared to what we have today, but detail wasn't my main concern. The fights are what make this map, and there is plenty of combat to be had. With over 2k monsters, you will be pretty busy if you decide to complete this map. I recommend you use a limit removing port to play, anything ZDoom based would be my choice. But yeah, I'm prepared for a whole line of comments saying how bad this sucks, blah blah blah. Just tell me what you think and be honest. ;) I'll get a screenshot or two once I get back from class.
  6. Sonikku7

    My first noob map.

    I'm going to only make ZDoom compatible maps from now on... so yeah. Not even close considering I've never played much sunder at all. Also my pos map is completable. It is very easy once you figure out what to do. To some extent, it is even beatable on NM, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to try.
  7. Sonikku7

    AOW2 problems

  8. Sonikku7

    My first noob map.

    I didn't think you could get stuck on floor decorations just by trying to run along them. I know I don't have that problem in ZDoom. I guess next time I will try to prop floor decorations a bit higher up from the ground so that they won't block non ZDoom players. Also, has anyone tried to finish the map? I saw someone write a butt hurt review on idgames already, which was pretty funny imo. I made the last two fights pretty intense. I'm just curious to hear the opinion of someone who has played this entirely. I know that the first couple parts of the map aren't very good. I made them when I barely understood Doom Builder 2. Other than the tutorials on the Doom Builder 2 website, I never made any test maps before I tried to make this, so this entire map was pretty much a learning experience for me. Oh btw marnetmar, you should try to finish that wad of yours. I liked what I saw, even though tech bases aren't really my forte.
  9. Sonikku7

    My first noob map.

    Here are the screen shots: http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd164/ShadowX39X/Screenshot_Doom_20100923_215002.png http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd164/ShadowX39X/Screenshot_Doom_20100923_215335.png http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd164/ShadowX39X/Screenshot_Doom_20100923_215349.png http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd164/ShadowX39X/Screenshot_Doom_20100923_215433.png http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd164/ShadowX39X/Screenshot_Doom_20100923_215657.png Yeah, I'm a Z/GZDoom guy. I don't like infinite actor heights at all, and I never play with that feature/bug on. Actually, I totally forgot that infinite actor heights even existed until I played with Eternity and noticed that I was getting stuck on random things on IWAD maps. I dislike prboom/glboom so I never bothered to test my map in that port.
  10. Sonikku7

    My first noob map.

    Yeah, it is pretty much a slaughter map. My favorite wad is drown in blood and I like playing it with default weapons, so I'm used to using low powered weps on high powered monsters. The pace picks up once you get the plasma rifle and then very soon the rocket launcher. Oh btw, don't fight the first two hell knights you see. Just run. Same goes for the first set of barons. (But the barons are very easy to kill anyways)
  11. Sonikku7

    Doom in Hungary

    The only ones I know of are the authors of Between Demon Claws, but you mentioned that already.
  12. I'm guessing Real Guns Advanced.
  13. Sonikku7

    curious [about purist ports]

    So you can't find a good alternative to FMOD then?
  14. Sonikku7

    SlumpEd erased my Wad

    There is a reason why you should make backups.
  15. Sonikku7

    Wad Idea....

    I think it would be awesome to see a modern cyberdreams using ZDoom's capabilities.
  16. Sonikku7

    steam is spyware

    Complaining about backdoored software that is meant to be installed on a backdoored OS. Bwahahahaha! /s
  17. Sonikku7

    Speedmapping session 21 closed

    If a map submitted for a speedmapping session is so broken that it needs more time for bug fixing, just throw it out as a failed entry.
  18. Sonikku7

    Quakecon - Rage

    I'd much rather see a true sequel to Quake. Nothing to do with the Strogg or any sort of DM Arena. I want the gothic/medieval Quake to come back. :(
  19. Sonikku7

    Pain Elemental / Lost Soul Usage

    I just like to use the chaingun on PEs. Makes them practically harmless.
  20. Sonikku7

    hissy and massmouth skins

    Working link: http://www.skulltag.com/stwad/funskins/ Honestly, I don't see a good reason why they got rid of them. I love playing as Hissy. Also, the new Announcer sucks ass. The voices are so broken compared to the 97d version.
  22. Sonikku7

    64 bit doom ports?

    ZDoom runs in 64 bit windows. Why would you want to compile a 64 bit version?
  23. Sonikku7

    Anonymous Reviews in the Archives

    I've actually been wanting to see something like this. It would be nice to see who is actually giving the compliments or criticism for various reviews. (Kinda like /newstuff chronicles) It would also stop most trolls from flaming wads for no reason.
  24. John Romero retroactive Cunt bitching in retrospect Definitely going to create this wad some day.