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    May 25th, 2002. It has begun.
  1. system requirments

    Just getting: Chaintech Apogee mobo Athlon XP2200+ 1GB DDR Xstasy GF4Ti4600 :-)
  2. ATI "next-gen" card due out tomorrow

    I'm not interested in FSAA at all actually, I hate the 'blurred' feel it gives ( IMO )...I'd rather just up the screen res. :-)
  3. ATI "next-gen" card due out tomorrow

    Athlon XP2100+ 1GB PC2100 RAM Chaintech Apogee mobo GF4 Ti4600 If that doesn't run it at at least 1024x768 I'm going to be pissed...
  4. This one, or something new they'll set up?
  5. Doom 3 System requirements?

    I'm just in the process of upgrading here, do you think an Athlon XP2100+, 512 of PC2100 and a GF4 Ti4600 will be fun with D3...? Since I'm kind of upgrading with it in mind ( plus Q3 will play like a motherfucker on that rig I know :-) )...
  6. the Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2002

    Hopefully this will be reflected in the game's critical reception on release, as well :-)...
  7. Stupid hobbies #1

    Why? We're cute and cuddly...:-)...
  8. Stupid hobbies #1

    You guys should try Live Role-Play...I will be spending the next two weekends playing my Half-Dwarf Bard, running around in 60lbs. of chainmail with a 5'10" axe...:-)...
  9. Doom III Collector's Edition

    "Thank you for purchasing the new Ronco Matter Teleportation Device. Used carefully, it should give years of reliable matter transference. In the event of the MTD accidentally opening up a gateway to a hell dimension, please consult the manual's Oh Shit What Do We Do Now? section."
  10. Still, its not very 'Doomish'

    Yes, but he's named after an Emerson, Lake and Palmer CD - chances are he's reasonably intelligent to start with :-). Prog rock rules. :-)
  11. Monster, munitions, items and keys

    Same here dude. Rural areas are pretty, and we dont have gangs of drug-crazed gun-wielding loonies roaming the streets; but download speeds SUCK! :-)
  12. If there is a Doom 3 public demo...

    17K...? Is that all? Wow, must be the only time ID have really dropped the ball as such...if only I'd been on the team...:-)...
  13. If there is a Doom 3 public demo...

    I was really outspoken against TA when it came out...with time I can say its biggest failing, by far, is not having enough maps. The new maps that are there are great, and MpTerra2 "Distant Screams" is IMO one of the best maps for anything, ever...but there are simply nowhere near enough new maps to make it feel worth the £££.
  14. Old DOOM in the new DOOM. (UPDATE III)

    Make as much of the feed and barrel assembly out of advanced ceramics, you'd keep the weight down and almost eliminate overheating to any serious degree.
  15. Why does every one here say that.....