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  1. soulfulcity

    DooM Music - Atmospheric FX by me

    Hello There :) i made a new music to DooM and this is my first time to make music for this game ambient/ambience/atmoshperic FX music for DooM, 8 tracks i made these for big/large maps over 2 hour music. they are big file size and thats sad i know :( 225MB 192kbps mp3 you can use these tracks in your DooM Maps/wads its nice to listen this at night :P if you like ambient/ambience atmospheric fx music, then you will maybe like it :) you can listen one track here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFWcIFGxbYQ and other track here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuprKU32Av4 and here is the link for the DooM FX - Night album Part 1 and 2 http://www.divshare.com/download/8156402-00f Part 3 http://www.divshare.com/download/8156822-21d Thank you for downloading/listening :)
  2. soulfulcity

    no monsters in map

    ok now it works so it must be unchecked (Multiplayer) and then i can see these i didnt know that but good, i can see all monsters now, thank you all!
  3. soulfulcity

    no monsters in map

    hi i can make maps now because i installed my old English Windows xp but now i have monster (Things Mode) problems i have made a small map, and i put the monsters in the map and i can see these in things mode when i press T button but when i play the map i cant see any of the monsters, no monsters, nothing i dont know how to put monsters in the map please help thanks
  4. soulfulcity

    texture problems

    ok i have now other windows xp installed and now the doom builder works now i can see all textures when i press tab button it does not work with windows xp -->(Asia) but i have now other problem and i make a new topic, sorry
  5. soulfulcity

    texture problems

    hi all i am new to the forums i love classic doom and its one of my fav+ game i still remember when i was a kid and playing doom years ago...ohh that was niiice time. and duke nukem 3d, heretic, hexen was also good game, good memories... i dont like much doom 3 but thats not a bad game, but i like more classic doom and now to the problem. system is windows xp doom builder i cant see any textures (sidedefs) i only see the names ashwall6 ashwall7 bfall1 bfall2 etc etc... and the doom wads are correct places but it does not work, i cant see any textures in this doom builder. i downloaded DeePsea editor and there it was working and i see the all textures but its weird that why doom builder it does not work in my pc ? i have seen tutorials how to make confiquration and levels but not work i dont know what to do i hate my pc doom builder is very good for making levels and i really want to do my own levels classic doom is so good game and i play it almost every day well have a nice day *Michael*