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  1. uniQ

    You thieving bastard!

    I preordered my copy on 10/26/02. quite a long while ago :) I would even buy an additional d3 deluxe edition. another 8 + x days to go...hope my new pc parts will arrive this week so I can get my machine newly built up - new XP, defragmented HDDs, newest drivers, etc. For d3 I even took 3 weeks of vacation from next thursday on - no joke! :) waaahhhhhh...I really can't stand the wait anymore...
  2. uniQ

    Hey look what i found (pc gamer review of doom3)

    hmmm...just buy a new and cheap board + cpu (athlon64 2800+, 3000+), 350watt ps, ram (1gb) and a ati 9800pro...you'll get that for around 700$. look around at ebay for cheap parts. I think such a system will handle d3 quite good. I've just ordered a board + cpu and ram yesterday. Id gave me 3 weeks to setup my system for d3...thank you :)
  3. uniQ

    Hey look what i found (pc gamer review of doom3)

    ahhhhh...let me think about...yes!
  4. uniQ

    Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

    holy shit. finally! time to come back to the forums regulary again :)
  5. yeah baby! that's good news girls!
  6. On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

    ...an roasted imp on a stick...

    feel free to go on :)

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I still like the 12 Days of Starcraft.

    3. Grazza


      Heh, I was wondering where the D3 mods had got to.

    4. Fredrik


      Grazza said:

      Heh, I was wondering where the D3 mods had got to.

      On vacation for a few days. Good thing I'm back, eh? :P

  7. Let's hope so...this one is very lame compared to the original doom box :)
  8. uniQ

    Malcolm Betruger and the credibility of names

    I'd prefer ...tada: Dr. Evil or C. Montgomery Burns
  9. uniQ

    New article + 2 screenshots

    oh, too late...sorry....damn proxy downtimes.
  10. uniQ

    The 23rd is near - new material (?)

    imagine doom3 without vents....argh...this is an absolutely must have for such a scary masterpiece. i hope they have vents (really big ones) that suck you in if you get too near...splatt!...and they now could use REAL steam that is blown out or sucked in. endless variations of the same theme are possible now. barrels within vents on top of crates! woohooo!!!11 damn! the big wait drives me insane. when is the 23rd starting in usa? my clock shows 22nd@22:16h...tick tock...
  11. uniQ

    The 23rd is near - new material (?)

    and lava streams in gothic churches with upside down crucifixes all around. d'oh. okay...vents seem to be ok for me.
  12. uniQ


    i am really afraid of pentagrams...better they put in fluffy the rabbit from hell and some octahedrons :)
  13. uniQ

    The 23rd is near - new material (?)

    hope you're right...really! a small movie would be cool...no new monsters just different level design and a little physics demo.
  14. uniQ

    The 23rd is near - new material (?)

    where do you know that from?! "I doubt that something special will happen!" (I am trying to outflank the fortune...jedi mind trick - let's say it loud together!)
  15. uniQ

    Carmacks comments from the PCGamer article

    You don't see "hell" as an actual place in that movie. The spaceship "event horizon" had an experimental drive and when they used that drive the ship disappeard/was transported to "hell". after lots of years it reappeares and is now posessed by hellish forces. no monsters just a hellish surrounding. the "rescue team" has to deal with "epiphanies" from hell. It's a real nice horror/SciFi movie. I even bought the DVD. I have to admit that I don't like the "gothic" architecture for hell - it the atipical hell setting. this and "lava" seas :( I really hope id comes up with some new ideas. Maybe they read some books about the psyche of mass murders - this is satan/belzebub/whatever in pure culture. Twisted physics in hell would be really cool. Fleshy/organic walls sound good too. malformed monsters/ex-humans would be nice too.