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  1. Resurrection of Evil details

    According to http://www.gamebiz.com.au/news.php?action=display&id=5280 ROE is going to go all Prince of Persia with the 3rd new weapon, though from the last line I doubt this source is reliable.
  2. Half Life 2 has gone bling-bling

    I didn't touch the multiplayer component of the original Half-Life, but thought the singleplayer game was very good. I'm definitely looking forward to HL2, though nowhere near as eagerly as the fanboys.
  3. I Miss 'Father Ted' *sniff*

    Father Ted was superb, my favourite episode being "Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse".
  4. Don't like the look of the new Cyberdemon.
  5. Text Editors

    KWrite or Editpad Classic depending on whether I'm in Linux/Windows.
  6. 3 days 6 hours MY ASS!

    If missing it by one month because of this summer placement wasn't bad enough, missing it by one month, 3 days and 6 hours just takes the piss.
  7. So what hasn't been included that you wish was?

    I haven't seen too much in the way of goat people, scorpion related things or Birdman which are a few of the enemies I'd have liked to see.
  8. Custom Title/Avatar Giveaway

  9. Math - pattern "discovery"

    Each sum is a square number less than the original number? e.g. n* n = n² = 100, (n - 1) * (n + 1) = n² - 1, (n - 2) * (n + 2) = n² - 2² ... (n - x) * (n + x) = n² - x²
  10. New movie. Cacodemon inside!

    That cacodemon looks incredible.
  11. Hey look what i found (pc gamer review of doom3)

    The Septemer issue thing seems far fetched. As for when it does come out, I'll still be here in London on placement, and finish a month later with a big pile of cash for some upgrades :-D
  12. More Doom 3 Movie Goodness

    Is there somewhere I can get a series of screencaps from the video? I'm at work, the codec isn't installed, and I don't have the priveledges to install it.
  13. Firefox 0.9

    I hate the new default theme, and the fact I can't migrate my old theme (Gray Modern) or any settings or extensions. I've reverted back to Firefox 0.8.
  14. Best Ending in Movies

    All the Godfather endings, Fight Club, Seven, Requiem for a Dream
  15. Designer Demons

    I would like to see a departure from the old Doom designs, and a focus on traditional images of evil (goats, hooves etc.) and also gruesome and freakish designs. I don't think mechanical parts are needed.