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  1. Sorry for the attention grabbing title. I think my 8800GTS just dun goof'd. Was doing nothing for hours, started Path of Exile, it ran about a minute before hanging up and showing artifacts. At this point I booted, and the DOS prompts at the startup show artifacts too.

    The system only manages to boot up in safe mode, otherwise it hangs or BSOD's after the XP splash screen. Can't check the panel in safe mode, anyone know some system diagnosis tools that work under safe mode? DX Diag hangs on the display tab and reports display device as N/A. Says that system is using the generic video driver, feels like it too. Everything renders slow as hell. I'm pretty sure it's FUBAR but yeah.
    Oh and I know no tech support threads on DW but this is the second machine to die on me this year (haven't bothered to isolate the issue on the first one yet) and it managed to piss me off enough to push me over the edge.

    Edit: Status report, windoze manages to boot up normally after removing drivers. Haven't tried installing new ones and booting but probably won't work. Unless anyone has brighter ideas I'm going to try swapping the card with my other machine's radeon as I think its issue was in the RAM/mobo.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Maes already explained it, but as silly as baking sounds, it is actually a legit technique. And as OP said it won't make a dead card more dead.

      What Radeon are you using? If it's PCI then you shouldn't have to plug it into your PSU unless it needs aux power (most cards from c.2010)

      If it's AGP then I dunno, lol

    3. Maes


      Mr. T said:

      What Radeon are you using? If it's PCI then you shouldn't have to plug it into your PSU unless it needs aux power (most cards from c.2010)

      Aux power inputs have been around since forever (well, at least after the nVidia 6x00/Ati Radeon 9x00 era, for both PCIe and AGP cards. Some have floppy disk power connectors, some have a weird 6-pin thing and some may need a custom adapter. As a rule of thumb, if a card needs more than 75 W of power, it WILL require auxiliary power, as even the PCIe bus is capped at 75 W (and for safety margin, it may allow for aux power input even if it's slightly below 75W). For AGP, the limit is 40W (and in fact, I have an AGP Ati Radeon x1650 which requires aux power, through a standard floppy disk connector).

      In any case, if a card DOES have an aux power connector, it's a wise idea to connect it. Not doing it may be asymptomatic, show-stopping or even catastrophic, depending on the card.

    4. hervoheebo


      The card is an Asus 5770, removed the wire bundle that was stuck into it, not sure if it was ever used in the first place, and hooked it up with a six-pin connector with 3 yellow and 3 black wires. And lo and behold it works. What really slowed this all down was that I didn't remember what card it was, but it was in small print on a label on the card itself, visible only when the card is taken out. Well anyway it seems to work fine after installing drivers.

      In other news I finally got a shiny Venipede in Pokemon Black after some 2500 eggs. Jolly with 31 speed too. Bueno. I'm such a lucky shit.
      This weekend went by quickly, mainly consisted of work and no play and resulted in one dead 8800GTS. But it's all right.