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  1. GS-1719

    Resurrection of Evil details

    According to http://www.gamebiz.com.au/news.php?action=display&id=5280 ROE is going to go all Prince of Persia with the 3rd new weapon, though from the last line I doubt this source is reliable.
  2. GS-1719

    Half Life 2 has gone bling-bling

    I didn't touch the multiplayer component of the original Half-Life, but thought the singleplayer game was very good. I'm definitely looking forward to HL2, though nowhere near as eagerly as the fanboys.
  3. GS-1719

    I Miss 'Father Ted' *sniff*

    Father Ted was superb, my favourite episode being "Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse".
  4. GS-1719

    Pictures of the Cyberdemon and Hell. (EXTREME SPOILERS)

    Don't like the look of the new Cyberdemon.
  5. GS-1719

    Text Editors

    KWrite or Editpad Classic depending on whether I'm in Linux/Windows.
  6. GS-1719

    3 days 6 hours MY ASS!

    If missing it by one month because of this summer placement wasn't bad enough, missing it by one month, 3 days and 6 hours just takes the piss.
  7. GS-1719

    So what hasn't been included that you wish was?

    I haven't seen too much in the way of goat people, scorpion related things or Birdman which are a few of the enemies I'd have liked to see.
  8. GS-1719

    Custom Title/Avatar Giveaway

  9. GS-1719

    Math - pattern "discovery"

    Each sum is a square number less than the original number? e.g. n* n = n² = 100, (n - 1) * (n + 1) = n² - 1, (n - 2) * (n + 2) = n² - 2² ... (n - x) * (n + x) = n² - x²
  10. GS-1719

    New movie. Cacodemon inside!

    That cacodemon looks incredible.
  11. GS-1719

    Hey look what i found (pc gamer review of doom3)

    The Septemer issue thing seems far fetched. As for when it does come out, I'll still be here in London on placement, and finish a month later with a big pile of cash for some upgrades :-D
  12. GS-1719

    More Doom 3 Movie Goodness

    Is there somewhere I can get a series of screencaps from the video? I'm at work, the codec isn't installed, and I don't have the priveledges to install it.
  13. GS-1719

    Firefox 0.9

    I hate the new default theme, and the fact I can't migrate my old theme (Gray Modern) or any settings or extensions. I've reverted back to Firefox 0.8.
  14. GS-1719

    Best Ending in Movies

    All the Godfather endings, Fight Club, Seven, Requiem for a Dream
  15. GS-1719

    Designer Demons

    I would like to see a departure from the old Doom designs, and a focus on traditional images of evil (goats, hooves etc.) and also gruesome and freakish designs. I don't think mechanical parts are needed.