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  1. After snapping and losing it during a game of Dawn of War and subsequently uninstalling the game and its expansions in a rage, I've been feeling pissed off for wasting my evening. I need some game suggestions. Preferably something relaxing and grindy. I've played Diablo 2 and its clones to death recently so not those, thanks. Just shoot, list some you like, my head's empty right now.

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    2. lupinx-Kassman


      I don't know what games you own, but if you are looking for one that is probably fairly cheap by now, I find robot arena 2 to be the ultimate relaxant.

    3. hervoheebo


      Oh yeah. Forgot details. Specs aren't a problem. What I've played recently (to death): D2+clones as mentioned before, borderlands, crimsonland, quake, fallout 1, 2 and NV. Don't feel like drudging through the mess that is Oblivion mod installing. Also, my SS:TFE playthrough is still underway.

      I should give UT99 a try. My first UT was 2004 and 3 was supposedly more like 99 in style, but like two people played it so I didn't have a clear image of it (also because of all the blur and bloom.) I think I've heard of RA2 before, I'll keep it in mind too. In some game mag I remember reading of some game named Space Rangers 2, and the reviewer seemed to be in love with it. Anyone played?

      Edit: Another thing, if the game has co-op, that's a big plus, I love it. TF2's VS. Saxton Hale mod is a great time killer, but with all these new... katanas and shit, and.. hats... I don't know, man.

    4. ArmouredBlood


      Could try alien swarm - was pretty fun when it first came out on steam, not sure what the modding community has cooked up for it lately. Minecraft has survival multiplayer, if you haven't somehow heard about that feature. Never messed with it, prefer building my own crap, though if more of my friends get into it (doubt that), I'd want to put my main world on a server.

      Haven't really played any of the newer games these days, too much for a jobless college student. Just a couple games like bioshock, mirror's edge, mount and blade. Oh. Warband has multiplayer, haven't tried that yet either. Native is pretty fun in 'small' chunks (5 hours of trading and bandit-killing, yeeeeaaaah. I don't do the whole knight-of-random-nation thing hehehe). Batman arkham asylum is also pretty good, didn't really get far into it though. And then there is the pokemans ...

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