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Everything posted by Reevys

  1. Reevys

    The /newstuff Chronicles #383

    From this point on, everything in my life we be measured on the magicsofa scale. Everything.
  2. Reevys

    [WIP] Beyond Revival

    Just finished this, and I really really enjoyed it. Great work. :D
  3. Reevys

    Quake Arena Arcade is out

    Really, really don't like it. I've played FPS games with a controller for many years, but for some reason the right stick just doesn't "feel" like the right stick, it feels like a mouse. But a mouse that's very sluggish and hard to aim with. It's also very, very slow, way to slow for my liking.
  4. Reevys

    New WAD coming out this June! (RELEASED!)

    Infighting ahoy in screenshot number 4. :P Still looking really good, I look forward to playing it. Mega jealous though, I wish I had been allowed to make Doom maps when I was at college.
  5. Reevys

    What doom projects are you looking forward to?

    Vela Pax is looking outstanding, can't wait to play it. I'm also really interested in the 1994 Tune-Up project.
  6. Reevys

    Doom Is 17 and Still Sexy!

    Doom's been legal in Scotland since last year now.
  7. Reevys

    Revenants, the most annoying enemy in the game.

    I mean the kind where more than one of them pop out on either side of you and their bullets stop you from moving, or if you can move, cover just isn't close enough.
  8. Reevys

    No Doomsday in 2012

    Considering the 21st December 2012 is my 21st birthday, I'm not intending to be sober for most of it anyways. So when I wake up on the 22nd with the hangover of the century, I'm almost certain the fact I've survived yet another Doomsday theory will be the last thing on my mind.
  9. Reevys

    Revenants, the most annoying enemy in the game.

    Personally, I always have and always will find the Chaingunner the most annoying enemy in Doom. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate absolute bullshit Chaingunner closets that pretty much rape you instantly, sending you from 200% health and armour to 0% in a matter of seconds.
  10. Reevys

    Anyone ever had a DOOM dream?

    I have them all the time. I usually try and roughly sketch the level layout whenever I wake up, but I only manage to get about half of it down before I forget the rest. Like someone said though, they usually always involve Cyberdemons and fright. I tend to end up trapped in a corner of the map with little ammo left, and I wake up when I get blasted by a rocket while trying to make my escape.
  11. Reevys

    Bad habits from Doom

    Never played Doom 3. Don't really intend to either.
  12. Reevys

    Bad habits from Doom

    If a game has a shotgun in it, I always use it, even if it's a terrible weapon and is totally unsuited for the current situation.
  13. Reevys

    How big is your Doom folder?

    A pitiful 830MB.
  14. Fixed. Actually, now it's fix'd. :P
  15. Having watched it since I was like 6 or something, I honestly don't get bothered by all the filler and stuff. Kai really does speed the whole thing up though, and it looks and sounds a lot better than it did originally. So if you've never seen the original series and don't want to sit through all the filler etc., just watch Kai instead. Or read the manga. :P
  16. Reevys


    OK, this is very embarrassing. I was actually getting it confused with ZDaemon, for some reason. Sorry guys, thanks for trying so hard to rectify my non-existent situation. Think I'll go give it a download then.
  17. Reevys


    When it was posted on the main page a week or two ago, I downloaded that one. It refused to run, quitting straight away. So I checked the text file and the website, and one of them said it only runs on 10.6. Can't remember exactly where, but I definitely remember reading it.
  18. Reevys


    I was gonna give it a shot actually, but the Mac OS X version only works on Snow Leopard (!0.6), and I'm still using Leopard (10.5). Still, I'm hoping to upgrade my laptop in a month or two, so I'm totally up for some games then. :D
  19. Reevys

    Arenas: The Episodes

    That's my point. It was looking rather interesting with the Doom storyline, then they plucked him out of there and dumped him in Quake 3 instead. Which is a game that should never have plot.
  20. Reevys

    Last Doom Wad you played

    My loss of my PS3 controller last year rendered me unable to play Doom for quite some time, but my wired 360 controller finally arrived today. So I totally fired up Claustrophobia 1024 and continued my file from a year ago, where I was at Map22. I found Map25 to be horrendously unfair at the beginning (I just can't see how a pistol start on UV is possible), and I seriously ran short of ammo at times, and that was with me going in with a rather full arsenal. Map26 had me stumped for quite a bit, coz a switch I needed to throw had been covered in Baron's blood and I couldn't see it as a result. I played quite a bit of Map27, but I was slaughtered after the Arch-Vile teleported in, and decided to retire for the night. I thought it was a rather awesome level though, and I look forward to playing it when I resume tomorrow. :D
  21. Reevys

    Arenas: The Episodes

    The first episode is awesome, but the later episodes are rather guff. I wanted to see some more demon killing and such, but all I got were crappy DMs. :(
  22. Reevys

    Game: guess which map?

    Since 40oz already answered the rest, thought I'd take a crack at this one. Would this happen to be inside on of the monster closets in Map09 that opens up after you grab the Rocket Launcher?
  23. Reevys

    Doom Collector's Edition complete??

    I got the 2-disc version (no manual), but it came in a DVD case, not a CD case.
  24. Reevys

    Vuvuzela Doom Weapon

    Take the money and run.