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  1. the_filthy_beast

    Crush the Castle

    Here's a good flash game by armor games called the Last Stand: http://armorgames.com/play/269/the-last-stand
  2. the_filthy_beast

    Holy shit [Texas shootings]

    He has. He yelled "ALLAH HU AKBAR!!!" before he started shooting everybody.
  3. the_filthy_beast

    Holy shit [Texas shootings]

    Except the shooter wasn't a caucasian male. He was an American citizen of Palestinian descent. Apparantly he was harrassed by others in the military after the 9/11 attacks. His family said that he was constantly harrassed and called a camel jockey. However, his cousin believes that it was his upcoming deployment to Iraq that set him off.
  4. the_filthy_beast

    How to get ripped; for nerdy gamers

    I have been seriously weight lifting for almost three years. I have put on a pretty good amount of muscle. I also put on a lot of fat a while back because I just ate whatever I wanted and never did cardio. For probably 8 months now I have been dieting and doing cardio on a regular basis and I have lost 40 pounds of fat. My muscles are now much more toned and defined than they once were. I previously looked more like a pregnant powerlifter rather than ripped bodybuilder which is look I am going for. I can't wait to go on clean bulk and put on some more muscle. Need to get my arms back over the 16 inch mark only they need to be lean this time rather than fat and flabby.
  5. the_filthy_beast

    New Rage trailer

    I tihnk it looks great. Still sad thst there wasn't any Doom 4 media. Not even any real tid bits of info.:(
  6. the_filthy_beast

    Scariest Moments In Games

    I haven't played too many horror games, but I think the scariest game for me was Resident Evil remake on the GameCube. It just had the creepiest atmosphere and every enemy was a legitimate threat. Constantly running out of ammo and only having the knife to defend yourself didn't really help either. I would always made sure to burn the bodies of the zombies so I would never have to go up against crimson heads. Those scared the crap out of me too. Doom 3 wasn't really that scary for me since all the monsters are pretty easy to kill and you're always loaded with guns and ammunition. I think it's scarier with the Trent Reznor soundpack. The imps and the commandos sound a lot more ferocious with that mod. In fact, to all those that thought the first five minutes of Delta 1 was creepy, replay it with the Trent Reznor sound pack. It's waaayyy creepier. FEAR had its moments too. One part that really startled me and made me jump was when I was in the Armacham building and I was walking down this hall with glass windows on the left side and a dead body of an Armacham guard smashed through the windows and an assasin ran out and went up into the ceiling.
  7. the_filthy_beast

    Mechwarrior 5 powered by UE3

    Man, I am going to have to install MW3 on to my comp. I never was able to beat Pirates Moon. I might have to reinstall that too and give it a shot.
  8. the_filthy_beast

    Before the Rage

    The site has been updated with some new stuff to look at. Some of the new things that you can zoom in on are really strange. I can't wait to see more.
  9. the_filthy_beast

    Before the Rage

    I think this game looks very interesting. It surely doesn't feel like the typical run n' gun shoot everything that moves type of game that id always seems to make. There will probably be some of that, but this seems a bit more sophisticated than that.
  10. the_filthy_beast

    Mechwarrior 5 powered by UE3

    So true dude. MW2:MERCS and MW3 was so freakin' beast back in the day. MW3 was probably my favorite out of the series because it captured the feeling of the mechs so perfectly. They just felt so big and heavy just like they should and as a result it made the game just so immersive. MW4 didn't capture that feeling at all. The mechs felt like little toys rather than big walking machines of death. I also feel that MW4 is what led to the creation of the awful MechAssault games. My hope is that the new MechWarrior will capture the same feeling for the mechs that MW3 had. Telling from the trailer and the interview with Weisman and Bullock, that's exactly what they're trying to do. It sounds like they know what made the previous MechWarrior games so great which was the simulator aspect of the game. I hope that they try their absolute hardest to preserve the simulator aspect on the PC and not compromise it for the inferior Xbox 360.
  11. the_filthy_beast

    Doom++ in iPhone's future?

    This has me so excited. It would be awesome to see some new Doom stuff.
  12. the_filthy_beast

    Doom 4 A Certainty

    Yeah, I am glad id is taking Doom into its own hands. I can't imagine a company like Raven taking the series and being able to make a Doom game as good as id can. Other compaines can have Quake and Wolfenstein, but Doom stays with id. All I hope they do is set the game on Earth and make it like Doom 2. If they do those two things, the game should be pretty aweseome.
  13. the_filthy_beast

    Wolfenstein on Gametrailers

    I was hoping to see the Venom Gun in this new footage. If they left that gun out, I will be very disappointed.
  14. the_filthy_beast

    Scariest Doom moment

    The spectres scare the crap out of me when I run into them in a dark room. You don't know where they are until they bite off your head. Those moments are my scariest Doom moments.
  15. the_filthy_beast

    Doom 4 interview

    I hope this doesn't turn out to be like Quake 4 where you have stupid corny soldiers around you all the time. This is Doom. It's you and the demons. That's the way it should be.